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Suzlyfe’s Summer Long Run Playlist and Running Warm Up

It has been a long, long time since I did a dedicated Long Run post. I’ve said it time and time again, but part of this was simply being scared that I would never get past that next run. And, as I have also frequently admitted, this is still the case, to an extent. All I know is that I am still thankful for each step, each mile. I am working harder than ever on my striding and making sure that I have correct foot placement, and booty engagement through a proper running warm up.

Click on the image for the full warm up!

Click on the image for the full warm up!

If you are like me and have had issues with your legs, your ligaments, and your ITB or hamstrings, you really should check out my Warm Up for Runners, posted yesterday on Ange’s blog. It is a great, comprehensive routine of exercises that will help to mobilize, engage, and activate your glutes and lower ligaments to help with injury prevention! I will be doing the same routine this morning as I get ready to go out and tackle my next big run.

Check out this compilation of tips for exercising in the summer.

We all know that long runs are….well…long. Thus the moniker, I guess. Well, last week as I was running, I thought it might be nice to share some new music with you guys. Some of it may not be “new” to the world, but it might be to you, or you just haven’t thought about it for long-run purposes. Some of them up more uptempo, some of them softer, but you’ll notice that I like powerful vocals and what I would describe as a rollicking beat. You can’t go balls-to-the-walls at all time, guys! I hope that you enjoy this Summer Long Run Playlist!

Suzlyfe Summer Long Run Playlist

Running Playlist

  • Parallel (Heffron Drive)
  • Euphoria (Tyler Ward and Alex G)
  • Starring Role (Marina and the Diamonds)
  • Primadonna (Marina)
  • How to Be A Heartbreaker (Marina)
  • Figure 8 (Ellie)
  • Mirror (Ellie)
  • In My City (Ellie)
  • Burn (Ellie)
  • Ritual (Ellie)
  • Borrowing Trouble (Will Champlin)
  • Red (Polaris at Noon)
  • Acapella (Karmin)
  • Burn (Mel C)
  • Cruise (FL/GA Line + Nelly)
  • Wrong from the Start (To Be Juliet’s Secret)
  • Slow Me Down (Sara Evans)
  • Ready Set Roll (Chase Rice)
  • Bartender (Lady Antebellum)

Good luck to all getting out there and doing it up this weekend! Have fun, safe, and positive runs, lifts, or games of horseshoe 😉

Add to this playlist! What are you listening to right now?

What does your warm up routine look like?

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