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Super Bowl Weekend Food: Camel, Wagyu, Bacon #Wiaw

Subheading: An excuse to eat #allthechips #alltheburgers #allthetailgatefood


Thank you all so much for your support and feedback on my Common Yoga Mistakes Clinic Post from yesterday! I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous–I am not a certified teacher, but I have had some excellent instructors over the years, and in the end, I decided that between 13 years of practice, private sessions, my personal training certification, and the fact that I was merely presenting information that everyone else knows, just to go for it. I hope that some of the tips help you all out! They certainly have made a huge difference for me–just look at my running!

OK. Now, Super Bowl Weekend Food time!

For Stacie

For Stacie

Thank you as always to Jenn!

Thank you as always to Jenn!

I present ye with the best Tailgate Food. **disclaimer that this is from the past 2 weeks, but the theme is the same, so go with it, m’kay?*

Chef’s Burger Bistro

Alex and I went to Chef’s this summer, and I semi-credit that meal with breaking me free from my highly ritualized eating the day prior to long runs. Read why here. However, that particular summer night, I decided to go with a standard burger rather than branching out and trying one of their fun game meats (which I really wanted to do, but I did have 16 miles to run the next day, so didn’t want to push my luck). But this time? BRING IT.

**Bistro burger bun–Chef’s has FANTASTIC buns. Made three times daily and with the airiness of a ciabatta but the pull-apartness of a brioche, they are bun perfection.

chefs camel burger suzlyfe

Camel Burger

Camel Patty, Bistro bun, grilled pineapple and onion, harissa aioli (on side), and gouda (without). Yup. The hump is officially in your hump day, y’all. This was actually absurdly delicious. Lighter and gamey-er than beef but with a flavor it’s own–not in the way that pork or chicken has a very, very particular flavor, but more in the dark turkey realm? I don’t know that I’ve ever had something close enough to it for comparison, really. The grilled pineapple and onion were great sweet notes, and the harissa aioli was awesome. I love harissa, and this had just the right amount of heat to complement the sweetness and give balance to the burger. I would order this again in a heart beat.

chefs aussie burger wagyu suzlyfe

Aussie Burger

Austrailian Wagyu, cheddar, pickled beet, bistro sauce, crispy onion. Having had the Wagyu burger from NoMi and having been converted by me to the magic that is the pickled beet, Alex went crazy and got the Aussie. He was blown away, and I agree with him–this burger was lip smacking delicious. The pickled beet was so unexpected, but so on point! The little bit of acid bit through the Wagyu + cheddar + sauce richness, and the crispy onion gave it some texture contrast.

(Next trip, yup we went back to back weeks)

The one on the left is a similar build a burger (but a smaller size) and the salad that I had this summer.

The one on the left is a similar build a burger (but a smaller size) and the salad that I had this summer.

Build a burger

Beef patty, lettuce, tomato, pickles, jalapenos, raw onion. Delicious but rich, even without cheese or other things!

b59 burger chefs suzlyfe


Blend of 50% beef, 50% bacon, swiss cheese, egg, tomato, aioli. This was also delicious, but more of a “food porn” option. There was just too much richness to get the nuances of the various flavors. That said, as a (very very messy) mashup, it was so freaking tasty. Definitely one for the protein addicts!


deviled eggs chefs suzlyfe

Deviled eggs. They have a happy hour deal of 3 halves for $1. We’re not going to turn that down!

chefs onion rings suzlyfe

Onion Rings--their onion rings are some of my favorite that I’ve had in a long time. Amazing breading, perfectly seasoned. Just onion ring perfection.

Bistro fries–great, fluffy but with a great crispness to them as well. Reeeeallly good with the harissa aioli. (see above)

House greens–I actually love their house salad–it has pickled veggies, I use the vinaigrette to dip into, and it is a nice break from the extreme richness of everything else.

Super Bowl Weekend

Friday Night


Chick-fil-a Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich (one each for Alex and I) and then we split a side salad, 4 piece chicken strips, and small fry. We got our own froyo, thanks 😀


daybreaker omelet hub 51 suzlyfe

Hub 51 The Day Breaker Omelet

Sara and I ended up at Hub 51 for lunch, and I decided to break free of my usual (but beloved) Del Mar Seafood Salad in favor of the The Day Breaker: Egg white, roast turkey breast, and a cherry tomato and avocado salsa. It may be simple, but hot dang it was delicious. Scraped that plate clean.

hub 51 corned beef hash suzlyfe

Sara got their Corned Beef hash which looked fab but admittedly smaller than either of us were expecting (Hub isn’t usually stingy with their portions, let me put it that way).


That night: 4 different types of chips, but I have to tell you about this: Earl’s Hot Giardineria Hummus. We got it at Whole Foods and it is perhaps my favorite hummus EVER. If you see it, get it. Or make your own. Doesn’t matter, it is glorious.

Super Bowl Sunday Night

I may or may not have had another omelet for lunch…. and it was awesome. And for those of you who follow me on IG, you know what was up for dinner.

sweet potato nachos 3 suzlyfe

Sweet Potato Nachos. Always a good choice. This time with Andouille Chicken Sausage.

I think we got our tailgate on, regardless of the actual presence of a tailgate 😀

Have you ever had camel? What is the craziest protein you’ve every had? Arman–they have Kangaroo!

What was your fave Super Bowl dish? Or what did you have?

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