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The Long Run: New Month, New Plan 2.0

I had started to write a post about my experience at the Marine Corps Marathon, but that is going to necessitate a weedwacker, or else you all are going to get a novel. I’ve talked about Swirlgear so much that I am going to give you all a break for a bit and then WHOMP you over the head with it in April, suckas…SNEAK ATTACK

sneak attack

Once again, we are at the beginning of a new month, and in need of a new plan.  Last month? It was about respecting the rest that my body needed to heal. This month? Same idea, different application.

Let’s start with the big news: I ran yesterday. If you missed the Tweet, I ran 4 miles: 1 for Caitlin, 1 for Danielle, 1 for Alex, 1 for my mom, and all of them for me. I took my time, was paranoid as &^$ during the whole thing, but had an amazing time. I felt very tight, even though I took so much time to stretch out beforehand, and I went to yoga that afternoon, which really helped (obv, I also stretched out after the run).

How did 4 miles outside feel after 5 weeks off? Not bad at all! No pain I have stretching discomfort, and things don’t feel 100%, but I know it is the result of remodeling, rather than injury. But I have no pain when I run, so I am going to soldier on. I felt some fatigue, but no pain.

A friend and I were talking recently about the tendency in the fitness blogging community to come back from an injury and immediately RUN ALL THE MILES. I realize that “short” runs are relative to everyone—for marathoners, short runs are 4 miles, for the recreational runner, a mile is a short run. And I obviously totally respect that—I used to be that recreational runner! Two years ago (in January of 2012) I had my longest run ever of >6 miles. And after the injuries of the past year, you better believe I respect and cherish every mile that is given to me. And I want to be able to run every mile that is put in front of me. How do I aim to achieve this? By not immediately running 8 miles and going to a spin class or killing myself. I chose to go to yoga, after stretching and resting for a bit, and look for ways to detox my body and open up my hips. In the past? Maybe I would’ve been stupid, and overdone it. But now? It’s just not worth it. I have a half marathon in 2 months, and we will cross that bridge when we get to it. For now? The big picture, the long run, is focused on Twin Cities.

twin cities

Unfortunately, a fly is in the ointment:

Monkey wrench, into the works.

Monkey wrench, into the works.

I lose my yoga membership at the end of this week, and I have 1 last session of PT before I have to go back to the doc and get a new prescription. I don’t have a job right now, and between Remicade infusions and paying for my CPT certification, yoga just isn’t on the table without a serious discount. Not that we are broke, we just need to be smart. PT, to me, is a necessity. So I will go back to the doc for a chat after I have run for a few weeks.

SOOOOO the plan, stan: I am going to live it up at yoga this week and keep my running to a minimum. I have my last PT session, and I am going to pound the floor and cry and carry on until they agree to just let me stay there. Probably will also do that with yoga, too.

So 4 miles yesterday. Looking for 4 miles maybe Monday, maybe Sunday, but only if everything feels copasetic. Yoga all the time. Easy (medium resistance, high turnover) spinning, and PT by myself alllll the time. Last PT session, run later in the week. Absolutely no more than 12 miles in 7 days. HEAR THAT, SUZ? NO MORE THAN 12 MILES IN 7 DAYS. Then re-evaluate and go from there.

I want my partner in crime back.

I want my partner in crime back.

And something else—I need to stop sitting so much. This will be helped by the potential change towards nicer weather (though I will believe it when I see it), but sitting so much is a)not good for my health/circulation and b) leads to tighter hip flexors. Which I am good enough at creating on my own, thankyouverymuch. Not sure how to not sit so much when I have to be studying and such, but I will find a way.

Now, it is time for some wild blueberry egg white oats. NOMNOMNOMNOM.

Tell me about your current trials and tribulations with running/being active in general?

Do you find yourself limited by your body? Your schedule? Your desire? What is your plan to move forward?


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