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Summer Running Prep + Coaches Corner (Giveaway!)

Sure, the temps dropped like a stone in Chicago last week, but I am so excited about what is to come that I have already started my summer running prep, and so should you! Here is what you can do now (including a giveaway!).

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Learn about Running Coaches Corner at the bottom of the post, and check out the posts by myself and my cohosts Lora, Debbie, and Rachel, and submit your own! May’s Theme is Summer Running.

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Summer Running Prep You can do Now! From new shoes to hydration. @suzlyfe

Summer Running Prep

This post is sponsored by CORE Organics and Sweat Pink/Fit Approach. Product was provided for review, but all opinions are my own.

1) New Running Shoes

Walking it out in Nike Zoom Elites, Tiux Compression socks, and my favorite running gear!

NO YOU MAY NOT run this summer training season in the same shoes from last year. NO. Absolutely not. If you haven’t already, get thee to a reputable running store and get fitted for shoes, even if you think that you are in the right shoes. Then, one month later, I want you to do the same thing again. Go back to that store (or to a different store), and try on other shoes. Just like the body, shoes need to rebound and recover after use; just like bras, you should be using shoes appropriate to your activity. And those activities change from day to day in accordance with your training plan. So, find a pair of shoes that you love for longer distances as well as a lighter, flightier pair for speedwork. Check out my running shoe rotation strategy here.

2) Summer Running Clothes

Yes, I know that you love and adore that tank, and that it has gotten you through 5 marathon training cycles. But that is just the thing: it has gotten you through 5 marathon training cycles. Chances are that it has a smell that won’t wash out, elastic that has seen better days, and likely a pretty awkward stain. A few weeks ago, I did a throwback Thursday post on Instagram in honor of the Marine Corps Marathon, and I realized with a shock that I still had and used the bra that I wore in that marathon. WWWhhhhoooaaaaa, that was a wake up call. 

Marine Corps Marathon Finisher! My first marathon! @suzlyfe

I’m not saying that you can’t love and adore and tie significance to certain pieces, but there are better ways to do commemorate your races! Ready to part? Donate your used running clothes (google organizations in your area). 

3) Spring Clean Your Gear for Summer Running

Tying into the previous point, now is the time to cull through your endless collection and pick out some pieces for your throwaway clothes pile. See? Now you are ready to race! I have one jacket that I adore, that I have literally worn to death, and the next race that it is appropriate to do so, it is going to be thrown down in a fit of glory during the race. 

shamrock shuffle track and trough

I wore it to the Shamrock Shuffle last year. No dice, it was WAY too cold to throw it out!

Get new ponytailers, clean out your hairbrush, make sure that you have deodorant, and sterilize your water bottle. 

Say you do have newer shoes, but they get icky and muddy in a spring shower. Switch to your other shoes (cough cough hint) and clean your dirty running shoes by taking out the insoles, pulling back the tongues, tucking in the laces, and then place them in the top rack of the dishwasher on china cycle (no heated dry) with a little dish soap. When they are done, put them in the bathroom with the fan on (I put mine on the door knobs or towel rack) and let them dry. They will be ready to go by your next run!

4) Summer Running Hair Cut/Hair Styling

Running Happy.

Running Happy.

Make sure that you know how to deal with your hair in the coming months. Will you put it up in a hat? A bun? A bandana? What about a headband? Does it need to get cut? Will your bangs fall down? Do this now so that you aren’t in the middle of a run and wishing that you could just shave your head and be done with it, or that you wish your shaved head had a hat, or a hat that didn’t chafe. 

5) Summer Hydration Plan (Both in and out of Running Shoes!)

I know, I know, I’ve discussed hydration a great deal over the past month. From hydration on the run to hydration and nutrition mistakes to avoid, I think by now you all know how incredibly important hydration is to running and athletic performance.  And we have discussed hydration during the run, but what about hydration before or after? Let’s be honest, there is only so much water that you can, or should drink. But so many other hydration options are filled with meaningless crap like artificial sweeteners or hidden calories and sugar. I drink a decent amount of flavored seltzer water, decaf coffee and tea, and the occasional soda throughout the day, but what about when I want something that isn’t bubbly or hot? 

Core Organics Hydration is a delicious way for runners to hydrate when not on the run! Gluten free and vegan! #ad

CORE Organics is a great option for your non-running hydration. CORE Organics is Certified Organic, Gluten-free, non-GMO, OU Kosher, soy-free, vegan, and is only 5 calories per serving. There are several great flavors, including Peach, Pear, Pomegranate Blue Acai, Coconut Colada, Watermelond Lemonade and Orange Clementine. Another added benefit? Each serving contains the same amount of antioxidants as 1/2 cup of blackberries, cherries, and even white tea, without the sugar or caffeine that is often hidden in other so-called hydration drinks. 

I’m thinking about making sangria with the peach flavor 😀 Summer running will never be the same!

CORE Organics is available around the country at various stores and 7-11’s, so you know that you can find it, and they were nice enough to extend a pack of coupons for free CORE Organic drinks to one lucky reader! Enter now, Giveaway Ends Midnight Wednesday May 11. 
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