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A Very #SuzandSara Weekend


As I’m writing this Sunday afternoon, I’m going to be totally honest: I am completely exhausted. As in, I put my lounge pants on inside out. And have left them that way. In a good way and in an overwhelmed way. Five days of fun, friends, fitness, and work/life events will do that to you (starting with the Fleet Feet Fashion Show Wednesday night). I legitimately feel more tired than I did during marathon training! So, today, if you don’t mind, I am going to more outline things and then we will break it down in the future posts!

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

Thursday, Sara and I were FINALLY able to do dinner before her class. We headed over to Food Ease, one of my favorite market/eateries that is such a hidden gem in Chicago. It is part of the food court in the big Water Tower Place mall food court, but, let’s just say, this is the food court to end all food courts. We are kind of out of control when we get together–try and shut us up, haha.  Alex had a far less fun time that night, however: I ended up getting a text as I was getting home from dinner “Staying the night. I’m at peace with it.” UM WHAT. As in, staying the night at work. Not for a night shift. I ended up taking him Potbelly’s and a little care package of snacks, and I think he got home around 1 that night? So not the night, but maybe just as bad. More comfy bed, though.

Friday, was a great, but long day. It started with some fresh air and pretty great temps on the Lake Front Trail, reached its midpoint at the largest Whole Foods in the US (I’m pretty sure) and errands and prep for Saturday, and came to a rousing conclusion at a foodie event that I won tickets to through being a member of the Windy City Bloggers. Oh, and I got a plus one, so I texted Sara first thing Friday morning and tempted her with the promise of sampling the goods from 15 of the city’s best restaurants at a $125 a ticket event. FO FREE. She just had to put up with me and my food nerding for a few hours. WWWWAYYYYY more on this to come. And I blew my hair out for the first time in…um….I honestly couldn’t tell you. YAY for pretending to be a real girl.

chitable14 beatrix caramel pie suzlyfe

Oh, and it is on a coffee cup lid because it was the perfect little holder while I was taking a picture. Also shoes the lollipop size.

But that is where the Beatrix Oh My Salted Caramel pie pic came from (and yes, that is a tiny piece, no I am not responsible for the tinyness of the piece. It was a tasting, after all, but you could go back 😉 ). But it was actually perfect as a sort of pie lollipop of sorts. And yes, we did try everything. Best bites? Sauerkraut soup, pumpernickel profiterole, steak tartare crostini, chicken and grits, and the pie.You don’t want to miss this WIAW, trust me. And we got to help save the otters and other animals at the Shedd Aquarium!. SO WINNING.

Saturday morning I was able to confirm several truths:

  1. Once again, I have Alex’s food prep down to a T (as in, did it upon waking up)
  2. My apartment hates me (think leaking toilet POURING water-clean, at least–everywhere)
  3. Flywheel is awesome, and I do indeed like it in that “I haven’t worked that hard in a long time speed wise” way. It also really drove home to me how much my motor unit recruitment efficiency has tanked, though. But I think that doing those types of classes are really going to help.

flywheel nevercoast suzlyfe

But Saturday was all about running the event that I and my boss Mike have been planning for the past month+, our Charity Flag Football Tournament. HUGE thanks to Sara for helping out, I don’t know what we and I especially would have done without her. 120+ dudes, all intensely competitive, the freezing cold, and an open bar and raffle afterwards = lots of moving parts. But I am happy and proud to say that it went off without a relative hitch, thought I was completely exhausted by the time I got home and ended up bawling over something completely stupid. Long story.

suz sara chisignature

And then I didn’t sleep. FUN.

Sunday I went back to Body R+D, and while the instructor was a far nicer, less douchebag-y person, I unfortunately didn’t get what I was hoping for out of the class. Well, you win some, you lose some. Midday I went to the NAPW new member orientation brunch, which ended up being fun and delicious but I almost didn’t go to because I felt so awful beforehand. I honestly gave up on trying to accomplish things for the rest of the day, other than to take a sort of nap on the couch. Laundry was postponed in favor of that and some white cheddar popcorn.

napw brunch sunda suzlyfe

I wish this was a more fun, light-hearted, and Susie-esque weekend recap because it truly has been a fantastic week and weekend, but it really is all I’ve got in me right now. I just mentally and physically exhausted myself and threw my body off with really out of character eating and sleeping patterns. I need to recharge a little bit, which I am hoping to be able to do Tuesday at Remicade. I feel like I look a bit haggard and drawn right now, likely because that is how I feel. At least how I’ve felt since my meltdown Saturday night when all these factors caught up to me and I just broke over something small, but at least Alex was there for us to hash it out.

In order to end all this on a positive note, I want to say a huge congratulations to my fave Pittsburghians Caitlin and Heather for doing an amazing job at both of their races, to Mo for having a great race at the Tyranea Half Marathon, to Erica who is now a newlywed as well as a 3rd time marathoner, to the runners of the Naperville marathon and the Disney Wine and Dine races, and everyone else who got out there and did whatever it is that they did LIKE A BOSS.

suz in a bin

Here is a picture of me in a bin from this weekend.

Tell me the silliest thing that you did this weekend. I put myself in a bin.

Have you ever been to a fancy foodie tasting event before?

What did you do “like a boss” this weekend??

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