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Stream of Unconsciousness #ThinkingoutLoud

Thursday, a great day to just spit out some thoughts.

Thanks Amanda!!

Thanks Amanda!!

And I need it. Shall we cut straight to the chase?

0) (because I am adding this later, as a precursor to the following thoughts). Because I write my TOL posts in stream-of-consciousness, even though I typically come into a thought with the intention of discussing one thing, I usually end up a) forgetting about the original thought and b) going somewhere else entirely with it. While this is kind of great, because it gives me an opportunity to just explore my feelings and talk it out, as it were, it is frustrating because I forget to discuss things that I am excited to discuss! So I am coming back and appending a few extras for your collective benefit. You are welcome.

AHM expo1) This month has been amazing. Every week has been filled with new opportunities, new challenges, new (now very close) friends, old friends, strangers, family, rest and recovery, pushing myself physically in new ways, old favorite foods, new favorite spots, new favorite recipes. It is crazy to think that I haven’t spent a day of this month running (I honestly can’t count the little jaunt the other day) or working in a restaurant. Every week has been a whirlwind, and I can’t express how thankful I am to have had this March.

Yes, this did happen. I am trying to follow its advice.

Yes, this did happen. I am trying to follow its advice.

2) That said, this month has been a bit exhausting, and more than a bit overwhelming, even though overwhelming in some of the best ways. I am so determined to live for and within each of the moments I encounter, but at the same time, I can’t help but look forward, as so much of what I am applying myself to on a daily basis, I am doing so under the understanding of its potential investment potential for the future. That might come across as a bit confusing; what I mean to say is that I am investing in myself every day, whether it be monetarily (plane tickets, Remicade, my NASM certification, date nights with Alex);

or experientially: plane tickets to see Caitlin, who is now as much a staple in my life as my nightly ice cream;

sq cafe collage

my NASM certification and my goals to forge a new, more fulfilling future for my family;


the WITSummit, where I networked, delved further into Ramblen, and connected with Danielle;


new, exciting experiences to increase my involvement with Swirlgear.


This weekend, I forked over cash to go walk 13.1 miles through Atlanta with my mother, who I bossed along the way. Um, isn’t that just my everyday life (not anymore, sadly–now it is just freezing in Chicago. But I did boss her around the city (with Chris) last Thanksgiving. See? Daily. Life.)


I am once again at a time of transition, but this is so, so different from the transition surrounding the wedding–Alex and I knew what the outcome of those activities would be: graduation, move, wedding, honeymoon, move, half marathon, moving in to our apartment, changing official documents. This month as felt like an even grander transition that last May-June, even though, on the surface, the changes and points of investment are far less definitive markers of change.

K, capping this thought before I got tooooo out of hand. But suffice it to say, I have a lot on my mind right now. Before, Suz’s mind was overwhelmed because I was burnt out, frustrated, and felt like I was in a holding pattern; now, Suz’s mind is overwhelmed because there is so much that I want to do allatonce. And I will be DAMNED if I let my people, my family, or myself down.

jedi powers

1.5) Part of the reason that I wanted to discuss the whirlwind that has been March was to apologize for what I feel has become some lacksidaisical moments involving the blog. I am getting behind on replying to comments, and you all know how much I love hearing from you and taking the time to respond. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to each and every person, animal, and inanimate object that reads these adventures into the Suzlyfe. I won’t make bold claims about loving each and every one of you (because who knows? you might be my mortal enemy!), but please, please know that I appreciate your spending and sharing a moment of your day with me, and maybe even providing feedback. I honestly get giddy every time I see an email that I have a comment. 

2.5) Continuing off of the previous but slightly different, I wanted to apologize for how distracted, and feeling pressed for time, or needing to escape, that I have been of late, thus resulting in me not returning the favor that you are so generously paying me by reading your posts daily and leaving comments. My Feedly perpetually feels like it is 2 weeks behind, and the other blogs that I click on (easier to comment on that way) on a (typically) daily basis are neglected as well. Thank you all for understanding that it isn’t because I don’t care–just don’t expect to get a comment the day of! I might be commenting on posts for today 2 weeks from now. But I will hopefully have my act together by then.

3) I have the Tenna-Twist commercial song stuck in my head.

3.5) Nothing to do with that, but my hair now dries so fast that it is actually puzzling. 

4) If all goes well today, I might run tomorrow. But at this point, if it doesn’t feel right, I won’t. Another week of not training isn’t going to do any more harm, but training a week too early will. Who am I???

Preach. Even though I don't like Sheree

Preach. Even though I don’t like Sheree

5) A close friend of mine has a really big, really scary doctor’s appointment today. The information that she receives not only can, but will, affect her entire future and some of her greatest goals. I am going to talk to her during her drive back from the docs around mid morning. Though I do not believe that god or higher powers are active in the minutae of our daily lives (honestly? if he/she/it/they are, I REALLY would rather they be working towards solving world crises than making it so that my favorite team wins), but if you could just take a moment and send some good energy, or whatever, out into the world for her, I would be so grateful.

She'll know why this is appropriate.

She’ll know why this is appropriate.

6) I love working with Ramblen and Swirlgear. I believe so whole heartedly in what these two start ups are striving towards. Now, someone please increase their funding and create a job perfect for a multifaceted and opinionated (but super organized and talented!!! And dedicated! Able to work alone or with a team!) young blond spitfire who is an Aries, married to a doctor, from the South, has a chronic illness, a runner/fitness enthusiast, and now lives in Chicago. Is that too much to ask? DIDN’T THINK SO. Until then, I will keep doing everything in my power to help spread the word about their awesomeness.



BRETZELS-- A recent review (that I am finishing) for Ramblen

BRETZELS– A recent review (that I am finishing) for Ramblen

Speaking of, I still owe 100000 reviews. See? I not just behind on my attendence in the blog world.

7) I don’t know what I am going to do when my 4 weeks of yoga is up. Cry, most likely. I can’t afford an actual membership. Yes, I can (and do) practice on my own, but it isn’t the same. Same thing with PT. My last prescribed session is this coming week. Then what am I going to do? Definitely cry.

See? PT brings me closer to others. Insurance should be happy that I get double benefits from it (mental and physical therapy). I should be able to go without question.

See? PT brings me closer to others. Insurance should be happy that I get double benefits from it (mental and physical therapy). I should be able to go without question.

8) Alex and I have been talking about how badly we need to clean the windows for the past 3ish weeks. That ain’t never gonna happen. We know why–you’ve seen the meme (Ain’t nobody…) I should, however, vacuum. And disinfect. Sigh.

9) Speaking of memes/youtube/etc, I might have to do a Friday 5 tomorrow of some of my favorites.

10) Is anyone else’s iPhone losing battery obscenely fast these days?

NOt appropriate, just funny.

NOt appropriate, just funny.

Random enough for you? šŸ™‚

I love you, I swear.

Give me another song to have stuck in my head. And it better be good.

Any current favorite commercials? (Yes, I am aware that sounds silly) I like the Captain Obvious ones for

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