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Suzlyfe Confessions Pt. 1 My Serious Side


Can we all agree that yesterday was a delicious slice of spring-time heaven for those of us that have been dealing with drunk winter for far too long? I EVEN RAN IN SHORTS!!!

suzlyfe chicago spring running

PS, does anyone think of Daffy Duck stealing MJ’s UNC shorts in Space Jam when they hear “shorts”? Just me? mmmmkay.

Let’s be honest, this has been a very food-information heavy around the Suzlyfe recently. Lots of talk of new products, new restaurants, lots of gluten free and vegan and vegetarian yummies, and lots of reviews. Recently, my weekends have been super loaded, and I’ve had much to tell you about fun new products like Daily Serving and Jessica’s Natural Foods (don’t forget the giveaway and discount code!). Also, make the Zucchini Bread for Easter or Passover. NOMS.

And talking about new products is great! And I know that I often come at you with a lot of local products, but as I’ve said before, I adore working with smaller companies and start ups as they are getting their feet on the ground and figuring out how and where to grow–thus why I like to share the products with you! That way you know what is out there, you can start asking for them at your own markets, and you and I can then help these newbies develop their plan for growth. Don’t we all just want to be needed!!!

But I thought that today, we could all use a little bit of break from reviews and such, and since I like any excuse to talk about myself, well, an excuse to talk about myself. megara im awesome fabulous memeTo pull back the curtain, as it were. Last summer, I wrote the post the Anti-Inspirational Blogger–still one of my faves to day both for the info it relayed but also the response it garnered. I am thinking that maybe for the month of April (PS my bday is exactly one week away. HINT HINT), we would do a spring cleaning of sorts of the nonsense in my head. Buckle up, chile’, and proceed with caution. #itsgoingdownforreal

Thank you to Amanda for giving me the option to unload via Thinking out Loud.

Suzlyfe Confessions Pt 1: The Serious Side of Suz

suzlyfe confessions

Pretty accurate depiction of what is like in my brain: chaos. Another interpretation would be “Suz in a Nutshell Bin.”

Why so Serious?

I would describe myself as a serious person, an extroverted introvert (or, more accurately, an ambivert, a newer term that describes people with both tendencies), and an alpha personality. That said? I am a walking contradiction. I take what I say, do, and how I present myself to the world incredibly seriously, and for a variety of reasons:

1) For one, I see myself in every way to be a representation of something beyond myself, and by that I mean that I represent those associated with me: my family, my business, my school, my friends, those with Crohn’s, those with ADHD, Clinical Depression and Anxiety, Southerners, foodies, marathoners, horseback riders, the list goes on.

chicago half team challenge suzlyfe

Like I said in my Women’s Running Article as well as my National Running Day post, when I wear my Team Challenge singlet, I am running for myself and for everyone else that is fighting their bodies for a better life. That is why I’ve only worn my singlet in 3 races–I place too much pressure on myself to perform otherwise!

2) I get incredibly embarrassed when I am “wrong” or incorrect. I guess I could say this is a “daddy issue”– I think that a lot of it stems from when my brother and I would get quizzed (please know, in a good way! We are talking states and capitals and such) at the dinner table by my dad. It was a great way to expand our knowledge as well as to distract us, but (and Alex will back me up) it has made a question-answerer (ask me a stupid question and I will answer it, only to know that you were just yanking my chain as I am responding). I crave correct information–presentations can be nerve wracking not because of the crowds, but what if I misrepresent the information?


And I’m annoying with words and stories. You gotta use the right one (like, I can be really bad to Alex–he likes to just ascribe a word to mean a bajillion meanings. My problem is that I have a stupid big (technical term) vocabulary, and sometimes I can lose control of my better graces and overdo it when I should just let him be. Yes, I suck)

3) That said, I have a wicked sense of humor and don’t take myself seriously. I would say that as I have gotten older, I am increasingly a fan of wit over outright “funnies.” I love the art of a deft hand! 


Then again, Anchorman is a favorite.

4) I will always be the architecture lover. I studied architectural history and have my Masters in Historic Preservation (which actually was the wrong degree for what I wanted to do…. but I’ve talked about coming to terms with that before). Architectural history was perfect for me: stories, facts, aesthetics, social history, and the way they all interwove and informed each other. I would still love to be involved in adaptive reuse (architectural). 

where it all began....

where it all began….

5) Related to the previous, I was honestly made to do that because I am to my very core a problem solver. I loved walking into a space and figuring out a way to honor it and “solve” it by finding a new use that did it justice but helped people to still see its original beauty as well as continued relevance. It’s why I love lofts and wrote both my theses on industrial architecture (from aesthetic and social history stand points). Yup, I’m bonafide published and have presented at national conferences.

You can Visit my Thesis by Clicking on It

You can Visit my Thesis by Clicking on It

6)  I’m also a gifted salesman. I am very convincing, and essentially, the role of a historic preservationist is to sell someone on the idea that the space that so many people are telling them should be erased from the earth is actually relevant, viable, beautiful, and, ultimately, profitable. Problem solving + sales. 



Also, I was reeeeeeeeeeally good at being a waitress. The gift of the waitress is to read people and cull the right info out of them to guide or create their experience. Without them knowing it. 

7) But I hate solicitation. I could be dying of thirst in the desert, but if you approach me like the people in the mall kiosks, I will turn you down. Martyr for the cause?

get out point

8) Still, I looooove learning new things! I always say that I am willing to be proven wrong–I just want to know why so that I can learn. That said, I am a girl divided. I used to love to learn through reading, but now? I’m all about the conversation and the trial by fire. See marathon training, lol. For my first, you better believe I researched like crazy! All the magazines, constant internet trolling…. But now? I find books and such a slippery slope because they are operating off of a formula. And when have I ever fit the mold?

9) I have a few cookbooks. I think I have created recipes from them a handful of times. See marathon training. Also, I wanna do it myself!!! It isn’t that I think I am smarter–I respect expertise and always like to start there and refer as needed. But ultimately, this is my dish. This is my life. It’s my body, I do what I want!


10) I’m stubborn as a walrus and opinionated as a… whatsit. But I’m a total pushover who typically asks what you want first. That is for a variety of reasons, many of them stemming from a “darker” time that I would prefer not to discuss (not vague blogging but protective blogging).  Example: I typically defer to others. This used to cause some tears of anxiety when I was really sick (I would go wherever people wanted to go for dinner). On the other hand, I am leader of the pack (ask my friends from grad school, lol. Don’t worry, I warned them ahead of time!). 

badass unicorn


Sooooo. Now that you all know that I am a terrible person…. let me show you something cute in hopes that you will forgive me the darker notes of my nature. And I will further tempt you with the PROTEIN version (still gluten free and dairy free!) of the Healthy Mamma Mia Zucchini Bread. But you’ll have to come back tomorrow!

What is a quirk of your personality that people might not know or expect? Sure, we know that you are crazy control freaks, but tell us something we don’t know 😉

Do you think that Alex is a saint for putting up with me or actually a figment of my imagination?


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