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Thank You, A New Recipe, and Working Girl #WIAW

I know that I say this often, but you also know that I am sincere when I say it, thank you all for your support and response from yesterday’s post. I didn’t plan to write it, I just sat down and started and went from the beginning to the end without stopping. I often shy away from talking about my body and my body image, because I know that it can invite scrutiny that may or may not have been there otherwise. The other reason is that I take body image, food, and health extremely seriously, and I think that currently we are in a culture that uses it as a cop-out–taking advantage of a real issue so as to make an excuse (like taking Ritalin for ADHD, or going Gluten Free without reason–also, let me be clear that I take Ritalin, but I am very careful with and serious about my dosing. ADHD is a real thing, I am a poster child for it, but I have seen it abused.)

Basically, thank you for your support and returning the love, rather than seeing that as a post of fishing for compliments or trying to find the cracks in my story. I am the first to admit that I have messed up in my past, and will continue to mess up in the future. But, and I think this is the important thing, I love and respect myself, my family, and my life sufficiently to pick myself back up and try again, for the better.

K, now, let’s talk about food. Because that is why y’all are here, correct?

Thank you as always, Jenn!

Thank you as always, Jenn!

2 Pieces of Foodie Goodness: a) A RECIPE and b) as close as I will ever get to a somewhat legitimate WIAW! I don’t have a text book WIAW (you all know how I feel about that), but here are some of the new invitees to my daily food party due to my job!

bridal shower suzlyfe

The Recipe! Is not Here! TEASER. It is HEEERRREEE. You all remember those Strawberry Lemonade Scones with Lemon Curd from the Bridal Shower? Well, now you can go and make them for your July 4th Shindig or summer potluck. YOU ARE SO WELCOME. Run over to Cait’s blog and find out how! Seriously, people will take this home with them, in their bathingsuits, if need be. And bring containers of the lemon curd. People will take that, too.

Now, for my “WIAW.”

Sad face, I am currently not getting to enjoy as much of my favorite egg white oats.


I miss you, come back to me. (I did get to have them on Sunday and Monday though YAY)

Instead, I am doing the English Muffin/Cinnamon Raisin Bagel dance with jelly and sunflower seed butter thing (and yes, that is right, BAGEL THIN. And Proud of It). I also have my decaf/caf coffee then. And steal some pieces of frozen banana, some carrots, and some cereal. And some M&M’s because, let’s face it, it is always chocolate o’clock.



After I work out, I usually grab a few snacky things (watermelon, carrots, berries, goldfish, cereal, pop pops, whatever I feel like) because that is what I do when I am in the kitchen (and I am packing up my bag for lunch/my 2nd brekkie).

work second bfast suzlyfe

Then it is off to the races, and at work, I have part deux–a heaping helping of cottage cheese, Kashi Go Lean Vanilla Graham Clusters, and whatever non-Kashi cereal I am currently working on–I love TJ’s Puffed Wheat. It is slightly sweet, easy on the tummy, and a good complement to the Kashi. Also Almond milk, berries (freeze dried, fresh, frozen, don’t care), sprinkles (until I ran out), and either more sunflower seed butter or a piece of fruit or string cheese or something. Plus the candy that is in my drawer. DUH.

work salads suzlyfe collage

Lunch lately has been a salad of whatever veggies I have at home, low sodium turkey/grilled chicken, avocado or sweet potato (depending on what we have) and whatever else catches my fancy the night before. I have a nifty salad tupperware thingy that has a spot for the dressing, so I load everything up the night before, no worries in the morning!

I also usually have a greek yogurt at lunch and another english muffin and some chocolate. And baby carrots are kept in the fridge, don’t you worry. About an hour or two after lunch, I usually need a piece of fruit or something small, so I deal with that as needed.

kind vanilla bar5 suzlyfe

Between about 3 and 4, it is snack time again WOOT. I am big into the low sugar Kind bars at the moment, so those have been doing the trick for me, sometimes accompanied by other things. Then again, yesterday I hosed the rest of the Seaweed Rice Pops from last month’s NatureBox. My afternoon work snack is largely dependent on plans for the evening–dinner with Alex, Yoga, events, basically, how long it will be before I will be eating again. And if I have more food in the fridge that sounds appealing.

gollum eyes

Then it is home, another light graze of our pantry. Because the kitchen. It is there. And it calls to me, the precious.

Dinner has been a myriad of things lately. I definitely do the majority of my eating at night, but I have certainly improved with regards to spreading my food out better across the day. A big part of my reason for loading the night time is, like many, to see what is going to happen at night and make allowances. I will fully admit that. That part of my diet history lives on. But also because Alex and I like to have fun and big dinners, so I plan accordingly. On days I know we won’t be having dinner together, I eat more earlier in the day. The other reasons for loading my night time eating are that I have easier and more ready access to food, I’m at home, thus I snack etc, and that, should something bother me/I overdo it, I (hopefully) will be asleep and won’t notice.

5x5 stirfry suz

Dinners have ranged from sweet potato dillas, chicken parm, asian noodle stirfry, breakfast for dinner, chicken sandwich burgers, pizza, and literal randomness. And hopefully a beer 😀

suzlyfe nofail french toast

Dinner is always followed, about an hour ish later, by my double ice cream (I do my ice cream in two servings, that way a) it feels like I get more, and b) I get more) with nut butter and kashi go lean/popcorn/cereal/whatever on top.

ice cream

Later at night I will have another bar/english muffin/cottage cheese with cereal/string cheese combination, depending on if I am feeling like I need more protein or carbs or whatever. And then my tea.

I sample things throughout the day, as I mentioned yesterday, I was always eating something. And I have to get in at least 2500 calories a day. I was around 2200 for a while, but stepped back up to 2500 this spring (I dropped a hint about it, but I never went into detail, until now). I have to get in a lot of food, but my body wants it and needs it at different times. I would love to get my oatmeal bowl back in my life, but I can’t do it and then workout, at least, not at the moment.

potato quinoa sausage pepper suzlyfe

So that’s where I’m at right now! I eat what I love, I love what I eat, and it works for me. I am hoping to make one of those hospital hashes for my own lunch, but that requires a free second to make quinoa. And I don’t got the brain power for that right now.

seafood diet

Today and tomorrow are the last days to enter into my Chicago-Inspired Office Survival Kit! I know that I have been a little bit coy about it, but expect it to feature lots of good, substantial snacks, local products, and maybe a few Susie surprises. I don’t want to give too much away as to what it is!

work survival giveaway suzlyfe

Also, for my friends with food allergies and or restrictions, PLEASE enter–I plan on tailoring the kit to the winner! (Thus why I’m not say expressly what it is. Mike isn’t going to get the same thing, necessarily. Unless he likes foot petals and cosmetics bags, hahahahahaha. And then, sure, why not)

Need more giveaways in your life? Check out Smitha’s Roundup!

What gets you through your work day? Do you space out your food or go whole hog 3 times a day?

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