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Stop Overthinking and Just Do #thinkingoutloud

My thought for the day is just this. Stop Thinking. Just do. Go and be.

Explain the word “namaste” to someone who doesn’t know what it means; believe every word that you say; put it into practice.

montrose harbour suzlyfe

Be semi-homemade–admit when someone is better than you, give them credit, but always make it your own in the end.

panettone french toast ed

Go to a candy store and sample fudge, pralines, pecans. After a lunch that left you so full you can’t breathe. And then kindly accept an eclair sample on the way home.

Don’t eat something that was prepared incorrectly. But be thankful and appreciative when the mistake is corrected/atoned for.

new nikes suzlyfe

Don’t be afraid to be colorful. Just not because of a sunburn.

Remember to wear sunscreen, but don’t fret about tan lines or little crinkles in your skin–those are the signs of a life being lived.


Don’t be afraid to follow up with someone after a few days of not hearing from them. They need to know that you are interested.

Never apologize for needing a decaf coffee. Or a real one.

coast crab cakes suzlyfe2

Don’t be afraid to eat at a restaurant that might be a bit touristy, but is downright delicious.

Be polite, hold the door open, offer a bite to your husband, wipe your mouth, sit up straight, chew with your mouth closed, say please and thank you.

And wear properly fitting clothes.

gym crack suzlyfe

Give others the respect that they deserve. Whether it be a little, or a lot.

Let these things be natural. Love yourself, love your life. If you don’t like your fate, CHANGE IT.


Stop thinking, and just DO. Stopping thinking, and just LOVE.


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