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Thanksgiving Weekend 2015 + Here We Go Again!

Welcome back to reality, everyone! I hope that your Thanksgiving Weekend was satisfying in every way. Ours was very relaxing and very full-feeling! A brief (ish) recap with another injury update that I will certainly have to follow up this week with more information. But for now, a look at how the rest of the weekend went. Thank you to Katie!

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Injury Update aka Back to the Drawing Board?

Suz is still injured, but at least Ive got crazy pants finger nails, shoes, and my marathon shirt.

Friday in Chicago was GROSSSSSSS–very cold and rainy. But I had to be out of the house early to go to a Physical Medicine appointment at RIC (the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago). In short, what we though was nerve pain because of the shooting feeling have continued, though each trip to my chiro has helped, maintaining the lower levels of pain that we achieve there is rather difficult. I also get jolts of pain across my body at times, and at others there is just this ache.

So I decided that it was time for me to go back to the PM&R that had seen me initially with the injury. He quickly assessed that it doesn’t appear to be nerve pain now, but he was very hesitant to say what we might be dealing with, so I am going for the MRI this week. I was able to coerce some ideas out of him, and some thoughts are that I might be dealing with anything from a minor pelvic fracture to soft tissue tears. The MRI should give us a pretty good idea.

I am not going to lie: the news that it could be a fracture, after all of the time that we have put into this injury, is both comforting and beyond frustrating. It makes me wonder what might have happened if I had been on crutches from the beginning (something that I did think about early on). On the other hand, mentally, I need something less wishy-washy to wrap my head around, and I need some explanation for the speed of the recovery (which has been incredibly slow) as well as the reasons for why certain things hurt while others do not. 

At this point, a fracture would not surprise me. It would jive with the symptoms that I am feeling. My spine is better, but my pelvis is not. It is getting better, but I think that a new diagnosis would give us a better timeline to work with. This injury has made me question my marathon future–I had already projected Boston as my last marathon for a long time, but maybe it should be my last. My body seems to be able to handle the training and the build up, but not the aftermath. We already know that I don’t heal as well as others, maybe I really don’t. I’m not making any permanent decisions now, but it is giving me pause. I guess I will just have to be the best marathon COACH ever!

Ok, let’s get back to the fun and tasty.

Friday with the Family

Even with as much as we ate Thursday, we still had leftovers on Friday (of course!), so I had Mom and Chris come over for a lunch of leftovers. I packed two enchiladas and the rest of the green beans in a tupperware for Alex to take to night float, but that left one more, which Chris claimed. Mom and I split the majority of the rest of the autumn root vegetable salad, the turkey, and some butternut squash soup that Alex had started earlier in the week. And of course, some Whole Foods cookies and cornbread muffins.Thanksgiving is my chance to make my delcious Turkey Pumpkin Cranberry Enchiladas! A healthy family favorite recipe perfect for leftovers. Recipe at

I had been trying to come up with some fun activities for us to do, but I was at a loss! Luckily, it turns out that Mom just wanted the chance to hang out with her kids, so we just stayed put at the apartment the rest of the afternoon–I got caught up on my blog comment replies (it took me 2.5 hours–what a lovely problem to have!) and I put the new Adele album on over the bluetooth.

Then we got a message from Alex that the file for his grad school final (he is getting a Masters of Clinical Research during residency) was corrupted and so he might miss going with us to the movie Saturday. I was like BROTHER WHO IS A COMPUTER WHIZ HELP US.

Unfortunately, the file was unrecoverable (Alex came home between clinic and night float to change and they worked on it), but Alex was able to throw together another final before night float started. The whole ordeal meant that I canceled our original dinner plans because we didn’t know when Alex would be coming home, but it worked out just fine. I took Mom and Chris out into the freezing, windy night to Tre Soldi, where I had the best octopus I’ve had since Alex’s parents were here earlier this year!

The pulpo (octopus) starter at Tre Soldi in Streeterville is one of the best, delicious, and healthiest seafood dishes in Chicago! @suzlyfe

Then we just came back home and hung out for a while. PARTY ANIMALS.


I woke up earlier and watched some TV and waited until Alex got home, then went to the gym and did triceps. I may not be able to run, but I at least can wear awesome colors. Then I went to brunch at West Egg with Mom and Chris while Alex chilled and watched the UVA vs Virginia Tech game and got his wits about him. We came back and hung out with him until it was time to go to see Hunger Games Mockingjay!

Oh, and I can’t forget that it was a VERY good mail day: I got the sweetest (literally–hello, chocolate!) care package from Bri,

Bless Bri @runliftyogi for sending me a Canadian Chocolate Care Package! #blogfriends

my new Suzlyfe and Coach Suz Training business cards,

Check out my new and Coach Suz Training ( business cards!

and my new ThirdLove 24/7 bra (my review here)!

How gorgeous is this Thirdlove 24/7 pink bra! I love it! #wewearpink

I’m obsessed with the incredible color, and it truly is one of the most comfortable bras I’ve ever worn–get one for yourself and save $10 off a $50 purchase with the code TLVIPSL10

The movie was good, but probably my least favorite of all of them. I thought the final scene was a bit extraneous and OMG WHY WAS THE BABY SO HUGE. But that is all I’m going to say about it in case others haven’t read/seen it. 

Then we had dinner at The Dawson, and although I have no pictures because the lighting was very dark, I have to say that this dinner was incredible! We shared the hummus, the big salad for two, and then Mom and Chris both got the burger (I had a lot of Mom’s as well, sorrynotsorry), and Alex got the Moroccan Spiced Lamb Chili (BEST BITE of the night, IMHO) and I got the shrimp cocktail. The cocktail sauce? I ate it with a spoon! The cocktails were excellent–I would HIGHLY recommend the Western Fiction. Then it was just home for a quick crash on the couch.


Finally, a prettier day out! I woke up and caught up on coaching emails, wrote the first part of this post, and watched some TV until Alex got up so that we could start laundry, workout, and then meet Mom and Chris for a final brunch before they headed home. 

Thanksgiving 2015 Family ShotD4 Irish Pub in Streeterville always delivers! Check oht the smoked salmon platter at brunch! D4 Irish Pub in Streeterville always delivers! Check oht the French Toast platter at brunch!


Because of the computer issues, Alex wasn’t able to work on a big project that all third-year residents have to do, so he worked on that the rest of the day, and I got us organized for the rest of the week. We enjoyed an easy dinner at home and then went to the movie theater to see Roman Holiday on the big screen. 

This week is about figuring out what is next for my body, as well as cohosting Fit+ Fab Friday Ladies night as a rep for Brick Betty! If you are in the area, I hope you will come for a workout, samples, and the chance to see Brick Betty and Arbonne in person! 

FitFabFriday ladies only event at South Loop Strength and Conditioning. This event will be the perfect time to check out Arbonne skincare and Brick Betty Performance Fitness apparel! Sign up at or check out the details at

I hope that everyone has a great week. I’ll keep you all updated with what is going on after I get the MRI done. Hopefully it will mean some sort of action plan.

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What was your favorite bite of the weekend? 

How did you spend your weekend? Doing #allthethings or just chiling out?

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