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Ten Things Thursday (and A Freaking Happy Birthday)

For today’s Thinking Out Loud, I am bringing you 10 things that you need to know in order to be properly updated on my life. But first, a HUGE FREAKING HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO…


I die.

He is going to spending all day working and then doing a resident event, and it isn’t the first time. When he was in med school or first year of residency, he was working a 30 hr surgery shift, and he has worked every other years since as well, if I remember correctly. Appropriate, as March 30 is also National Doctors Day!

ANYHOO. Let’s talk about the fact that it is his Golden Birthday. There, I said it. It is supposed to be a special year, if you buy into that. My birthday is April 9th. Which means I peaked really early. But we already knew that.

I could talk ad nauseum about what makes my husband great. Do I dare go back to the posts from February? I’ve said how much I love you, care about you, and I want to grow old with you. All I can hope is that we are still healthy and in love when you are 3 times this age. I love you so much, happy birthday. Now go to work.

2) Let’s talk about me: I am being featured on the Spyder Active Blog today with tips for training in cold weather! Sadly, the weather isn’t much warmer than when we shot those pictures! I can’t wait to see what is in store for the Spring/Summer Line!

I am ALSO offering my 5 pieces of Race Day Gear advice over  on the Sweat Pink Blog as part of their #EmpowerRace Series! Go check it out!

And if you missed it, last week I gave 5 Pieces of Indispensable First Race Advice on Madhuri’s blog

3) Speaking of training, this weekend is the kick off of Team Challenge summer season and the Shamrock Shuffle! I will be running the Shuffle much slower than the last time I ran it, though. I am so excited to get my hands on a new and impressionable victims 😀 Hoping that the weather warms up a little bit! I’m also thinking about taking Ridley with me….

4) Ridley is starting to run! My hamstring is still being icky, but it is seemingly ok to run on, at least cautiously. Alex, Ridley and I had a our first family run on Tuesday night. She is still a little slower than we run, but that is ok because she forces us to run a recovery pace. She is still pretty young to be turning into a running buddy, so we are keeping her distances short (1-3 miles) and low key. I don’t want her to get overwhelmed or over her head! 

5) Re: Ridley’s head. Poor thing ran pellmell into an upright while playing at the playground on Tuesday, and she let out such yelps that I thought something was certainly broken. But like any toddler, after a few cuddles from Mommy, one distraction, and she was off again!

6) I have my new protocol for my next embryo transfer (so that we can have non-fur babies). This protocol is MUCH more aggressive as we try to get my body to accept the blastocyst. I didn’t know I was going to need to do another IVF protocol post, but this is pretty different from my last ones, so I think it might be helpful to hear about what is in store for me. I might not be as exact about when my transfer will be, but it will be early May. 

7) I got INCREDIBLE feedback on my Tuesday post What Not to Say to Someone Undergoing Infertility Treatments, and several of the responses brought some other comments to my attention that I had totally forgotten! I think there is going to have to be a Part 2 of What Not to Say as well as the forthcoming What TO Say.

8) Another post that go some love? My high protein, high fiber but protein powder-less Healthy Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Muffins. Cora made them, and I liked them so much that I made them again on Monday with blueberries… and finished them off on Tuesday. Hey, I was going to be eating anyway, might as well eat good whole foods with the perfect amount of macros! 

9) Thank you all for the hugs and concern regarding the Thursday Thing last week. After a weekend of working on it, and an anxiety attack regarding it (seriously, tears and all) on Monday, I am making some progress. I’ll explain when I feel it is time, it isn’t anything that I am shy or ashamed of, I just don’t want to speak too soon. It is something that I think you will all understand, and it is definitely something that has been a topic in therapy for me since starting, something that I discuss with Alex, and something that has been on my mind. But something that my mom said in an email on Monday afternoon as well as a realization I had regarding the matter yesterday really helped me gain a new perspective, and one that I think will help others!

10) After discussing with my psych, we are going to keep me on the higher dosage of Effexor for the next while. She actually asked if I think that I need to go even higher, but the last time I was at that dosage was a time that I really really needed it… but at the end of that period of my life, I had started to feel numb. I think that the anxiety attack on Monday was due to happen regardless, but perhaps it was necessary to help “rock” me out of what was going on. Sometimes, there is beauty in the breakdown. Or, at least merit in it.  My goal right now is to avoid the serious depression and abate the anxiety; I don’t know if I will be able to totally get rid of it right now.

And that is the news that is sent to print, whether or not it is fit. Sometimes, I wonder if I should put so much of myself out there into the universe… then I realize that I have nothing to hide. We all go through turmoil and struggles. I just hope that by sharing a bit of what I am going through (slash laying it ALL out there), I can spark something in you to realize that you are not alone, you have nothing to hide.

Suz has nothing to hide--I love that she keeps it real! #thursdaythoughts #infertility #sweatpink Click To Tweet

Thank you all for being such a support to me and my family. Zoe sends vomit, and Ridley sends a cuddle. 

Alex is working all day.. what should I do for his birthday? Suzy, keep it clean.

 Thank you to Amanda for the Thinking out Loud Link Up!

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