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Thinking Out Loud Thursday 1

Thanks to the looovely Running With Spoons Amanda for starting this link up! I’m so pumped to contribute to the first one!


So here are some random thoughts patrolling my gourd today:

  1. How you know that you had a fantastic workout:
    1. Sweat is coming out of orifices you didn’t know you had.
    2. Your arms are so tired you cannot remove your sports bra (this was me yesterday).
    3. The thought of taking a shower or doing chores is unfathomable, but god help you you will make and hose that smoothie. And leave the dirties for your husband.
    4. The next day everything is a little bit sore, but more than anything you can FEEL your muscles, which is just weird.
    5. You got out everything that had been bothering you–you went in not wanting to be there and left so much better.
    6. You surprised yourself, in a good way.
  2. The current “gym characters” that are plaguing me right now:
    1. Heavy-footfall-on-treadmill-runner.  You are a tiny person, how is it possible to make that much noise?
    2. Profusely-sweaty-portly-dude-on-elliptical. Dude, wipe off the machine after you are done, that is disgusting.
    3. Bubonic-plague-cougher. 1) Gross 2) Gross 3) QUIET
    4. Out-loud-singer. Self-explanatory.
    5. Creepy-older-lady-that-watches-me. Yes, you are in terrific shape. Stop watching me and judging.
    6. Talkative-question-asker. I’m trying to get my pump on, son. Leave me alone.
  3. And a few other observations:
    1. Shows and series are just about best the first few seasons, before they go big-budget and become just about wardrobe, makeup, giving certain people face time and ridiculous stories. Of course, there are exceptions, but Alias, Iron Chef, Triple D, you were better before.  Also, Guy, get some new catchphrases. And stop with the spin offs.
    2. Chicago cabs, if you are at a stop, with a red light, and I am in front of you, there is no reason to honk. You know it, I know it.
    3. Ice cream is a food group. It is at the top of the pyramid, and thus is of the most importance (Pickster (lolz Caitlin), I know I said this, but tis doubly true and the people need to know!)
    4. Sweet potatoes purchased at Whole Foods are generally better than the ones I get elsewhere. I used one for SP ‘dillas last night, and it was SOO FLUFFY.
    5. My cat really really really likes her new food. To the point that she basically made herself sick on it last night. Fatty Katty 😀
    6. Companies should not recycle their commercials from year to year unless it is appropriate. For example, if you can get away with using a car commercial from last year for the new model year, THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO HANG YOUR HAT ON. It means that you didn’t improve or change things. Thus why should I buy a model year newer?

I think that is sufficient rambles for now. You are dismissed.

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