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Thinking Out Loud : Colonoscopy Prep Edition (Procedure Results and Updates)


Thank you all so much for the positive thoughts that you sent my way! I truly appreciated it–it was lovely knowing that I had so many people in my court, so to speak! I thought that I would give you all a little bit of an update as to how things turned out, and then a little bit of fun with some of my thoughts from past few days, and Tuesday’s prep day, most notably.

Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!

Colonoscopy Prep Updates and Test Results

The prep went better this time, but it still didn’t produce a 100% clean result. What that means for me is that I am not “cleared” in the right section (the illeum, the area closest to the stomach) of my bowels–which just so happens to be where my disease was originally concentrated. The rest of my test went well–there was a tiny polyp that they biopsied but are not worried about. There were signs of past inflammation (likely there always will be) but there was no active inflammation (!!!!). Therefore, if the doctors had their way, I would go back in for another for clearer imaging, but we are going to have a discussion about that. 

This literally saved me. I was in a place of misery until this.

This literally saved me. I was in a place of misery until this.

Colonoscopy prep is really, really difficult on my body. I know that it isn’t easy for the best of us, but for whatever reason, the ease of my first 2 preps when I was a teenager have gone out the window, and I’ve had a terrible time with the past 2 (not including this one) preps. I am not physically large enough to get the amount of solution volume in to cause the necessary results. This time was FAR better, but still not perfect. What I am hoping is that the doctors and I can agree that, unless they have marked concerns, we wait for at least another year and a half before I go in for scopes again. Part of my hope is that by that time, I will be carrying better weight on me as a result of my work towards getting pregnant, and I will not be as adversely affected by the prep. 

Colonoscopy Day of

Alex walked me in yesterday (he had to be at the hospital at the same time, so that was a real bonus for me), and my doctor paged him and talked to him after my tests.

Hospital perk? Grippy socks #littlethings

Hospital perk? Grippy socks #littlethings

Immediately after my procedure, once I was allowed to eat, I got my graham crackers 😀 The rest of the day I didn’t go to town like you would expect–colonoscopies result in a TON of air getting pumped into your colon to inflate it so that they can take pictures; you end up extremely uncomfortable at times with air pressure.

Graham Crackers = in recovery

Graham Crackers = in recovery

I followed up my grahams and sprite from recovery with corn flakes, egg whites, and decaf from Au Bon Pain (in the hospital) and a banana and some M&Ms (you know I’ve been waiting for my chocolate!) at home. Lunch was Amy’s Organic Chunky Vegetable (because the veggies are completely cooked down) and the massive baguette from Panera that Alex got from my first round of soup broth the night before. After some air movement, I went for some cottage cheese with hazelnut dairy creamer. YUUUUUMMMM.

I worked towards increasingly normal foods throughout the day, and activity-wise, I just let myself nap and chill and watch Wimbledon. I even—wait for it—made a green smoothie. Well, a green protein  coffee “frappuccino.”

Suzlyfe Green Coffee Frappuccino Light

 AND I had two protein shakes on Sunday. Am I becoming One of Them???

wtf meme

I plan on being back to normal (well, as normal as I ever am!) today–I’ve got a run on the docket (but less than usual because I rearranged my schedule to make this a cut back week on purpose).

Ok, so speaking of not normal, here is a sampling of the brilliance that goes through my head during colonoscopy prep days!!

Colonoscopy Prep Thoughts

Colonoscopy prep: the perfect way to torture a runner. If you ever want to torture a runner, put them on a liquid diet and then take food completely away.

Seriously. Don’t Trust the Fart.

bugs freak out

Why oh why do they have to take away my favorite flavors of things. Why oh why oh why can’t they make cherry not red colored for EVERYTHING.

If I have to eat one more GD see-through green thing, I will flip my lid.

Lime Jello Colonoscopy Clear Liquid Diet Prep

Why oh Why can’t white wine be considered a clear liquid. Yes, I know why shut up.

I just smelled cheese. I don’t even really like cheese, but I swear to goodness, if someone offered me a wheel of stinky blue cheese I would go to town on that sucker.

Why can’t it be tomorrow yet?

Thank goodness I’m not prepping on Wednesday, as I am part of the blog world and everything. Damn WIAW.

If anyone thinks that I’m going to wear real clothes today, they are sooooooo wrong. Oh wait, that is already every day.

Protein Frappuccinno

I want a frappuccino. NOW. And a cheeseburger.

I really want a slurpee, but I want a cherry one or a Sour Patch Kids one. Damn that red dye. 

I. feel. like. SHIT. Yeah. I said it. 

screw it meme

I can’t do this anymore. If it isn’t going to come out, I might as well just eat and make the whole thing null and void. 

I’m going to try the whole strained soup thing. Alex, please get me some soup? Twenty minutes later. When is he going to be done working out and bring me my soup. Twenty minutes later. OMG I can’t take it. Twenty minutes later. Finally. FIX MY SOUP DAMMIT. Five minutes later. OMG that is the best things that has ever happened to me. NEED MORE. No, you may not take a shower, we are going to 7-11 and getting me more soup. 

kimmy spirit cycle

I can do this. 

(Middle of the night) Ok, make the final thing of prep. I can do this. 

Taking the last of the prep. OMGOMGOMG flavor overload. But it’s over. 

(Next morning) Tired, Stomach hurts, at least my blogs are helping me stay distracted. It’s WIAW, but at this point, I don’t care. 

Well, I’ve walked past check in and sat for 5 minutes before realizing it (it’s Alex’s fault) and then I knocked over the cup of pens. Their fault for putting it there. 

Let’s do this. 

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Yep, I definitely hit a “wall” last night, but in true marathoner/endurance runner fashion, I needed the fuel to get me through it. But with a little course support and a great support team on my side, you can always find a way to push through! 

Tell me a funny though that you have had before during a grueling test/procedure/event. What helped you through?

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