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Suzlyfe Blogiversary Giveaway!


It is my blogiversary, and I am celebrating with a Suzlyfe Blogiversary Giveaway! I can’t believe that I started Suzlyfe 3 years ago. Today I am looking back, looking forward, and sharing the love.

I kind of love that my blogiversary occurs right around my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving (This is why I love Thanksgiving so much). I can’t describe how thankful I am for this blog, the relationships that I have formed through the blog–both in real life as well as virtually–and how much I have learned, grown, and evolved as a person, runner, and coach over the years thanks to the blog. 

Silly puppy. Chewing on her foot because that makes sense.

Silly puppy. Chewing on her foot because that makes sense.

The blog and you all have been there for me for my ups (Marathon PR’s! Adopting my dog! My first run after breaking my back!) as well as my downs (Depression and anxiety. Missing the Boston Marathon. Losing my job.). I have shared my goals, hopes, and dreams with you, as well as my fears. Recipes, life hacks, practical information, motivation, and inspiration have arrived on your monitor. I have loved this blog like I would a child, a garden, my house–nurturing and caring for it daily.

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The role of the blog in my life has changed throughout the years. Sometimes, I come to my keyboard brimming with stories and ideas and information. Sometimes, I stare at a blank page and flashing cursor. There are days when I wonder why I continue to come back. But there are days when I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. 

This blog, and you, have become a member of my family. 

We had a blast in Denver! A gorgeous wedding, and beautiful views.

Finishing up with some of my and your favorite Suzlyfe Posts:

There are nearly 1000 posts here, so choosing is a bit difficult. But these are a smattering of my best from the past years (mostly from the past year, the other blogiversary posts will steer you towards the other years). 

I am such a hot mess.

Thanksgiving and family are incredibly important to me, and I want to celebrate my blog and my readers by also celebrating some of my favorite partnerships formed via the blog. That means that I have created a literal box of TONS of my favorite things to give away! 

Celebrating 3 years of blogging with the Suzlyfe Blogiversary Giveaway!

Win the Suzlyfe Blogiversary Giveaway Box!

The box includes products from and coupons for:

As well as a ton of samples, fun products, and some other fun odds and ends for you to play with.

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The value of the box is definitely over $100, and I am opening up the giveaway to Canada as well as the US! You guys are worth it! Please note that though the majority of the products are gluten free, many are not and the box is not vegan. That said, tis the season of regifting ;D Enter the Giveaway via the Rafflecopter below, and have a great weekend! Giveaway ends next Friday 12/2 at Midnight.
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