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Taking Chances and Finding Nemo : Friday Favorites

Whewf. Well, guys, I think that we can all agree that this has been QUITE the week. Lots of discussion (seriously, my arms are actually tired from typing so hard trying to keep up with you all), lots of emotion, and lots of love, community, and friendship. I can’t get enough of it! I’m not usually one to do a summation/selfless plug, but if you are new to the Suzlyfe (welcome!) I really, really hope that you will take some time, when you have it, to checkout the posts that made this week so incredible.

These are moments where sure, I wrote posts that I am proud of, but more than evvveeerrr before, the COMMENTS are where it is at. We all know how I feel about that.

What is so ironic is that I usually get all listy on Friday, but this is a Friday unlike any other. I don’t really feel like a want to do a straight up numerical favorites thing, because I really don’t feel like this is the week for it. But I do love the ability to sum up the week, and look into the weekend, so I’m gonna do it, but in true Suz fashion, not following directions.

As Mike once so perfectly put it, my blog is often OMGALLTHEFOODS.

I was obviously Clover.

I was obviously Clover.

There hasn’t been much of that, so I feel that it is necessary to throw some atcho face (some great food reviews this coming week, if I can get my act together!).

Best Bites of the Week:

best bits collage 2 suzlyfeBest explained at another time 😀

COOOOOOKKKIEEEE CCAAAKKKEEEE (ps that was 1/2 (you can see where I broke off a hunk before deciding to take a pic) of my third sample)


Best Chances Taken This Week:

Those posts mentioned above.

Meeting this girl (The Sara mentioned above, for the uninitiated)

Apparently, I took this picture with an old-timey Casablanca lens.

Making plans with Alex to escape the city next weekend (we are going to an “eco-inn”!! That means farm fresh EVERYTHING. ERMIGERD. That will definitely be an ALLTHEFOODZ post, haha).

that kid

that kid

Going OUT to dinner Wednesday (wasn’t in the mood, then we had an amazing time)

A bottle of wine later.... this happened

A bottle of wine later…. this happened

On the same note, I GASP didn’t go to yoga last (Thursday) night like usual. I always clean Thursday nights, and so usually practice right before (I practice and run on the same days to make sure that I am nice and stretched out after a day of sitting at my desk). But I needed some Alex time. We had lunch and this being his day off, he was home when I usually come home and scoot back out the door. So I said, you know what? I’m not going to practice today.


I think I may be taking Yoga Sculpt at 6 AM today. Pray for me. People always come out of that class looking like they’ve been put through the ringer. I may or may not be alive as you read this.

Speakind of effort? ->Speedwork

pedal car

The fact that I impulsively entered a little contest on Dorothy Beal’s page and won an entry to Rock n’ Roll Chicago for this Sunday!!


I tried out a new market near my work and they have an ammmmmazing salad bar with cajun dusted, hand carved chicken breast, house pickles, hearts of palm….. swoon.

nearly 2 pounds of glory

nearly 2 pounds of glory

and a lot of other cool, hard to find things. HOLLER.

I have to say, I am more intrigued than outright excited....

I have to say, I am more intrigued than outright excited….

Asking you all if you want a fashion post–well, I guess that is a future chance that I will be taking because it was a resounding yes! #letmetakeaselfie

business casual suzlyfe

Yup. This has been a good week. A long, busy, and mentally intense (well, at parts) week, but I would change nothing about it.

Best Single Giggle of the Week? This:

nemo marianos suzlyfe

I FOUND NEMO. He was on the mangoes at the grocery store the whole time!!!


What was your best bite, best chance, and best giggle of the week?

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