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The Skinny Confidential Book : A Swift, Sassy Kick (Giveaway)

Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments regarding Alex’s no good very bad day. But he is a resilient little bugger–he’ll be good. I normally talk food today, but I feel like keeping going with the discussions we’ve already started this week. Let’s continue to Take Back Our Lives, shall we? And then head over to Erica and Smitha and win all the things!

I think that if you have been in the blogging world for any amount of time, you have at least heard of The Skinny Confidential (particularly if you use Bloglovin) and its creator Lauryn Evarts. The Skinny Confidential is one of the top lifestyle blogs in the world–in fact it was named such by Bloglovin’–and Lauryn is regularly featured across very media sources, from the Huffington Post to Guiliana Rancic’s Fab Fit Fun. 

But the purpose of this post is not to give you Lauryn/TSC’s resume. Check out her incredible blog or refer to the good ol’ Googster and get those phalanges a-movin. 


When I was contacted to see if I might like to check out Lauryn’s first book The Skinny Confidential (big thanks to Kay for pointing them my way!), my first thought was, “I’m not the necessarily the glam, boho-chic California Babe that I think they are looking for…” I mean, I know that I am blond and all, and goodness knows I love my veggies, fish, chips and salsa, yoga, and absolutely my maxi dresses, but I would say that the similarities end there. But like with Lorna Jayne and my review of Nourish (considering I’m not great with recipe books), I wanted to open myself up to new opportunities and new ways of thinking. 

And I am so glad that I did. 

The Skinny Confidential Book

the skinny confidential book

The Skinny Confidential book (and blog) is not your typical self-help, fitness, makeup, or cooking book. TSC is truly about providing a perspective on balancing your life and engendering a life that works for you–in fact, that works to engender a better you. It isn’t about creating a new person but about bringing out the natural beauty of what is already there. 

And best of all? To do it with SASS. 

the skinny confidential book review fitness

I think my favorite part of TSC is the manner in which it is written. Yes, it provides great ideas, tips, and advice–from simple portion control, to creating the ideal juice with the optimal herb blend, to great movies to keep your arms sculpted, to makeup and wardrobe styling–and yes, it is presented in that beautiful easy, breezy, free California girl vibe that reminds me so much of Kay and Cassie. But then Lauryn surprises you (and me) with a healthy dash of, dare I dare to say to it… Suz-itude. But instead #LikeALauryn

the skinny confidential book review

The information is easy to read, understand, and absorb, but most importantly, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. When I asked her about how she created a distinct but still consistent voice for the two (blog and book), I loved her response:

My book is definitely an extension of The Skinny Confidential ( the blog ). The book felt like I was really in someone’s home. Maybe someone’s bed. Or maybe even having coffee, one on one. As for the blog it feels like I’m speaking to more people at once.
The book was a way to connect one on one with the reader. So the goal was to make it feel like we’re having an almond milk, cinnamon cappuccino at the local coffee store…or maybe a glass of Rosé. 
The blog feels like more of a platform. Or even a community. It’s basically a place where I say: ‘hey, I don’t know everything, here’s my experience, what’s yours?’ Kind of a place to empower each other in a feminine way with no boundaries ( although I’ve had the occasion boyfriend/husband sneaking a peek too ). I want to talk about vagina steaming, moving in before engagement, why I’m obsessed with magnesium, why soda is nasty, & balance, in general. 

And yes, she swears. Which I love. I mean, she even tells you to “man the F up.” This girl shoots from the hip. She isn’t all omg I’m so happy and perfect and at peace with my life. Because, let’s face it, I would slap a b*tch like that in real life. This is a chick that I would love to hang out with; who might even make me feel intimidated and even less than, as if I could never measure up. And then you know what? She would tell me to man the F up. To make a decision. Because, as she said to me:

From the outside looking in, it appears I woke up one day & I was a full time blogger.

This really couldn’t be further from the truth. I was bartending at night, teaching Pilates & Pure Barre during the day, and squeezing in full-time blogger six days a week. It was non-stop, go, go, go. Honestly sometimes when I’m still, I feel guilty because I’m so used to the hustle. 
The business, app, & book were all something I worked at every single day for years so it never felt like ‘aha.’
What’s the old quote? You know the one that’s like, “luck is where preparation meets opportunity.” It’s so true. Nothing has come easy, it’s all been slow & steady in my eyes. 

And, to wit, ain’t nobody got time to be somebody else.

big girl panties

To be honest, reading this book gave me pause not because of the great content (which it has) or the gorgeous photos (again, which it has). TSC gave me pause because a) I couldn’t believe how much of myself I saw in her and b) I saw a direction that I wanted to go in.  

It takes me back to my Blogging Quarter Life Crisis and these other moments of pause that I have been having recently. As I try to figure out how I want to leave my mark on this world. As I deal with feeling slightly underwhelmed in certain areas of my life–a fact made all the more obvious by the incredible weekend I had in Phoenix surrounded by a community and friends who made me feel more than, and then the success of my marathon, where I realized that holy cow, I am capable of something incredible. Beyond incredible, even.

suz pose victory phoenix marathon

Who would have thought that I would find myself in a pair of running shoes? And who would have thought I seen a piece of myself in a book by a California beach babe about finding the balance and health in life, when I “seem” to have that in hand? 

Sometimes, it is in the most subtle and unexpected of places that you get your swift kick in the pants and gets you thinking. Do you need one?

Oh, and if you get the chance–ask her about her dogs. She’s “obsessed” with them.

Your turn! US readers have their chance to win their own copy of The Skinny Confidential Book, now on sale!  Check out the Rafflecopter below. Not in the US? Well, I obviously love you anyway, and one day I will figure out a way to sufficiently show it. Giveaway ends Midnight 3/30.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

But until then, tell me how you’ve figuratively put your big girl panties on recently? If you are comfortable sharing, what is something that scares you silly, but it a big dream?

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