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The Most Wonderful Time of The Year (Palmetto Bluff Thanksgiving 2018)

Some people love Christmas, but in my mind, Thanksgiving is the most wonderful time of the year. Let’s get caught up after nearly 2 weeks away!

It has been awhile, my last post was just before Zoolights and my nausea spell!

Pre-Thanksgiving Catch Up

The weekend prior to Thanksgiving was rather uneventful overall, but eventful in a classic Suz way with me getting knocked off my feet thanks to antibiotic-related nausea. But there was a major highlight with Zoolights and dinner with Ali and her family!

Alex had call (but not the really bad one) during the weekend, so Emmie and I just kind of did our thing. Monday was eventful and productive–Alex cleaned the apartment top to bottom while Emmie and I went to Stroller Strides with all of our friends. The apartment looked AMAZING. I was so so thankful!

Foot Turkey!

I took Ridley to boarding and then we got some AMAZING Hopcat. Seriously, because there were so few people in there due to time and the day, everything was crazy fresh and the beer we got (Dramanatrixx) was #awesome. 

All that was left was packing!

Thanksgiving Trip!

Tuesday was a full travel day, and Emmie was such a rock star. We left the apartment at 8:30, and we arrived at the rental house at 8:45, and all she did was nap for 45 minutes in the rental car. And yet she was super happy and actually enjoyed herself by and large!

She was such a goof on the plane with Daddy, and we had some classic chaning-diapers-on-a-bathroom-floor (thank you to the gas station cashier who gave us towels to put her on!) and then 15 minutes later as we got into the car (before we started driving, don’t worry). 

She was a better traveler than we were!

We arrived and immediately put her to bed (the first night she was in our bathroom until we switched the Pack n Play to the laundry room). I went to bed not too long after and Alex went to visit with his family.

We stayed in a gorgeous house with a giant bed and bathroom that we barely took advantage of because we were busy and having fun! Alex’s brother and his framily and his cousin and his family (the same family that we visited in Madison nearly 2 years ago). There were 4 little kids (two 4 year olds, a toddler, and an infant) to keep up with and entertain, but luckily, pooling resources + grandparents + kids playing together made the time a breeze.

Unlike the trip to Georgia in July, Emmie slept through the night each night and took good naps during the day once we moved her bed to the laundry room (which only had 1 transom window and no exterior windows). the sound machine + a tired kiddo = zzzzzz even with the 4 year olds shrieking and running. 

Wednesday morning , Alex and I took Emmie for a run through the larger area on a lovely paved trail (see this post for more on running in and around Palmetto Bluff). The weather was perfect, the company was great, and Emmie actually had fun!

We had lunch at the house and then played with the family until it was time for a pizza party that evening.

Emmie did have some stranger danger and some moments when she got overwhelmed by the sheer number s of people, but by and large, she did well once she had some decompression time with Mama. Then she was happy girl again!

Thanksgiving was another great day, with a walk in the sun in the morning through some of the neighborhoods. I spent a little time at the gym before we went over to Alex’s uncle’s house for the big dinner. If you wagered that I would eat my body weight in delicious things, you would be right. 

Then my family arrived, and it was time to catch up with them and then have pie! I got a sliver of 5 different ones. WORTH IT.

When Emmie had had all the tfun she could stand, we took her home and put her to bed so that we could get up the next moring happy and ready for the Turkey Trot!

In her turkey outift

The next morning was chilly and damp, and we were all cold at the start of the run. Emmie ended up with multiple shirts and a jacket for her blanket. We had a great run and finished exactly how we wanted to–strong and easy around 29:30ish. I took her home to feed her and get her warmed up before meeting my family for brunch.

We all came back to the house and joined a bunch of Alex’s family as they looked through some albums and  Emmie took a nap. Then the sports games started, and people moved at halftime  over to the uncle’s housefor the pig roast. 

It was another great night and an INCREDIBLE party (as it always is). Look at this cheese spread!

We stayed as late as we could with Emmie, and Alex stayed a little later to spend time with his relatives. He might have stayed a bit too late, we will say 😀

Saturday was a little rough for Alex, but I still got a run in (so that I could rest easy the next day). We met my family for lunch and then hung out with all the grandparents for the rest of the day, including dinner at Buffaloes. By then, however, Emmie was tapping out after a long and exciting holiday. 

We packed up that night and the next morning, went over to the Inn to say goodbye to the grandparents, and then headed off out of Fantasty Island (as PB always feels like).

Emmie wasn’t as easy a traveller on the way back, but she still was awesome. We arrived in Chicago *just*before the big bad storm blew in and all flights were delayed and cancelled, and we had ann excellent Lyft driver who earned an extra tip.

Clutching her new stuffed animal

Emmie got a little nap on the way home, which earned her some extra time crawling around (and thank goodness we dgave that to her, because she had her second blowout of the day! I don’t remember the last blowout she had, so we doubled up on clothes thrown away lol. Luckily, I had already ordered her some new ones thanks to Black Friday!).

Monday, the snow that we were promised all night finally hit, and we got about 1-3 inches, but I had some apprehension about driving up to get Ridley, so I cancelled the rental car and switched to having her picked up by the Playtime Express shuttle. I’m not a good enough driver in fresh snow (particularly with the underlayer of ice) to risk Emmie, myself, or the other divers.  

I’m writing this midmorning while AEmmie naps, and I’m trying to figure out the logistics for the rest of the day. we have a MAJOR grocery shop that I need to do, as well as make Alex’s food, and I have to be here when Ridley arrives. I also need to meefind and meet a new babysitter for Remicade mornings! WELCOME BACK TO REAL LIFE! (and yes, I know, these are #firstworldproblems) 

Now it is back to Chicago life. And having to take care of and entertain Emmie all by myself all day. I’m not sure if I remember how to do that haha.

This week is about getting life back together, and then we have a busy weekend ahead of us! 

Have a great week!

How have you been?  

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