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The Best Medicine (Back from Our Mexican Vacation)


You know how you can be in a place for a week, it seems like you were there for a long time, but the moment you get home, it is like you were never there? Obviously, in so many ways that is like life in general, but I just think that one of the reasons that it is so important to take those moments to capture where you are. So I am going to do just that! Thank you, Katie, for hosting Marvelous Monday!

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Now, let’s close out the Mexico trip! Turns out it really WAS just what the doctor ordered! Or it was just at the right time in my healing process, who knows!

The End of Our Mexican Vacation

Our condo is in San Jose del Cabo, which is further up the coast from Cabo San Lucas. If you are wanting an escape that is set up to accommodate vacationers but don’t want to deal with a highly commercialized nonsense of Cabo San Lucas, I highly recommend that you look into San Jose del Cabo. There is a decent number of ex-Pats, timeshare owners, and locals, all together, and you don’t get as many of the fanny-pack wearing people who put a bad taste in the mouths of all, nor do you get the partying college kids. There are AMAZING restaurants and organic farms (check out this post from our last trip about some of our eats!) that make everything from scratch, but there are gyms and accessible food for all. Feel free to shoot me an email if you want to know more!

A view of the famous Cabo San Lucas Arch on the way out to the Pacific Ocean for whale watching! |

Friday morning, Alex and I got up and went to the gym, then we headed back to our little place, got put together, and drove down to Cabo San Lucas (about a 20 minute drive) to go whale watching!

Alex and I during our whale watching excursion in Cabo San Lucas Mexico! Behind us is the famous Cabo Arch |

Alex had yet to see Cabo San Lucas at all, and I had only driven through it during my very first trip to Cabo, so we had plans to eat there after as well. We met up with a bunch of people from my dad’s Spanish school, and we went out into the Sea of Cortez and then the Pacific Ocean (Cabo is at the meeting point of these two) for about 3 hours!

Spying a whale as it dives beneath the Pacific Ocean. Definitely go whale watching in Cabo San Lucas Mexico |

We saw so many whales, but they weren’t going bananas and jumping like they often do, but I was totally happy. By the end, we did find a pod with a giant one that was whomping the ocean surface with its fin, but really, it was just lovely to be out in the midst of the ocean. I was really surprised I didn’t get seasick! 

Sea Lions on the rocks in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico |

We were all starving by the time that we came back, but luckily, Dad had a place in mind to go to, so we headed over and sat right on the harbor, enjoying the view (from the people to the wildlife and boats!), drinking 2 for 1 margaritas, and then, Alex and I split a tuna steak salad and the trilogy of ceviche and tartare (following demolishing chips, guac, and salsa). I highly recommend Dos Mares, right on the harbor! 

The Ceviche Trilogy at Dos Mares harborside in Cabo San Lucas is absolutely delicious! Two types of ceviche and tuna tartare. Must get! |

I will admit to being a bit drunk afterwards, and that + a lot of time in the sun pretty much wiped us out. Alex and I took naps (ish) before coming back out and watching a movie with the fam (as we did each night we were there). That night we watched The Martian, which Alex and I had seen but my mom and dad hadn’t, and finished off Mom’s pizza leftovers from lunch. 

The last sunrise from our condo in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico |

Saturday morning, I caught my last Cabo sunrise (I didn’t miss a single one) and then I went to the gym for some moment before getting stuck on the planes for the rest of the day before getting home late to our little furbaby. 

Sunday was a day for catching up–I spent about 3 hours responding to comments (LOVE YOU ALL), Alex did laundry and worked out, then we went to lunch and got groceries (SO many) before I caught up on my coaching responsibilities and got my own workout in.  And then, per Alex’s request, a crazy healthy dinner of my healthy turkey meatballs with zoodles! These came out better than the others, even!

Healthy Turkey Meatballs. Gluten Free, Dairy Free Recipe perfect for meal prep |

Then we watched The Da Vinci Code because we are awesome like that.

The Best Medicine Is More than Just Time and Laughter!

Again, I am taking all of this each day at a time, as we all know what happened the last time that gave a positive injury update. But I will say that I went down to Cabo on crutches, and I came back from Cabo walking. It isn’t perfect, and both times during travel the area got really sore, but I am hopeful that I am finally at a stage in my stress fracture healing process when I can start to slowly increase the stress on the sacrum.

Do you stay active on vacation? My favorite way to vacation involves staying active and fit |

I will be talking to the doctors this week, and I would like to set up an initial PT appointment, if for no other reason than for them to work on releasing the muscles. I’m still careful with movement, I’m not walking excessively, but yesterday, I was finally able to go back to our regular grocery stores, which I haven’t been to in over 6 weeks. We are hopeful that, if I continue to improve and don’t regress again, that I might be able to move the car back and start walking to work again! But tomorrow I will drive, as it is in the single digits here (Chicago’s way of saying welcome back).

Not going to lie, if not for the fact that of Zoe, Alex’s job, and the trivialities of not having an international calling plan or access to my medications, I would gladly have stayed there in the sun and warmth with my family. After all, I took my work with me (that is how I vacation!), and I would just spend more time each day working a bit more and relaxing a bit less, and I would be very very happy indeed. 

Guess that is the sign of a good vacation. We are lucky to have so many of those! Grand Rapids, the east coast, Outer Banks, Mexico the first time, Charleston, Madison, and so many more. 

Maybe Sunshine and Margaritas really is the best medicine! #fitfluential #sweatpink Click To Tweet

What do you think–did I cure myself with Ceviche, Margaritas, and Sunshine?

What is the one place that you daydream about moving to?

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