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Terrible, Thanks for Asking (A podcast about humanity)


If you’ve ever wished that you could answer “how are you” with “terrible, thanks for asking,” I have found the podcast for you. And if you haven’t ever wanted to answer that way? This podcast will help you understand.

Today’s post is going to be a bit truncated, but no less meaningful than any other post that I share with you all. 

As you all are welllll aware, I suffer from anxiety and depression, and it has been RAGING for the past year. Add to that the stressors of life and general and infertility in particular, and you’ve got yourself a nice little time bomb.

As you all are also welllll aware, I am a very honest person. So, when people ask me, “How are you doing?” it is my reflex to answer them with the truth! Unless it is a pretty good day, I usually go with “I’m hanging in there.” Because aren’t we all?

If you are the person who answers the “How are you” question truthfully (and lays it all out there) or the person who answers “Good, how are you,” (and shirks from telling the truth), if you are a HUMAN who has been through anything in your life, you need to stop everything and listen to this podcast.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking.

This podcast is changing my life. There are episodes that will bring you to the verge (or directly into) tears. Moments where you smile knowingly. You will learn something new about the human condition. 

But you will also realize that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Depression and anxiety can be isolating–you isolate yourself from others because a) you feel unworthy of their company, b) you don’t feel they will understand, c) you don’t want to burden them, d) you don’t feel up to putting yourself out there, and the list goes on. 

Terrible Thanks for Asking is a fantastic new podcast about what it means to be human, and what often hides behind the fake answers we give when asked how we are doing @TTFAPodcast @suzlyfe

Terrible, Thanks for Asking is a podcast about being human, and about the raw emotion, the pain, the joy, and the pure amazingness of the human condition and experience. 

Going thing infertility? Dealing with death? Trying to find yourself? Nora (the host) covers it in a way that is accessible to those going through it and those who aren’t.

No, I am not being paid or have any affiliation with “Terrible, Thanks for Asking.” I discovered TTFA by chance via another podcast (which I will talk about later), and I couldn’t stop listening. 

I felt like I was being given the warmest of hugs by friends and counselors. It felt like meeting someone who understood. The host (Nora McInerny) is not only a fabulous host with a wonderful voice and presence, but she has first hand experience with wanting to be honest when asked the question “How are you.”

Stop everything and listen to this amazing #podcast about the ups/downs of life @ttfapodcast #mentalhealth Click To Tweet

It is heartwrenching, heartwarming, and changed my week for the better. 

Check it out!

When was the last time a book/podcast/piece of media had a profound impact on you?

When someone asks how you are doing, do you answer truthfully?

Joining Amanda for Thinking Out Loud.

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