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Blogfest and IDEA World Fitness Convention 2016

And I am back from Sweat Pink Blogfest and IDEA World Fitnes Convention 2016! Sorry for the radio silence–but this year I did a little something called sleep, lol. But I’m back with a look at the trip and all the amazing people I met while on it!

Linking up with Katie and Erin for a look at the weekend! I’ll do a food round up tomorrow!

IDEA World Fitness Convention and Sweat Pink Blogfest 2016 Review and Recap. Get all the details at

Sweat Pink Blogfest 2016

While most people got into LA Wednesday, I had several clients Wednesday night, so I took a 5:40 AM flight out of Chicago Thursday morning. Oh, and I thought it was at 5, so I got up even earlier than I needed to (you mean I could have slept until 3:45??). And then I forgot to empty out my Kleen Kanteen and they told me I could either toss it or go back through the line (fat chance of that). Luckily, there were water bottle opportunities galore, so I was covered. 

I got into the conference just in time to catch the tail end of the Working with Brands session, and then headed over with everyone to the IDEA World Opening Ceremonies.

If you remember from last year, I was very taken with the presenters and honorees during the first part of the Opening Ceremonies, and the same held true here, particularly for the Inspiration Award Winner, Amy van Dyken-Rouen, a multi-Olympic Gold Medal swimmer multiple times over, but who was in an ATV accident that nearly killed her and relegated her to a wheelchair. 

Amy Van Dyken Rouen is a gold medal swimmer who won't let anything bring her down--not even the loss of use of her legs. I loved hearing her at IDEA World Fitness Convention 2016!

From another of her talks.

First of all, Amy is hilarious. Absolutely HILARIOUS. Secondly, she is a true fighter. She reminds me a bit of myself,–I don’t mean that in an I’m amazing like her way, but just in that I understand what it is like to have your world rocked and to decide to fight rather than succumb. Her motto? “Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do.”

Sounds a lot like my fight to live beyond expectations. Take charge of your own life and live on your terms!

After Opening Ceremonies, we headed back over for another session before heading to lunch thanks to Pure Protein. There was a salad bar that I went back to x2 (SO MUCH JICAMA) and smoothies and samples for us. It was just what I wanted after the Siggi’s that I had snagged during the session just before (I was working on a different time zone). Also, the grilled chicken was really good, so kudos to whoever cooked it. 

Post lunch, we headed back to the conference room for a few more sessions and then round table discussions before we stole away to check out the expo. And eat #allthefoods. We kept the food train going and a group of us went to Rosa Mexicano for dinner. It was so great to now sit down and actually talk to everyone! I’ll get to all the girls in a minute, but I sat with Megan, Kelli and Kellen and had a lovely time! 

IDEA World Sweat Pink Blogfest 2016 was amazing! Check out my full recap and review on

Then my roomies and I went back to the room and CRASHED. 

Sweat Pink Blogfest Day 2

Apparently, getting up at the ass crack of dawn is the way for me to go, travel-wise, because I slept great and until I was planning on waking up! Last year, I ended up writing blog posts in the AM because I couldn’t sleep; not the case this year!

First up was a breakfast presented by Silk featuring their new dairy free yogurt and a delicious tropical green smoothie (topped with Love Grown Oats granola). I also took advantage of the Kellogg’s cereal bar downstairs because why the heck not? I got the “Mexican Hot Chocolate” creation and yuuuum.

Jenna Wolfe is so cool, and I loved hearing her as the keynote speaker for Sweat Pink Blogfest 2016! She has a great story, and she tells it so well. Get the full recap and review at

Then it was time for the Blogfest keynote speaker, Jenna Wolfe. Last year, Gabby Reece was incredible, but I must say Jenna did a fantastic job, and she definitely inspired me! Stay tuned for post Blogfest Thoughts!

Propel sponsored a workout for the Sweat Pink Blogfest crew with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson--holy gluteus medius! Get the full scoop on Blogfest and IDEA World Fitness Convention at

For me, the highlight of the morning was the workout from Propel and Gunnar Peterson! We utilized bands for a body weight and band resistance workout, and though Gunnar was a bit perturbed by my lack of sweat, I still got a great workout. LOTS of booty work, which proved to be the theme of the weekend for me!

Best of all (other than the booty work)?

THIS amazing picture thing:

I think it should be their new marketing campaign, don’t you?

We refueled with a lunch from Morningstar Farms (and cookies) before an afternoon spent wandering the Expo. Jess and I decided to take a TRX Strong session at the TRX booth, and it. was. awesome. I learned a great deal about cuing for my clients as well as some modifications, new moves for me, and fixing some of my own mistakes. Jess and I were huge fans, and apparently so was TRX–they have used us several times on their IG! Though Jess is definitely stealing the show 😀

The roomies decided to shower and go for a lighter dinner (we chose Tom’s Urban), and we got salads, sweet potato fries, and beer. Because balance, right? Renee earned her burger by working out for like 3 hours that day, lol. 

My lovely Blogfest roommates Renee, Jess, and Ashley! I loved hanging out with them! Full recap of Sweat Pink Blogfest 2016 on

We made a brief stop at the Blogfest Networking party before calling it a night.

Blogfest was a very different experience this year. I felt that they really listened to our suggestions from last year, and it was of course amazing to see so many friends and meet so many friends for the first time. Another huge plus? Full access to IDEA World Fitness Convention!

IDEA World Fitness Convention 2016

Let’s see, I’ve already talked about the Opening Ceremonies, mentioned the expo and the amazing nutrition pavilion, the TRX booth (which I wish I had returned to on Saturday!). Let’s talk about the sessions that I went to!

Saturday morning, I started out with a 4 mile run (thank goodness my hip/back felt better) and then went to a workshop on Functional Core that was interesting (and interactive, plus Bri was my partner, so that was awesome!) but I wish had focused less on swings for athletes and more on retraining core in non-athletic populations. That said, we got some great exercises to go home with that I anticipate working in with my clients!

I finally got to meet Bri of Run Lift Yoga at Blogfest 2016! Love this girl.

My next session was part of the Nutrition and Behavioral Change Summit, and while the presenters were great, their presentations didn’t tell me too much that I didn’t already know. A misstep on my part–I thought that the summit would help us find ways to encourage behavioral and dietary change in our clients and practice, rather than appealing and making the case that the change needs to happen.

The last part of Blogfest was a noon workout with Beachbody Live. I was also signed up for POP Pilates, and I think that would have been the better workout for me–I didn’t get much from the Beachbody session other than the confirmation that I was tight, my glute medius had gotten a workout the day before, and I have lost any coordination and or skills that I used to have. And that such a format just isn’t for me. But now I know! Thank you to the Blogfest ladies for setting it up!

The best session that I went to that day was up next: Killer Complexes for Core and Glutes. You know I am allllll about glute activation and core stability for my runners and my clients, so this was perfect, and I loved Scott Rawcliffe, the presenter. He was funny and engaging and really informative. I also got to spend some time with Ariana, who was in the session with me! I cannot WAIT to torture myself more with these moves and to start inflicting some on clients! So useful!!

Sounds like @suzlyfe learned a thing or two about glute and core activation from @scottrawcliffe! #ideaworld Click To Tweet

My last session was on posture assessment and re-working, and again, it was so useful for learning how to determine imbalances and program corrective exercise for clients without treating them as a PT would. 

But I’ll tell you what, I needed a walk after that. And a Slurpee. And Whole Foods. Luckily, I found both, and then met my lovely roommates for dinner at Yard House. 

And that wraps up my weekend in LA! Last year was so exciting for me because it was the first time I had really been surrounded in such a way by friends, bloggers, fitness companies, nutrition companies, and just the best and brightest in the industry. This year, I felt much more settled, and though I may not seem as OMG excited, I made so many connections with people this year in real life, I learned a lot about new moves and ways to work both with clients and on myself, and I just had such a great time with my crew. I wish I had been able to take more advantage of the workouts that were offered, but I just didn’t want to push my Sacro-Iliac Joint because it has another big weekend ahead!

Thank you so much to the Sweat Pink crew, to IDEA Fit, and to the amazing companies and sponsors that made the trip possible. 

And now? Back to real life….

But first, love for my roomies…

Renee, Jess, and Ashley— YOU GUYS ROCK! I think we did pretty darn well as roommates, right? (Ange, Jen, and Beth, you know I loved you as well, don’t even go there). 

Blends, #Blogfest, @ideafit World... @suzlyfe + #sweatpink crew did it all! #weekendrecap Click To Tweet

Long, I know, but a lot to cover! This week is lighter for me with regards to clients because everyone is on vacation (it seems), so I am going to try to get a lot of work on the blog, my coaching business, and just working on getting set up for the fall. 

Oh!! And WE DON’T HAVE TO MOVE OUT OF OUR APARTMENT. YAAAASSSSSSSS. We will have to live without a kitchen for a few more weeks, but I can handle that. I love my home, NOT MOVING.

What is your style at conferences? Do all the things or pick and choose?

I’ve been really lucky with my roommates on these trips, any bad roommate stories to share?

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