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Thinking out Loud: Empty Noggin

While I worked my tail off December through January, this week I have not had much work at the resto, which is both AWESOME as well as blarg.


Blame Ms. Spoons for forcing me to share some of what is rattling around in my empty noggin. I’m sorry for what is to follow. Actually. Sorrynotsorry.

1) Thought numero uno and muoy importante:


cailtin1omgi’msoexcitedican’tstandit. There will be so much compression and stretching and food and ice cream and running and awesomeness that I literally don’t know if I am going to be able to handle it.

How I feel when thinking about it.

How I feel when thinking about it.

2) Pretty much all of my thoughts are consumed by number 1. And wanting the two of us and our boo’s to run off to Europe. Or Mexico.

More honeymoon recaps to come!

More honeymoon recaps to come!

Also, all of my thoughts have been consumed with crumbling zucchini goji muffins into ice cream at night with the most delicious fresh blueberries. ERMIGERD IN HEAVEN.


3) And the fact that I have run 3 times this week. I’m going back to PT because I had some pain in my fibular head of my right leg, and after the experience I had last summer (I could barely walk), I said HELL NO and went to the PM&R doc yesterday. I’m just excited about the running and the fact that I get to see my girl Melissa.


4) I love the fact that I get to run again for SO many reasons, not just the exercise and the mental happiness. We’ll leave it at that but just sayin.

5) I went to the dentist for a cleaning today. We discovered a few things: my teeth overall look awesome. EXCEPTOHWAIT, you need to have 2 tiny fillings done and get a mouth guard because you grind your teeth at night. And that will cost you $550. 😀 but not.

6) I decided whilst I was at the dentist that I really like grasscloth on walls.

7) My cat is out of her gourd right now. Like trying to eat my dinner out of her gourd. AIN’T NEVA GON HAPPEN.

Rolo Soccer.

Rolo Soccer.

8) It’s the middle of the week, and it’s snowing again. (Typical)


9) I can’t even say I wish I was in any of the other possible places that we would be living in (Atlanta, Charlottesville, NYC) because they are all getting bludgeoned by a horrific snow/ice storm. Stay safe my friends!

Leggo back here.

Leggo back here.

10) Continuing on the subject of friends, one of my best friends was in a car accident a few weeks ago (all parties are ok), but now the other person (who left the scene with my friend’s insurance card) is now claiming that they are injured and is trying to drag her through the insurance muck. Reminds me of a certain situation I was recently in, with a crazy customer at the resto. Why do some people just suck?

Luckily, you people don’t suck. I wish I had more important and noteworthy thoughts, but today this is whatchu get from me. I can’t be profound every day. Or ever, really. Plus, my cat is currently laying on my left arm, so typing has been easier.

I will talk to you chickadee’s later!

Do you like paint, wallpaper, or textured wall coverings?

What do you think about in the dentists’ chair?

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