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Sushi, Fried Chicken, Waffles, Brunch #WIAW


Though you wouldn’t know it by the following post, I like to try new things. And if you do, too, be sure to enter my quickie giveaway to win an envelope full of product coupons and samples!

You know how you get on little kicks of things, and before you know it, you’ve eaten the same-ish thing multiple days of the week without even trying? I’m not talking about meal prepping and then having the same prepared me day after day. I’m talking about seafood (and sushi in particular) 4 days in a row after barely having any for a while, or fried chicken and brunch foods 3 days in a row without meaning to! Don’t worry, I have pictures ūüėČ


It all began last Monday, with my new Savory Pancakes (ERMIGERD I loves them).uzkyfe savory protein pancakes

Then Tuesday, I had picked up a piece of salmon at the store after Remicade for Alex, but realized that I had nothing to serve it with. Plus, I had just had Remicade, and was starting not to feel so great. But we knew that I needed to get out of the apartment and get some fresh air. So we headed to Bellwether, site of the famous cookie skillet pigout. And Bellwether won again.

bellwether chicken waffles salad suzlyfe

As per usual, we went with the devil/angel approach, and ordered a conservative dish and a balls-to-the-wall indulgence. So we split an Asian inspired, cabbage based salad with grilled chicken (which was WAY more cabbage than I was expecting, haha) and this thing of beauty: a chicken and waffle sandwich with melted gruyere, bacon, and Jameson maple syrup on a fluffy buttermilk Belgian waffle. And fries. HOLY BANANGAS. This was scrumptious. No other way about  it. The syrup soaked into the waffle and then recaramelized it and ohhhhhhh. The only thing that felt a little superfluous was the cheese, but then again the crispy burned pieces on the sides were pretty freaking delicious. But you know it is a rare pairing of dishes that defeats the Suz and Alex, but Skal to you, Bellweather.


Wednesday night we went to a surprise bday party where we had neither seafood, nor chicken, nor waffles, but we did have some INCREDIBLE pork.

But I still had a piece of salmon, which, when Alex went to a potential residents’ dinner Thursday night, I ended up eating. Oh, don’t worry, I split it into two pieces (one for that night, one for the next day). And oh, don’t worry, I ate them both. Gotsta getchoself some healthy fats and omega-3s, right?

We were invited to a little shindig at a fellow resident’s apartment, and so we thought that we would go to our new favorite sushi restaurant that we had discovered the previous week. Until, I stumbled upon this lovely surprise at work!

friends sushi suzlyfe

Um, that would be a sushi shmorgasbord catered to the office and with enough to feel about 75 people. I think that day we had about 50 people total in the office. Oh, and guess where it was catered from? OUR NEW FAVORITE RESTAURANT. So you better believe I loaded up on all the sashimi I wanted, a variety of rolls, a roasted chicken egg roll, crab Rangoon, beef, veggies, the whole nine. Oh, and my boss had brought a piece of crazy good fried chicken  and coleslaw in but said I could have it as he was going out of town, so we had you typical American picnic of pumpkin beer, spicy honey fried chicken and coleslaw, and sushi. #modernamerica

Plus Unpictured sashimi

Plus Unpictured sashimi

And then I had ice cream before we left #iamsusie and then we both ate way too much party mix #icantstop. Ok, I’m done with the hashtag-age.

Sage Crispy Chicken, Eggs, Peppers, Smashed potatoes, bacon, and a buttermilk biscuit (that you can't see because of the glare). Even Alex couldn't finish it with my help!

Sage Crispy Chicken, Eggs, Peppers, Smashed potatoes, bacon, and a buttermilk biscuit (that you can’t see because of the glare). Even Alex couldn’t finish it with my help!

Oh, but it doesn’t end there. The next day, we had our sage rubbed chicken and buttermilk biscuit extravaganza with a side of sopping-in-grease-eggs. To be fair, the chicken etc was great.

And that night? French toast, bacon, and savory pancakes (for second time that week)

savory protein pancakes suzlyfe 2

Sunday, we finally broke free with pasta.

Goodness gracious.

What was the last unexpected food holding pattern that you found yourself in?

Sashimi or maki? Waffles or pancakes?

Have you had a chicken and waffle sandwich?

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