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The Thaw + Supermodels (12 months Catch Up 2/4)

With a 100 degree shift in “Feels Like” temps, the thaw brought with it a some exciting opportunities and a VERY busy 48 hours for Emmie and I! I’ll get you caught up!

Did you read about how we survived and kept busy during Polar Vortex 2019?

Weekend Catch Up 2/4

1). Friday

Friday was a sweet release, and I managed to pack it FULL.

We started the morning with a hospitable walk through the snow around the pond. We had gotten more snow Thursday night, and that meant that a nice fresh layer plus a little plowing made for a nicely walkable path. I wore Emmie because even though the BOB could have handled it, it would have been a struggle to push. Ridley finally got to really run for the first time in days, and I just let her go nuts.

We got home and played for a little bit before our sitter came over to watch her as I went downtown for the #LetsTalkFertility brunch hosted by CCRM at Hampton Social!

I thought the event was great. I will report back with a post on the experience, but it was great on many levels: personally, it got me out of the house after a week indoors as well as into real clothes and make up! I was in the company of some really accomplished women who reminded me that you can be chic, accomplished, AND a mom (LOL) as well as the fact that there is still so much that needs to be said about fertility/infertility and IVF to friends, family, and the greater world. #LetsTalkFertility indeed!

Added perk of staying after chatting? I got to take home a flower arrangement 😀

Emmie got a solid nap while the sitter was here and a snack with me, which was great because we had an appointment with a photographer to be winter running models for Kahtoola spikes! It was all thrown together last minute as we tried to take advantage of the changing conditions (as the snow and ice melted due to rising temps).

Emmie was a champ, and she stayed nice and cozy in the BOB thanks to her snowsuit, footmuff, and weather cover. I, on the other hand, ended up with frozen digits, but I believe the pictures turned out nice!

When we got home, I took Ridley out lickety split because Alex and I had originally planned on having dinner downtown, but I couldn’t even put on her leash due to frozen fingers. Ultimately, we retooled our plans and had dinner at the newer pizza restaurant down the street. Delicious and perfect for this exhausted mommy!

2) Saturday

Late Friday night, we made the decision with the photographer to try to get the other shots that the company was looking for Saturday morning. All of us slept like rocks that night, so much so that waking up was a little rough for all of us, and even more so when I was greeted with a surprise walking into Emmie’s room!

I realized that there was this acidic smell, and when I un pj’ed Emmie, I realized where that smell was coming from. Girlfriend had had a poosplosion like I have NEVER seen. For the first time, I literally called Alex and had him shower with her to clean her off. I’ve generally been able to clean her with wipes, but there was no way. It was forward, backward, and out the sides.

So girl got a rude awaking as Mom woke her up and then shoved her in the shower. Then dressed her and took her out into the cold. Poor little boo was freezing by the end (because she wasn’t in her big snowsuit) and very confused about her morning.

And then we took her to swim class.

Basically #motheroftheyear. In my defense, the child throws off her mittens.

Swim went fine, Emmie was just super confused about life. If it makes her feel any better, I could feel my hands the nigth before and then that morning I had to clear off a car from under 6″ of snow with a bare hand (didn’t want to ruin my gloves), so it wasn’t like I was enjoying it. (She says, “Serves you right.”)

But she got a great nap afterwards. Alex went to the gym, I SLOGGED through a short run upstairs, and then we were all reset and had a great evening walk and dinner at Hopcat. She passed out, and I will be honest, I wasn’t far behind her. I think I went to sleep at 7:30, moved to our bed at some point, and woke up the next morning at 7:45?

3) Sunday

So you would think that I would be ready to go after 12 hours of sleep, right? YOU WOULD BE WRONG. I still felt sluggish, and to cap it all off, I was in a ripe sour mood. But you know what fixes a ripe sour mood?

“Africa” by Toto and “80s Mercedes” by Marin Morris. Yell those lyrics, dance around with your baby, and then go out for a tough but accomplished feeling run and you will feel ready to go after.

Add a great brunch with some amazing friends, and you will inally feel back in action.

Groceries were next on the agenda, and after that we came home and put Emmie down for a nap, made Alex’s food, and I started writing this post… but poor little one woke up screaming after a short while. I tried some food, a full diaper, cuddle time with Mommy, and then put her back down for take 2 of the nap.

It didnt get much better. But at least we had some smiles during dinner and a full on yogurt face.

We finished out the night watching the Super Bowl (Alex) and writing thank you notes for Emmie’s bday.

4) This week.

This week is busyish. We are *finally* going to get the heaters fixed (?), going to atten Strides a few times, have play dates with baby friends, and a Mommydate with some girlfriends tonight. It will be way after my bedtime, but I am going to rally, lol.

Alex is back on service, but at least not on general GI, so he will still be able to have something of a life!

Who else is enjoying the thaw?

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