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A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

1) to go back to the whole discussion of pushy people… yes, I totally got the irony of the whole thing (ie that I was, in fact, offering my unsolicited opinion and telling you all not to be all pushy). But I think that is the beauty of the blog world, and things like twitter etc–if you all don’t want to hear what someone is saying, you can skip it! It is totally your choice. Or, as my girl Whitney replied, “Whatever it is good for them!”


2) Speaking of telling you to do things….how about this, I have a request: Go and thank/hug/fist bump a doctor today (or as soon as you can). I say this for many reasons: a) you should be doing so anyway. b) they work tireless hours, without any sleep, they put up with crappy attitudes all day and night long, and they still try to save your life. Does that me they are all perfect? Absolutely not, but neither are you, sweetheart. But I can tell you this–the vast majority are, in fact, there to help you. The other night Alex didn’t even get to eat the dinner that I packed for him during his 10 hour shift.

I wish I could buy all doctors a Sharknado

I wish I could buy all doctors a Sharknado

I had Remicade on Tuesday (and came home to find out that Alex hadn’t even gotten to eat during his shift), and during said appointment, I had a 30 minute chat with one of the nurses (actually about running–she is training for her first half, so we like to check in), a lovely little nap, and just could feel the care in the room. I’ve met nurses and doctors that seem a bit less than impressed with life, but as soon as they see that you are human, and respect what they do, they brighten right up. Try it. Make someone’s day. Tell them thank you. For saving your live, for making your coffee (saving your life), for holding the door. Get your head out of your booties and be a PERSON.

And if you didn’t want to hear that, well, it’s your own fault for reading it!

3) On a far more fun note, I demand (again with the pushiness) that you all go out immediately and GET THIS STUFF:

coconut bacon

Yes, those would be coconut chips coated with delicious flavor dust to taste like bacon. And HOLY….PIG they are amazing. Fave way to eat them so far (other than straight to the face?) is on a sweet potato with nut butter. Slap me and call me, I dunno call me whatever you freaking want.

4) Pajama pants are back. I refuse to wear real clothes at home, thus the necessity of pj pants. I missed them.

5) The weather right now is freakin gorgeous. Chicago, if you are bribing me, I am ok with it. At least for now.

From yesterday morning's run.

From yesterday morning’s run.

6) More demands/requests/suggestions: Please make a note to watch An Idiot Abroad. It is a series from Ricky Gervais that follows one of Ricky’s friends, Karl, as Ricky basically tortures the git (really the only word to describe him, but lovingly) but sends him on these incredible adventures–the first season is the 7 wonders, the second is “bucket list,” the 3rd is recreating Marco Polo’s journey. Karl completely lacks any sort of brain-to-mouth filter, so you know that he has some hilarious things to say. I would need to be in front of you to explain it and make it seem worthwhile, but just trust me–it is beyond entertaining, a great expose of other cultures, and you really witness a true character transformation, even though he is still good ole Karl.

7) This. Video. is hilarious.

I sent it to my dad. Because obviously.

This video is adorable and hilarious.

Lastly, I have added some links to some of my favorite things on Amazon on the right side bar. Some of you all have asked where I get things from time to time, so I thought that I would pave the way!

And now I am off to the do the same, but different application. Keeping it short and sweet today, but stay tuned to IG and Twitter–you know that I will have lots more fun things for you throughout the day!

Do you go out of your way to thank people who often go unthanked?

What is the best imitation food you have ever had? 

Have you ever seen An Idiot Abroad?

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