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The Imitation Game Quotes for the New Year


I would like to wish a very Happy Freaking New Year to all! In the interest of full disclosure, I had the Brad Pitt dancing gif here, but then I found these gyms from NYE of last year and you know that I had to throw them in there!

I would also like for everyone to know that I am not even drunk in these…. that cup? Is filled with club soda and lime. #partyhard. Also, I cannot be held responsible for what happens when you give me a shiny, glittery hat.

The winner of the Manna Organics giveaway is posted!

A few thoughts to impart today as I know that a) not many will be reading and b) many will be hungover. I am also going to link up for a nice little coffee date, (because we know that I need my decaf and Baileys).


A thought for you and the future: This year, may you give and receive all the life, love, health, wealth, and happiness that is right for you. May the trials be as rewarding as the triumphs, in their own way, and may you find that, in 364 days, you have risen to meet your challenges and never compromised your morals.

Unlike him.

Unlike him.

A thought for the blog and the past: I decided not to do a top 5 or whatever post because I had too much trouble choosing. Before you think WOW WHAT a COW, here me out: In my mind, all of the content that I put out is, in some way, my best effort yet. I don’t want to give you all anything less! That doesn’t mean that I am perfect, just that I don’t want to play favorites. Like marathon training cycles, these posts are like children–I am giving you all a little part of me each time, a reflection of my life. And there is importance, albeit maybe at times rather small, in each of them as a result.

A thought about my blog and the future: As always, I do not know what the future brings for Suzlyfe. I am trying to savor each post (see above), each experience. Alex and I had an interesting conversation the other day–we were discussing my plans for the blog’s future–and he made a great, and very true comment, that he feels that I “enjoy the somewhat amateur nature of my blog.” And he is so right. I want to button everything up, have it look the best it can, but, at the end of the day, there is a roughness, a lack of polish, that I find so comforting. On the one hand, I could invest a helluva lot of money and try to make it big. But on the other? I like the freedom of being an amateur. I’ll let the pros (like Spoons) set the standard that I will lag so far behind. 😉

I'm an idiot, I know

I’m an idiot, I know

A thought about my apartment: I need a shoe rack for my running shoes. And I need to freaking finally deal with all of the clothes that I am not going to wear that are brand new. Good gravy, child, just do it.

Finally: Two Thoughts from a Movie to Bring you Into the New Year:

Alex and I went to see The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightly on Sunday. This was a FABULOUS movie, and there were 2 quotes that I want to relay to you from it:

imitation game quote

Sometimes it is the people that no one imagines anything of that do the things that no one can imagine.

Can you say that because something/someone thinks differently from you that is isn’t thinking… What is the point of our different tastes?

Here is to a fabulous year!

Is there a part of your life that is “amateur” that you revel in?

What is a great thought to take with you into the new year?

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