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The Perfect Storm (13.5 Months + Catch Up)


A perfect storm of illnesses completely flattened me this week, even to the point of an urgently scheduled colonoscopy. At the same time, Emmie had a super exciting week, that I just had to share with you! Catch Up time!

So, as I mentioned, I have been a little incapacitated of late. That doesn’t mean that I left you completely hanging. Did you read my post Monday? Did it get you talking?

Check out last Friday’s Catch Up (and some hints at what was to come).

Catch Up 3/8

I’m going to do my best to cover all the fun and “fun” from the past week, but I also just got out of sedation, so I’m going to try to tread a little carefully.

1). First, let’s have a laugh, shall we?

This past weekend was a busy one! We had two first birthday parties, swim, and some other social meet ups (more on that in a minute).

Well, there is no way, regardless of our good intentions, that we could pull it off. Saturday was a hilarious #typicalLemmer series of hiliarity.

Ok, so let’s start. Emmie woke up at 5:20AM. Which did not bode well for a day of swim and birthday parties. I fed her, let her play for a bit…. and THANKFULLY she went down for a nap and woke up with perfect timing for her slightly later swim class!

Because of where the birthday party was located, we decided to take Ridley to daycare to play. I dropped Alex and Emmie off at swim (just in the knick of time) and took Ridley to daycare. Which was a bit further away than I thought. So I missed all of swim (which I was not happy about, especially because she apparently had a ton of fun!). First #lemmermove

Second #LemmerMove? Alex forgot to put Emmie in a swim diaper, and also forgot a towel for himself! But I couldn’t be too “exasperated” or whatever, because I made the ultimate screw up of the day–I screwed up the rental , so Alex ended up missing half of the party because he had to take the rental car back and get ANOTHER rental car and bring it back to the party! Using MY phone (because the app was on my phone).

After that, we had no more major screw ups, but I felt terrible for making Alex deal with my mistake. He didn’t even get a piece of birthday cake! I’M THE WORST.

2) 2 viruses that I was in contact with + virus that triggered a migraine + MAJOR digestive issues = a quick way to take the fun out of most situations

Sunday was supposed to be super fun (family run! Emmie’s bestie’s birthday party! meet up with Erica!) And what started ok devolved quickly. We did our family run, but I had terrible digestive problems during, and I didn’t really recover afterwards (severe chills).

I was a major party pooper at the party–I couldn’t even really think of small to make with my friends! I still managed to have some fun (adorable babies and cookie cake help).

But when I came home, I felt pretty terrible. I took a nap to try to rally for Erica’s, but waking up with the start of a headache and in a sweat meant no go. I was in such a state by the time we went to bed that I started having true anxiety about what to do with Emmie the next day.

The worst was in the middle of the night–my head started POUNDING and THROBBING and I spend most of the night pacing and moving and repositioning. For hours. In the morning, I was minorly better, and then I took some tylenol+caffeine and zofran (my best bud for the next days). The tylenol+caffeine gave me enough pep to take Emmie to the Nature Museum, where she walked all over the place! (back to that in a moment)

I didn’t feel *great* Monday night, but I was ok–able to cook dinner and just went to bed early because I was still virusy. Tuesday, I woke up feeling much better! So much better! I took the dog and child for a walk! We played! I put her down for a nap and went to take a run! The run was fine!

Then I came back downstairs and everything changed. My stomach exploded. My head exploded. I was taking imodium and zofran together. By 4:30, I did something I never do, and I turned the TV on with Emmie in the room. I SOS’d Alex to come home soon. I don’t even remember what he ate, or if I even ate dinner. I just remember that I spent that evening sobbing on the floor in pain in my head and terrified that this would be my future.

Picture of Emmie for happiness

So why all this talk about my head and then I end up having a colonoscopy 24 hour after scheduling?

Well, to be graphic, I haven’t had a normal BM since prior to Thursday. In fact, it has been explosive. The fact that I had such a reaction to running 2 separate times, and then total collapse after + the diarrhea + blood meant that my doctor (who happens to work with my husband) decided we needed to go in and see what was up.

So I got to prep for a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy. I went through 1.5x what the normal person does, but it worked (thanks to the fact that I was already trending towards being cleaned out. I was just as uncomfortable as usual, though. Don’t get it twisted.

During my scope, they found inflammation, but nothing overy worrying. I am going to go on a short course of steroids until I have Remicade next week, and then we are going to reassess based on how I react to my infusion. I’ll have more information later, but my brain is getting tired, to be truly honest.

But, unlike other colonoscopies, when I have felt fine and these were just screening, I can’t just expect that I wil feel ok tomorrow. I really don’t know what will happen. So I am just going to take it a step at a time. I came home and had a pizza, though.

4) Let’s talk about the Boobaloo for a bit.

Emmie started walking EVERYWHERE! She didn’t walk at all the parties, but she started walking at home and doing laps around the table and so much more! She has been practicing her walking for so so long (with our hands) that we knew she would be super competent once she decided to let go–and we were right! I would say she is a true stage 2 walker. No running, but she quite solid, has great speed when she walks, and has quickly picked up squatting down and standing back up. She still doesn’t know how to stand up without the hlep for mom/dad/leg/wall… We will get there.

She has a couple other new tricks that I am going to run through (getting tired), but most of them require video. Once I take them and can post them to IG I will embed here so you can see!

5) Thank god Alex was on research this week so that his schedule could be super flexible and he could take care of Emmie much of the days. He was a true SAHD because I was completely out of commission at several moments. He took her to the museum on Wednesday and to Broadway and Me on Thursday. I know he enjoyed it, but I just can’t express how much I appreciated it. So much of my anxiety was long term–what if these headaches etc keep doing this to me?–but I also had short term anxiety–who would take care of Emmie?? We were extremely fortunate that all of this happened when it did.

Of all of the shenanigans that the past week and past 4 days especially have put me through, the worst of it was how much I had to withdraw from Emmie and the fear that a recurrence could happen. Alex was great with her and stepped up and took over (and willingly so), but this wasn’t just some 24 hour bug. These episodes can and will come back and with who knows what frequency?

I felt like I was watching from afar, even when I was feet away (small apartment), and I could hardly interact with her because I was physically so fragile. I loved watching Alex have the opportunity to have some real fun with her–but yes, I felt left out. Even easy things like getting her out of the crib, I left for him. Of all of the pain that I felt, being a bystander in my own life was the worst.

Ok, I’m going to go eat a little bit more–after not eating the past few days and not feeling well, my body is screaming for nutrition!

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