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Suzlyfe Confessions Part 2: Food Preferences (and my birthday!)


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Yup, it’s mah berfday. And also Alicia’s! Happy Birthday to us!

happy birthday

Random fact: it is also the anniversary of the day that Lee surrendered to Grant at Appamattox. Not the official surrender (with papers and such) but the first one. BOOM I learned you something good. 

I had so much fun with last week’s getting to know me post, and I wasn’t really sure what to talk about today, being a berfday and all, so I thought that I would talk about myself and one of my great loves: FOOD. 

Cuz y’all know I like the noms.

Suzlyfe Confessions Part 2: FOOD

suzlyfe confessionsThanks to Amanda for hosting Thinking out Loud!

We’ll start off with something easy, in honor of yesterday’s epic recipe. 

1) I. am. a. texture. junky. I don’t like flan, I’m not big on cheesecake (except for the crust), and it took me a very, very long time to like avocados because of the texture. And why I’m not big on pasta, but I love the sauce. Also why I like thin crust veggie pizza! Trail mix is essentially my perfect food, if done right: salty and sweet, all the textures. Especially if it comes on yogurt or ice cream 😀

jessicas natural foods granola review (4)

mmmmmmm Jessica’s

Or yesterday’s recipe–textures galore–including creamy without being unctuous. 

spiralizer vegetarian carbonara beet zucchini sweet potato egg (18) (500x500)

Also, I eat the crusts off toast first. I love the crusts.

2) I am not a picky eater, in what you would imagine as a picky eater–I am totally open to new and interesting foods as long as I know that they aren’t going to hurt my stomach. I’ll eat just about anything! But….. I am picky about the preparation. I have no problem with things touching, but they have to be separable. I actually was describing this to Erin last week at lunch–I love layers and flavor combos, and I want to be able to taste them! So I don’t like burritos. But I would do a burrito bowl. I want to be able to mix and match and create. Essentially, a combo of curiosity, creativity, and control freak 😉

Case in point: How I build my froyo:

Trust me, this is carefully designed chaos.

Trust me, this is carefully designed chaos.

I’m not particular about which topping hits which flavor, but I am very careful not to mash everything together. Alex and my dad are both mashers. I like to preserve the integrity of the layers and flavors.

I will always love this picture.

I will always love this picture.

After our date night at Sable, I was oh so carefully getting my fudge when Alex thought that I was just struggling (but really, I knew that all the sudden it would come gushing out LIKE IT ALWAYS DOES), and he proceeded to MASH THE DARN PUMP DOWN and a huge glob of fudge landed ALL OVER MY PERFECTLY ALLOCATED TOPPINGS, RUINING THEIR INTEGRITY. Also, I like fudge and all, but you can’t taste anything else when fudge is involved, right? And yes, I might have thrown a mini hissy fit and removed the offending fudge, and fixed things. you’remyidiotyou’remyidiotyou’remyidiot. 

View More:

So, a combo of curiosity and control freak and advocate for the integrity of ingredients, lol.

3) Speaking of preparation–ixnay the utterbay and oil and dressings are always on the side (again, I don’t like to drown things). I don’t like the greasy feeling on my lips, unless it comes from my lip balm. Plus it makes my stomach hurt and feel queasy. So, yeah, it just isn’t worth it. But I do LOVE sauces–sometimes, I’d rather just have that!

4) Then again, even with sauces on the side, DON’T forget about the sauce! I love sauces–but I like to dip into them. Or maybe just use my finger.

I didn't even wait to take the plastic off.

I didn’t even wait to take the plastic off.

5) Speaking of: My diet is truly an 80/20 diet, without me even really trying! I live off of vegetables, proteins, whole grains, fiber, and healthy fats (nut butters are ok for my digestion), but you know that I have an ice cream quota. But only slow churned/froyo.

6) I nibble and inhale, based on the food. You will never meet someone who will take longer to work on a piece of chocolate or a cookie, but will demolish a pizza faster. Also, even if I am nibbling on it, I will likely finish it. Just take it away from me, please. Put me out of my misery gluttony.

sperience chicago eleni egg white omelet

Decidedly NOT portion controlled.

If there is a 1.5 servings of something left in the bag, and I am full after 1 serving. So help me I will likely finish it. Clean plate club extends to just about everything, it seems. Thus why I tried out Meal Enders–this isn’t about controlling my consumption (because I need the calories)–it is about not making myself sick. Because when you have Crohn’s, too much actually IS too much! I eat #allthegarnishes. Seriously. Clean plate, clean drink. Clean it all up. I’ll use my fingers. I’ve got no shame.

7) I am a total foodie (seriously, I will talk to you about avant garde technique and balance of flavor all day LONG), but I rarely go to the “it” places–let’s be honest, I’m on a budget and there isn’t much that they have that I can eat! The chef has created a dish in a particular way–I don’t want to disrespect them. And pay for the privilege. 

celeste octopus romesco

The incredible octopus at Celeste. Best dish of the night! Cocktails were fantastic as well.

8) Ultimately? I like SIMPLE food. I want food that is all about the ingredients, with competent technique. I want ingredients that sing, no ones that have to be hidden. That’s why I am a big salad person–you can’t hide anything in there. But you also get to play!

Gettin cold cuts gettin cold cuts...

Gettin cold cuts gettin cold cuts…

9) I’m a creature of habit but I get bored easily. And that goes with just about everything. I have the same breakfast and a riff on the same morning snack and lunches every day, but they have to differ in some way, and when I am over something? I’m over it. That’s why I always have TWO servings of ice cream at night, in separate bowls, rather than one: I get alllllll the choices, none of the choice! As I told Arman: I don’t choose chocolate or vanilla: I choose chocolate AND vanilla.

No reason to pick just one :D HEAVEN

No reason to pick just one 😀 HEAVEN

10) I am equally sweet and savory bowchickabowwow with regard to flavor preference. My mom? Eat dessert first. Alex? Give him hummus over ice cream. Me? Give me appetizer, entree, and then dessert. Basically, I WANT IT ALL. I will be the best pregnant lady ever–pickles and ice cream allll day, baby. Also? I season everything I eat. I buy low sodium and then season it. Including a sprinkling of sea salt on my ice cream. Also great for hydration and electrolytes during training.


Even with all this crazy with food, I am a pretty easy pleaser–I don’t like for people to worry about me. And if need be? I am happy to bring my own food. I often have to make 2 dinners for me and Alex! And you better believe I serve his first, but when I am at someone else’s place, I like to go first, lol, so that they can do whatever they need to after.

On that note, I am off to Atlanta! Have a great day my friends!

What is your froyo/food style? Are you a masher or a delicate layers person?

Salty, sweet, or both? Texture junky? 

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