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Rediscovering my Namaste at Corepower Yoga


Before I begin, this post is going to be a little rambling and filled with backstory, but this is about me :-{D (moustachio’ed smiley face), so DEAL WITH IT. If you want to be spared my rambling rambles and get to meat of the post, feel free to scroll down way below to when you see a Core Power Yoga logo, and then re-commence. I will understand. But Zoe will hunt you down. Loveyoumeanit.

Resetting has definitely been in store this week. I truly feel like a new person, particularly fitness-wise. I don’t say “physically” because this is more than just a physical revitalization; there was a huge mental and almost emotional component as well. 

hot yoga pepper

In short, I no longer feel like I am spinning my wheels. And I have a great many things to thank for this fact. What are they?

First and foremost, I caught some serious sleep, woke up, ate, and slept again. Tuesday, by noon, I was another person. Second, but just as important (though the former point vastly contributed to enjoyment of this point), I spent some quality time with my boy. We went bowling, laughed, shared causal meals prepared by others and by me (including a throw back meal that was even better than I had remembered), and just chilled.

Third, I got back to running. Largely sans pain or discomfort. This is not to say that the runs were angels-singing-glorious, but they were glorious because they proved that I don’t need to give up on myself. I ran outside, I ran inside, I ran in the sun, I ran in the FREEZING COLD rain, but most importantly, I ran. Because I wanted to and because I could. And it took me back to me, in a lot of ways.

What has, in many ways, truly taken me back to me? Reintroducing yoga into my life.

trex yoga

This could not have come at a better time: a) I am ramping up my running again (obviously) and b) I am a little over the weights–just a bit uninspired. Most importantly, I can’t afford PT on my own.

Back story #1: Last summer I was INCREDIBLY lucky to be able to enjoy (YES I ENJOYED) 20 sessions at the top physical therapy and rehabilitation practice for athletes in Chicago, React Physical Therapy. Melissa (my love, my life, sorry Alex), did wonders for me, and we kept me together through training. I will definitely expound on them later. But, let’s just say this, they are VERY $$$  and there is no way I could have afforded 3 sessions, much less 20, without insurance covering my a$$.

Back story 2: I started my yoga practice 12 1/2 years ago, right after I was diagnosed with Crohn’s. My mom first suggested I try it as a way to reduce stress and to manage my emotions, anxiety, and to put positive energy towards my health. In the years since, I have gone through periods of serious yoga practice and times when I have not practices for months, if not a year. I have practiced Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Bikram, and Power Flow, and each have benefited me in profound ways. My favorite practices have been Ashtanga and Bikram, and Bikram was the last form that I pursued.

I must also say that my mother made the highly advantageous decision to start me with private sessions when I was introduced to yoga. Thus I not only developed a truly peaceful and posititive association with the practice, but also proper technique, which allows me to practice with/without mirrors.

yoga pants

Typically, the reason that I stop practicing has to do with a lack of accessibility (ie I returned to college, the classes that I attended were at the Y at home, and I loved my teacher. Cathy, you were amazing–>she built such a profound base for me that the summer after I took from her–between my years at Columbia–I practiced on my own in my room in NYC. When I returned to Charlottesville for the past year, the Ashtanga studio was farther from my apartment, and I had already attended classes at the Bikram studio a few years prior, so I returned to that studio, and fell head over heels in love with it. But ultimately, the last few times that I went, it was too expected, and I was bored and unengaged. So I stepped back.

It has been about a year and a half since I have practiced yoga (I had a Gilt City coupon for Mercury Method last summer, and while I enjoyed it, I wasn’t sold, and that isn’t technically yoga), though I have done some sun salutation and flows on my own here and there over the months. The warrior series also contains some of my very favorite stretches.

Well, I rested my calf on my own, but the moment that I ran and felt the same pain that sidelined my last summer for a month (again, something I will explain later), I said HELLS NO and set up an appointment with the Phys Med and Rehab (PM&R) doc, and short in short: I have 4 (count ’em, FOUR) sessions to enjoy at React. So we gots to stretch these out. The pain that caused my alarm has not returned since, so I am holding off for the mo, but another opportunity landed in my lap that I could not pass up: a groupon to CorePower Yoga, a major yoga studio group with a studio literally a block from my apartment.


So, Wednesday, I decided it was time. I went to CPY and signed up for my first week (free and unlimited for new students!) and tried out Hot Power Fusion.

YOU GUYS. I have found my yoga soulmate, practice-wise and studio-wise

It is a combination of all of the things I love about yoga: power flow (ashtanga-style), Bikram regimentation, focus on constriction, heat, and MUSIC. I stay engaged because the practice is 60 minutes (there are 75 minute ones on the weekends), it is challenging to you because, as anyone knows, your body is different day to day, and it helps me open my hips and hamstrings (which were so, so tight Wednesday. And Thursday. And Friday.) Further, it helps me wake up my mind and body, and it shows me how far my body has come over time. I feel strong, balanced, and flexible. Engaged. I literally felt euphoric Wednesday after the class. I have been 3 times in 3 days. I rode the high all day long. I feel refreshed, not exhausted. I now potentially have a chance to become a member (in a way that I can afford).

namaste right here

I want to visit this again in a week, in a month, and see where I am, whether I am still as bananas about it, or if it is the newness, and the ability to be in a community again, that I love. Before I spend more than $2k on pursuing my teacher training. Which I am seriously considering….

And, I introduced them to a little thing called SwirlGearBoom!

Sure, we fall in and out of love with running, but aside from that, have you experienced a similar “one that got away” moment? Do you think that I am just in an infatuation stage? 

Potentially controversial question: what do you think has a better “future”: Personal Training Certification, Running Coach Certification, or Yoga certification?

Have you ever pursued any of these certifications?

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