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Thanksgiving Week Recap and Suzlyfe Fitness Giveaway Hop!


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suzlyfe blogiversary food giveaway

To say that there was a lot of awesome packed into the past 7 days is a bit of an understatement. And holy cannoli, more than a lot of food, two. Can we have 2 or 3 Wednesdays this week to cover it all? I feel like I went on a huge whirlwind trip rather than being going for about 72 hours and then having a few days off with my husband! I’ll pick out a few of the most marvelous for the recap today, but I know why you are all here, and you also know that I will as always make you earn it 😀

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!



You know you are in Atlanta when the first thing that you see getting off the plane is The Varsity and Chick-fil-a side by side. I tried to get a pic, but it wouldn’t come out. But glory, nonetheless.

pateick stewart winning

Home was, as I detailed, really special. I got so much unadulterated Mommy-time, and we also headed straight out to the barn to see some other friendly faces.  Brian and Penny! (and the humans there, duh).

Something that was seriously awesome about being home? Temps in the 55’s, and wind that doesn’t hurt when it gusts!

georgia clouds suzlyfe georgia dock lake suzlylfe georgia trees suzlyfe

I ended up running both Wednesday and Thursday (another something that I have noticed about my Newtons–I have had multiple little back to back run days without problem for the first time in ages! Knock wood). The weather was gorgeous, and perfect for my 2x Turkey Trots–One for Crohns, One for Pie. Ironic, no?

Also, Georgia still has trees with color, pleasant temps, and this crazy terrain changes that I think are called HOLY CRAP THAT IS A VERTICAL HILL. No lie, I was running for fun (not hard) and could feel the booty the following days!

I also cooked the best turkey I have ever had. Ever. No lie. It was incredible. More on that on Wednesday! I also cooked the rest of our Georgia Thanksgiving meal, though there are a few bits that I can’t take credit for. But I still put the whole thing together. And that turkey… I couldn’t stop. And then I brought 2 lbs of it home. And tequila. What up, TSA? Try and steal that (like my nut butter, a$$hats).

Packing Heat. Er... Turkey.

Packing Heat. Er… Turkey.


I was greeted with a mound of laundry and a recovering husband when I got home. Yup, Alex got an “attenuated flu”–nausea and full body aches (on night float, poor thing!). So we kept it easy. But Saturday he was starting to feel better, and I decided to take advantage of the amazing weather and go for a run by the lake (one of my last few, I’m sure). Full head wind down, tail wind back. Chicago style (and for once a tail wind). Eggy’s and groceries were next, then I got to work making Thanksgiving number 2!

And it was even better than I remembered, and way easier, too!


We also put up our baby tree, and about half of the Xmas decor (there isn’t tons of it, and we have a little space) but with the mulled cider candle going, music in the background, and that feeling of warmth and happiness, it was everything. The nice china came out, too.

Sunday we got a reallllll treat. After working out (a light one for both of us) that morning, we set out for brunch at NoMi at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Water Tower Square. When Danielle visited for the Women in Travel Summit in March, she won a voucher for a free brunch at NoMi. Well, being the selfless person that she is (slash, I coughed and hint hinted at her until she relented, but I will also give her benefit of the doubt), she gave the voucher to me. We figured, eh, it’ll be for a dish and a drink each. NOPE.

nomi pumpkin beignets

NoMi Pumpkin Beignets (filled with pumpkin cream and covered in cinnamon sugar. YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID.

It included all food. And tax and tip were included. HOLY SHNIKIES. A teaser for my full review: pumpkin beignets, wagyu beef, Baileys. We were actually drunk on food after. I might still be, actually.

We had some other plans for the day, but the temps dropped 15 degrees (not kidding) and the wind amped up 15 mph (also, not kidding) while we were stuffing ourselves, so we fled home and into comfy clothes for the rest of the day.

Alllllright. Thank you for indulging me! And now, the moment you have all been waiting for!

Holiday Health & Ftiness Giveaway Hop


January is typically thought of as the season/time when everyone gets on the fitness bandwagon. Gyms get packed, the regulars get cranky, everyone makes promises that they rarely keep…. Well, I don’t think that fitness is a monthly “goal.” Rather, I aim to make health my way of life. But I am well aware that not everyone has the luxury of easily incorporating health and fitness into their lives and schedules. In my mind, every little bit helps, from drinking more water, to doing band exercises while watching TV, to wearing sunscreen.

And to help facilitate health, wellness, and fitness in all of you, I am proud to be co-hosting Kristy of Runaway Bridal Planner’s December Fitness Giveaway Bloghop! We have an amazing group of bloggers who are bringing amazing products and opportunities to the table over the next 2 weeks. The giveaways will all run from December 1-15th, and you can check all of them out via the linky tool at the bottom! Get introduced to some new, incredible blogs, try out new products, get involved, stay healthy, enjoy the season, what more can you ask for?

suzlyfe fitness giveaway hop swag box

After the amazing response that the Suzlyfe Runner Box got last time, I have resurrected it, but now it is truly for all! We could even call it a Fitness Swag Bag…. This isn’t just a coupon here or there, guys. If you win, you will receive:

  • Sugoi Performance Reusable Bag
  • Ice Breakers Trailhead Coffee
  • New Balance Mug
  • Nike Water Bottle
  • Pearl Izumi Transfer Lite Headband
  • Clif Fuel
  • David Burke Primehouse Chocolates
  • Hyland’s Muscle Therapy Gel with Arnica
  • Under Armor Resistance Band
  • Sweat Pink Shoelaces
  • and a few other fun things that you know I am going to throw in for you!

You work so hard for the holidays–now here is my present to you! However, I am sorry, my lovely Canadian friends, unless you have a US intermediary to receive the box, I can’t gift you the box–I can’t afford the shipping! But if you have someone who can be the middle man, then enter away!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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