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The Hilarity that is My Life. SERIOUSLY

Oh, lawd, guys. My life is such a cluster. Let’s check out how.

Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!

Thank you Amanda for giving me an outlet for sharing my crazy!

You know how I said that Alex was going to be disappearing this month? Apparently, that was no joke. He got home past 11 two nights in a row and then had to go in on his day off because they had so many patients. I’m trying to do my best to help out by keeping the apartment from falling down (don’t think I’ll be cleaning or anything, goodness me) and fixing meals for him. Love via food. PS, he is still loving the substitution of Freekeh for the quinoa in his powerbowls!

Office Quinoa Protein Bowl

Speaking of, Alex may be having nutritious meals, and I may have rocked out my nutrition this weekend, but I maybe my most hilarious dinner yet on Tuesday night on the way back from coaching (I’ll get to why in a moment). I had a carton of goldfish, pretzels and Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter snack pack, and a peach (while on my way home). When I got home, I had Greek yogurt, turkey, and a Powercrunch bar. I do not recommend this for training nutrition! But like Bri says–this is what real life looks like!

freak out or congratulate meme

Ok, so why did I have such a hilarious dinner? Well, I spent a little too much time at Target, resulting in hangriness, but I also was all atittle for another reason. You see, Coach Sara is 38 weeks pregnant. PS So many of my friends are a) pregnant or B) Sara without H’s. Crazy. She still comes to Tuesday night and does the walk/run with the trainees as well as helps encourage and offer advice (she is integral!). Well, she missed last week because of back pain, but was feeling better and came in last night, so we have her a little gift and flowers and cards, thinking that we wouldn’t be seeing her next week. She even did the workout (lightly)! We were standing around after chatting (I was talking to some trainees) and…. her water broke! Good timing with the gift, eh?!

**Sara delivered her gorgeous and precious baby Allison Kay Larsen yesterday (8/26) at 1:03 PM. Mama and baby are healthy and well, and Sara’s hair was legit perfect, even after giving birth!

From earlier in the season

From earlier in the season

My next Sara-less-an-h story: I got to run with fellow Brick Betty Fit Pro Sara Haas Wednesday morning! Erin’s shins were giving her some trouble (probably from beastmoding 30″ box jumps), so it was just Sara and I, and  Blogger fail again, however–> no pic. I thought about it several times, but it never happened! We kept it easy–4 miles in the cool morning air–before she headed back up to Lakeview. I can’t wait to meet her up there for runs! I adore her! And you better believe we rocked our Brick Betty. What else would we wear?!

Brick Betty Girl On Fire Tank

Brick Betty Girl On Fire Tank

I’ve had so much fun (as you all know) seeing old and new friends, but I have to be honest: I totally forgot that Courtney was coming and staying with us last weekend until she texted me last Monday that she was in Chicago! I put it in the wrong month in my calendar somehow! There was no time to freak out, and luckily, Court of all people is the least anxiety-inducing person that I know. Love her.

Courtney and Suz at J Parker

This is birthday week up in my life. Zoe’s Meowzerversary was Tuesday, Alex’s best friend Alex’s bday was Wednesday, my bridesmaid and oldest friend Alex’s bday is today, and my dad’s bday is tomorrow! 

Mom's Birthday Dinner at Gaby's by the Lake Ritz Carlton Lodge Lake Oconee Georgia

Zoe got some love on Tuesday, but I had to give some love on Wednesday for National Dog Day to the doggy love of my life, Champ. Roo-dog, I miss you terribly. You were the dog I didn’t want (I wanted the other one), but, like many other of the best things in my life, you proved me wrong and won my heart. You’ve been gone 5 years now, and I still think about running with you every time I go out for a run in Georgia. 

The infamous Champ. 10th Grade. Flip phone.

The infamous Champ. 10th Grade. Flip phone.

And I even got a few pics of Alex and his dog Lucky from Mama Lemmer!

Alex and Lucky

Alex and Lucky

Oh and last but not least: #throwbackthursday or last night?

Pumpkin O's from Trader Joes

Well, I might not want summer to leave (though it’s been very cool this past week) but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to having Trader Joe’s Pumpkin I’d before anyone else because I stocked up before they stopped carrying them.

So I may be a mess, but I still win at life. 


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Tell me something that is hilarious in your life! 

Most hilarious meal you’ve had recently? Or stockpile of anything?

Any crazy water-breaking stories out there?

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