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Suzlyfe Survey Results!

Curious about the Suzlyfe Survey Results? So was I! I was pleasantly surprised by what you had to say–both regarding what I am doing well and what I need to work on.

I already knew that I had fantastical magical readers, and this survey proved it.  I want you all to know that yes, this is my blog, and I will do what I want, as it were, but I also view this blog and the content that I put out as a relationship–you should have a say!

Look over the Suzlyfe Survey Results and find out what to expect from the future of Suzlyfe!

Also, I have to admit something: I put that survey together the night before. I’m looking at making changes in my life and potentially the blog, and I needed to answer some questions! I actually have some more questions for you–so know that more may be coming! But for now, here we go!

What the Suzlyfe Survey Told Me in General:

  • Majority of readers are long time, regular readers–the majority for over a year and many over 2 years! To those who are long time readers, thank you so much! To my newer readers… GET CAUGHT UP WHY DON’T YOU
  • This tells me that we truly have a community here. You like to come here, you appreciate that I take the time to personally interact with you, and that you feel comfortable here.

Comfortable like Ridley!

Preferences and Constructive Suggestions

  • You are interested in healthy eating and cooking, but not so much in my recipes. So I will continue to do what I do, which is to post them every now and then, and more in a “life hack” type of way–because you know that is how I came up with them in the first place. (Like my Microwave Baked Oatmeal hack)
  • You aren’t so into product reviews… which I pretty much knew. And I know that there have been a number of them recently–part of that is the season and part of that is me giving back to the community that is giving to me. I only review products that I feel are a natural fit for my life, and I don’t accept product review requests if they aren’t something that I would or do use myself. That is part of the reason why I then mention them often afterwards–because I am using them! But please know that I TRULY TRULY mean it when I say that “All Opinions are My Own.” Because you know I can’t keep my mouth shut.


  • You like the fact that I offer running information (in fact, many of you are interested in those posts), but you prefer my life-centric posts and the fact that I keep it real. You are a bit conflicted as an audience with regards to the fact that I participate in link ups. On the one hand, it might be why you are here, but on the other hand, you feel like it might take away from the genuine nature of the blog. Which I totally understand, but I also think that it is very interesting–I almost NEVER write my posts more than a day (maybe two) in advance. Ask Alex. I’m not kidding. I’ve talked about this in the past–I can’t force my writing (unless it is a freelance article with a topic given to me). So rest assured: what you are getting from me is 100% of the moment and ME. That said, I will do my best to be mindful of not seeming like I am forcing something (even if I am not–but it will make me a better writer for it!). 


Ridley in her new dog coat!

  • That there aren’t enough pictures of the Puppster. Maybe she wrote that, though…
  • I can be a bit verbose. Nuff Said.


What you like:

  • Me. So you are all nuts and need to see your own psychiatrist STAT.
  • You like that I pull no punches, that I lay it all out there. Which I am very happy to hear, because I really do pour my heart out to you. I know that some of my posts over the past 6+ months have been a bit… tough. I’m not going to apologize for that, but I do understand that a few of you might have felt that I was a little too “woe is me” about that. The fact that I came across in such a way is regrettable, but I don’t think that there is any other way I could have gone about it: I truly was in a major depressive and anxiety episode. (Thank you all for your support throughout, by the way)

you the real mvp kevin durant meme

  • By and large, you like what I am doing. You think that I have a good mix of posts and interests, and that we share similar interests but also different enough stories to find what I have to say interesting. (OMG SO MANY INTEREST WORDS AT ONCE)
  • You guys are interested in my infertility journey! To be honest, so am I… I have no clue what is going to happen on this journey, but knowing that you all are behind me (which I knew) and that you wanted to know about the process (which I wasn’t sure about) means that can continue to treat this space as I always have: a place amongst friends.

What You Can Expect:

Nailed my fall running layer again! Scenes from my run--late fall running perfection in Chicago as the sun rises!

  • The same ol’ Suz. She ain’t going nowhere, as far as I know. That is part of the reason that I am in therapy.
  • Continuing to work on my writing and honing my skills as a writer. That will come in handy as I am working on a few ebook projects.
  • A continued mix of content: food (though you would like a bit less of that), running (with less focus on the marathon–which I will oblige as we are out of the heat of marathon season!), thinking and mental health posts, and information on infertility.
  • Keeping an eye on my reviews and recipe–perhaps being a bit more discerning, or finding a different way to go about the content. I will be more careful with the link ups (though there are a few that I always participate in, and one that I host!) so that they don’t feel like I am forcing anything.

I want to part with this: This blog isn’t that big. I don’t make much money off of it (it is essentially enough to keep the blog lights on, but not much more), I don’t have pageviews like many of the other blogs out there, I don’t command the same prices… I do this because I love it. What you find when you come to Suzlyfe is me. Nothing more, never less. (Thanks, Fage, for that great slogan, btw)

three things in life .jpeg

Like I said, you guys are my family, and I (hope) will never pay my family to hang out with me! Forced family fun, maybe 😀

Speaking of Link Ups, tomorrow will be Running Coaches Corner, and it is going to be a fun one! Thursday will be a short post in light of the holiday, but make certain that you come back on Friday because it will be the Suzlyfe Blogiversary and there is going to be a GIGANTIC giveaway!

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