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Lyfe Ramblen Restaurant Reviews Reviews Treat Yourself Tuesday WIAW

The Little Things ARE Life (D4, Starbucks) #WIAW

First things first: Ramblen Reviews of Chicago have gone LIVE and they are by YOURS TRULY! There will be more to come, of course, but SQUEE! ramblenBADGE_Ambassador_GREEN

I was originally going to mention a few of these yesterday, but I didn’t want to compromise the message of yesterday’s post. Thank you so much for the fantastic response! I hope that it helps all of us to keep life, happiness, and big moments in perspective.

The Little Things ARE Life

I wrote that in a comment to my friend Baking in Yoga Pants and we both realized the truth of the statement. As I spoke of on Monday, I had a relatively low key weekend, but one that was fulfilling nonetheless. And why? Because it was filled will little things that make my  life feel full and happy (not the headache, obviously). I want to continue to come back to this idea, but first, let’s think about it with regards to little foodie treats that build up to the treat of our life. And since we are talking treats, I want to link up to Becky’s Treat Yourself Tuesday,

Merci, Becky!

Merci, Becky!

as well as Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday. wiawphotobuttonI’ve talked about the subject before,  but here are the little treats that I allowed myself this week/weekend! Beginning with this: It may not have been something that I ate, but it is filled with things that I will be eating (or giving to Alex)–going to the grocery store with him and having him carry the groceries home! I can’t tell you how nice that was–I am used to carrying the gallon jugs of milk and OJ home along with all the other stuff, and I can do it (I’m small, but mighty), but good lord, it can be exhausting. I also decimated the rest of this goodness. No Mas… No mas… 479 chipotle 2 suz But mas to come… FOR YOU!! You don’t want to miss Friday’s post, believe me 😀 I haven’t had a frappuccino in the longest time. Sometimes I feel a bit weird having them and then having ice cream later  (not because of the calories (I need them) but because it seems a bit redundant when I could have something a little bit more productive, diet wise), but mostly it is because of the $$$. But right now, Frappuccino Happy Hour is bringing the creamy cool goodness back, at least for a few days 😀 frap suzCombine with the simple pleasure of being outside, in sun, with blooms in sight, and it just felt like I was in an alternate universe. Another treat, not having my phone stolen while doing so. sbux outsideCinco de Mayo? Well, sure, we could have gone to a Mexican restaurant. But I don’t have a death wish, thank you! Plus, my stomach was still a bit wonky, as I discussed the other day. I needed something a bit more chill than a heavy meal, and I needed something a little comforting as well. So Alex and I headed to one of our favorite nearby restaurants, D4, which we haven’t been back to since realizing they didn’t have my favorite salad anymore.  We had a great waitress (which you know that I like), had great drinks, and got a great deal–the perfect, non-financially scary treat that got me out of my funk! D4 One of the great things about D4 is that it may be a sports bar/pub, feel, but they have incredible cocktails and a stellar foreign and local beer selection. We may not have been at a Mex resto, but we got a margarita, and as soon as I saw this one on the specials list, I knew we had to get it. We also realized that we were just in time to get happy hour prices on what Alex was going to get anyway, so we ordered our food immediately.   d4 drinks suz Collage Drinky Drinks (Little Sips for the Suz–lots of treats)

  • Jalamango Margarita Jalapeno infused blue nectar tequila, mango puree, blood orange liqueur, fresh squeezed lime juice (This was great–not sweet, just enough heat, nice and bright and refreshing)
  • 3 Sheep Brewery Baaaad Boy Black Wheat (Really liked it, reminded me of Xingu, so it had a darker taste, but a wheat weight)
  • Off Color Brewery Scurry Dark Honey Ale (earthier, deep, not overly sweet. Ale weight, coffee finish)

d4 burg fri chop suz Collage The Little Things (to eat in mass amounts)

  • Trio of Mini Sliders–Crab Cake habenero remoulade, Pulled Pork housemade bbq, jicama slaw, Black and Bleu Burger cajun spice, bleu cheese
  • Sweet Potato Fries Chipotle Cucumber Dipping Sauce
  • Chopped Salad  Romaine, roasted chicken, corn, tomato, avocado, chopped almonds, dates, goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette (I love goat cheese, but I knew that would be majorly pushing my stomach to have it on there.)

I still miss my shrimp salad, and I will certainly miss it this summer, but the chopped salad is a great, super flavorful and HUGE substitute. Their sweet potato fries are a must. Non-negotiable, and you have to have it with the dip (I don’t think they are GF sadly). And the mini’s truly are mini, but each is a perfect size to have the 3 and then have allllll the fries. I also like them in the smaller size–D4’s burger is one of my absolute favorite burgers, and I adore their bbq, but the bbq is messy and hard to eat large-sized. The crab cake is a great blend of traditional mixed-cake and the purist all-crab, and the remoulade has a little heat to cut through it all. Simple food, superbly done. Always a favorite. I DID FOOD PREP FOR ALEX Last thing, I promise (for now, I think 😉 ): Alex let me do food prep for him. ::choir of angels:: You know we aren’t big food preppers. I’ve discussed this before: we like flexibility, we tend to change our minds, and who knows if Alex will actually get off of work when he thinks he will. Oh, and Alex tends to just finish things when there’s a little left. So, leftovers? Rarely. This time, though, was different. He tends to moan and groan ruefully regret poor late night food decisions, so I thought I would help him out. Plus, he is working 3 VERY long night shifts (the longest ones possible) this week, so it was the perfect chance to wear him down. It was a win for all–I finally got to use up some things I’ve been holding on to, and he got to eat something different than the same d@mn thing every day. Easy as pie, too 😀 And delicious, but not actual pie, sadly. foodprepforalex suz Nothing but little bits of good stuff up in hee-ah: Roasted Sweet Potatos, Pan sauteed Green Bell Peppers and White Onion, Black Beans, Corn, Andoille Pork Sausage, Quinoa cooked with 1:1 Low Sodium Chicken Stock:Water and Garlic cloves.  Seasoned with garlic powder, salt and pepper.  I sent him with a little packet of parm, red pepper flake and tabasco. Don’t you wish I was your wife 🙂 I hope to see you all tomorrow for some fun randomness! A couple of people thought it would be fun to interrogate me, and you know that I love to talk 😉 What are the little things (food wise, this time) that made you happy this weekend?  What is your frap flavor of choice? Anyone go off the secret menu? I saw them advertising Cap’n Crunch, Nutella, Cookie Dough, all sorts of flavors!

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