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Sweat + Rest + Repeat (22 Weeks + Weekend Catch Up 7/2)

Another fantastic weekend with some much needed Alex break time. Oh, and SO MUCH SWEAT. Even me. And you know that I don’t sweat. Weekend Catch Up time!

For more on why Alex so desperately needed a weekend off, check out last Friday’s Catch Up.

Weekend Catch Up 7/2

1) Mommy Morning Off thanks to Sweatworking

Saturday morning was Mommy’s Morning Off for myself and my friend, former co-coach, and fellow new mommy Sam and I. We unloaded the behbehs on our husbands and headed downtown for some rooftop yoga #sweatworking with A Sweat Life!

After the workout from the day before (in a minute), I needed a pure rest day, and the fantastic and creative flow devised by Jenny Finkel was just the ticket. Totally accessible for all, and even though we were crammed in there, where still got some twists and worked all sides of our bodies without hitting anyone (always a plus). Plus, Jenny had some awesome cues and just a great way about her. 

And, can you really beat this view? 

Plus, we were high about the noises of the (just waking up) city, so the whole experience was just peaceful and envigorating. It was a perfect start to the morning–especially sharing it with a good friend who I don’t see nearly enough of and both of us getting to have some baby free time. In fact, I told Alex that if Em didn’t need me (no meltdowns) I was going to go to Whole Foods for a snack and a little walk and then make my way back up.


2) Yoga was the perfect loosening up rest day elixir; what trouble did I get myself into the other days to need it so much? SWEAT AND STROLLER RUNNING. IN HEAT. AND HUMIDITY. 

Post run

Friday morning, I legitimately felt like I was running in a swamp, both with the air and with my legs feeling totally leaden. Afterward, it was as if I had done 15 miles, not 5! But that is stroller running for you 😀 Emmie had her fan on her to keep her cool, and she took a nap while I huffed and puffed.

Also, thank you to the nice man who was making running look effortless but told me “Good Job.” I APPRECIATE YOU.

The rest of Friday included spraying the dog in the face with a hose and trying to keep everyone out of the heat.

Sunday, Alex and I headed out earlier to try to beat the heat, and we did, to some extent (at least it was better than Friday). I pushed Emmie the first half of the run, and Alex took her the second half. We did that a) to get my legs working, b) to share the load, c) to give Alex a chance to warm up as well, d) to trick him into pushing into the greater headwind, e) in case he wanted to do more (he didn’t) and f) because he was a little hungover. It was a successful run in addressing all of those concerns. 

It also got allll of us sweating. 

I’m keeping up with my pushups and planks, and my goal this week is to work my clamshells and glute work back in after runs now that I know where my band is!

3) Foods and Things

Alex didn’t get home early enough for dinner or to see Emmie before bed (although I guess he could have because she was refusing to chill out) so we moved Tarascas to Saturday. It all worked out, though. That freaking margarita. So. Good.

After finishing our run earlier than usual on Sunday, we were hungrier earlier than usual (even though I had a big snack after we got back, I could have just kept on going!). Instead of eating at home, we opted for a guac and hummus platter at Gaslight even though we knew we would be eating out later. AND IT WAS AMAZING. 

SO. MUCH. AWESOME. I didn’t even need other food afterward, though I helped Alex with his wrap. 

We also returned to the Gundis Sunday for dinner with Ben and Katie, friends from Team Challenge! They hadn’t seen Emmie since she was a little bitty thing. She wasn’t on her best behavior because she was super tired (literally passed out when I was feeding her before bed right after we got home) but she was still adorable, and dinner was delicious.

4) I would love some good juju sent Emmie’s way today. I am taking her for a heart echo because at her 4 month check up (and at the appointment last week), our pediatrician heard a murmur when listening to her heart. She is doing well otherwise, and it doesn’t seem to be a glaring issue. We will deal with whatever is thrown our way, and it could just mean that she has to check with a cardiologist once a year or have a small procedure to close a hole.  I’m not going to worry until I’m told to do so, but still. BUT STILL.

5) Emmie and I are going to go to Stroller Strides before the echo, and then start getting ready for our trip to Atlanta. Alex was on call last night, and he has a very similar schedule to last week, but at least he has way less call, largely because he somehow has July 4th off! Hospitals don’t close for holidays, and as he is on an inpatient rotation right now, he could very well have had to work. We are thinking a family run, then midday yoga for me (likely officially my last class with my fave teacher), and then eating at home to avoid the crowds. Maybe burgers and asparagus?

Thursday, Ridley will get picked up for “camp,” and Emmie and I will fly to Atlanta! She and I are going to mill about, meet up with Laura for dinner, and then stay with my brother that night. Unfortunately, my aunt who was hosting the “sip and see” for Emmie blew out her back this weekend and is completely immobile, so we are tabling that for now. Chris and I are just going to head out to the lake midday Friday, and maybe stop and see Brian on the way out. 

Then it will be lake time the rest of the trip! I got Emmie some sun suits and a swimsuit to keep her skin safe. I’m looking forward to some relaxed time with my family, and some one on one time with my brother. Hopefully Emmie keeps up with her goofy, happy attitude while we are there!

Have a great week, everyone! Happy Belated Canada Day and Happy Early 4th of July!

Tell me something awesome about your weekend!

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