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The Smarter Kitchen Helper: Orange Chef Countertop (Review)


I was given the opportunity to try and review Orange Chef through my partnership with Sweat Pink. It goes without saying that all opinions are my own! There are some affiliate links included. Also, thank you to Jill for the Fitness Friday Link up!

Alright, Moms (and, heck, anyone else out there who wants to get more out of their diet and kitchen).

orange chef countertop review suz

Who among often feels trapped in your own kitchen sometimes? Or like you don’t know a) what your name even is, b) what time it is, c) where the kids are, and d) when the last time you ate (when did you last eat, by the way?) something that wasn’t the “same old same old” or didn’t come from a box? 

Now, I know we have a lot of great superstar chefs out there in the blogisphere, but for us mere mortals, we don’t always have time, resources, skills, or the mental capacity to dream up something that is actually going to not only satisfy us but supply us with the correct nutrients to get the most out of our life. We might be “healthy,” but are we really getting everything out of what is at our fingertips?


Well, I can’t offer you the Jetsons, but I can offer you a step in the right direction: Orange Chef Countertop. 

Check out this video to understand a bit more:

Orange Chef Counterop is a new connected kitchen tool from the Orange Chef that can make recommendations for meals that are delicious, healthy and easy to make. The device takes into account your activity level, personal palate, and nutrition goals and walks you through meals step by step. It can connect and sync with your fitness wearables, so it knows what activity level you are at (and even down to your sleep habits), and can therefore make suggestions based on the fact that you just had a workout, or had one earlier in the day. Thus you might choose this:

Office Quinoa Protein Bowl

And wait a little bit longer before this:

daiya key lime cheezecake review suzlyfe

(The Daiya Vegan Gluten Free Cheezecake from Wednesday)

In short, Countertop aims to make your kitchen smarter, and to teach you along the way! This education element is extremely important to me–I have spoken about it time and again: we need to be grooming our clients, and each other, to be self-sufficient. Challenges are great–but are you really learning anything

An example: 

orange chef app review suz

You just finished a workout. Countertop knows this a) because you input it manually on your Apple device or b) you are wearing a Jawbone Up and it syncs automatically. Countertop then knows that you might be ripe and ready for a peach, banana, and spinach smooth, but hold the beet juice because you have already told it you don’t like beets. 

You see? You tell it what you like or don’t care for, and it suggests accordingly. 

brilliant guinness meme

Ok, so it has suggested the recipe. Now what? Make Mode shows you how to do just that. The Countertop itself is also a fully calibrated scale with removable (and washable) cutting board, thus it can also adjust your nutrition information as you are preparing. And when you are done? It logs it for you. There are adapters for your favorite appliances (Vitamix, Crockpot) that help you work with them to create even more memorable meals, even when you can’t remember if you’ve picked the kids up from school–at least dinner will be ready!


From snacks to smoothies to dinner, planned ahead to spur of the moment, Orange Chef might just make not only your kitchen smarter, but the chef of the house as well. 

For myself, I think Orange Chef could be a excellent way for Mom’s to make sure that they are taking care of themselves while they are also taking care of their families. Sure, your teenage son can scarf down an entire box of Hamburger Helper (not saying that they should!), but you are training for something or simply trying to be more mindful. This would be a great way to help you keep tabs on yourself. 

Furthermore, as I said, I really, really respond to the fact that this is a product that is trying to help you become smarter while also help you make your kitchen work for and with you. Gluten free? Dairy Free? Vegan? (Remember, this was a big quibble for me with Blue Apron) You can program that in, and it should (theoretically) be able to handle the request. 

Does this mean that you should become slave to the food scale and the program? Absolutely not! After all–the reason that Weight Watchers works over many other systems is that it teaches you to think for yourself in the real world. But on those days when you are, like in the video, just looking at the fridge and then eating a slice of cheese on a dilla (we’ve all been there, and sometimes, yes, that is glorious, but come on), or if you want to  try something new, or if you are like, “You know what? I KILLED it today and I want to refuel right, but don’t know how.”–Then perhaps Orange Chef and Countertop can help you take your healthy lifestyle to the next level.

Countertop will be available this Fall (pre-order it now), but you can download Orange Chef today to take advantage of the other benefits.

Do you often struggle to take care of yourself in the midst of your hectic life? How do (or do you?) meal plan?

Do you wish that your healthy eating had more variety, and what is keeping you from achieving that variety?

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