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I’m Still Standing! (Week in Review)

Yep, I’m still here! You guys haven’t gotten rid of me yet. I neeed to take a little time away from the blog world this past week, so let me get you caught up on the comings and goings of the Suzlyfe.

Thank you to Ms Meghan, who stole a chapter from my dreams and went to (and might still be in) San Diego visiting Laura. #dreamgoals

Ok, So WTF happened to me?



Well, Alex and I both worked. A LOT. The two of us worked 12 days straight, with me working over 50 hours from Wednesday to Wednesday in the middle of it. While that might sound like a regular workweek to many, just about all of my days were 30,000+ steps on super puffy pregnant feet and legs.

Alex has also now seen what doubles do to my legs, and he can confirm that it is not natural.

Alex is the real champ, though: He was on call last weekend and got a grand total of 10 minutes at home (he showered and got paged and had to return to the hospital) around midnight on Saturday. Luckily, I got to see him for :30s of that…. he got 30 minutes of sleep that night, but I guess that is what residency trains you for! He followed that up with a call night on Tuesday, when he got an hour of sleep… #therealMVP

The Ear Issue

After 5 days of not being able to hear out of my left ear, I got a lucky break when one of my fabulous friends covered a shift for me so I could go to the doctor + not work a double. I did NOT have an ear infection (though the pressure and itchiness was starting to trend like feeling like one), but I did have almost 90% coverage of my left eardrum with wax. I took the first available appointment Tuesday (when I was finally off), and the doc did a flush of my ear canal, to my immediate relief.


Total #Suzlyfe moment: Alex and I spending our one night at home together (Thursday) with him using his phone flashlight to look into my ear.

I’m sure allergies + pregnancy aren’t helping, but in this case, not directly related to the problem. Apparently, this is something my dad has dealt with before, so now I get to (Remember how I had issues in April?).


Well, with all of the work and being on my feet, you would think I’d be sleeping like a champ, right? HA.

When have I ever slept well? Well, that is melodramatic, but whatever. 

Nope, sleep hasn’t been great, between the heightened energy of work and a messed up sleep schedule from late nights + being pregnant just futzing with stuff + the ear issue + allergies causing me to snore LIKE A MOFO. I tend towards the snoring side, but it hasn’t been a problem in a long time. However, with creeping congestion and my growing belly and the fact that I either was laying on an ear that felt like it was going to combust with pressure or laying on the other ear and hearing ringing the whole time, I was on my back and sawing not just a log but the whole freaking forest. So, poor Alex finally gets to sleep in the bed, and my snoring kicks him to the couch! I felt so bad. Getting Flonase to work on that. But to be fair, I can’t breathe out of my nose at night!

I Love My Dog, But…

She is annoying the crap out of me. I’ve been in charge of her (which is normal during the workweek) but she has become obsessed with these berries that are falling from a certain type of tree at the dog park. So she literally will not do anything except for try to snarf snarf the damn things up. And eats rocks in the process. Oh, and those berries? THEY DON’T DIGEST. Because they are basically seeds.

So instead of running around like a banshee at the park an wearing herself out before my long shifts, we have had to avoid the park, which means no off leash time and a crazy Ridley. 

And leads to her EATING ONE OF YOSHI’S SHOES. I came home to the dog with bootie between paws. I couldn’t yell at her because she wouldn’t understand, but I may have shut her in her crate for another hour while I laid on the couch. 

Speaking of Yoshi…

The belly is continuing to grow, and is getting rounder and rounder. My weight gain has largely leveled off after a substantial gain the first 18 weeks, but Yoshi is poking out more and more. 

I also finally got new pants for works… and went up 3 sizes. Same pant style, same store. These feel like pajamas! But they button on the front and are nice and loose and comfy through the legs, and also (SUPER important) have enough room when my legs become elephantine during long shifts at the restaurant. Yes, I’m wearing compression. No, it doesn’t suffice.

I’ve also taken off my rings: the ring that I got in Truckee during my trip with Spyder to Lake Tahoe and my engagment ring and wedding band. One morning my hands were swollen, and I got really nervous about it, so I took them off and put on my David Yurman (which is slightly bigger) so that I can still have something there. I will be sad if we have to cut it off, but it is silver and we can pay to have it fixed. My wedding rings? I would rather they get cleaned and stay somewhere safe!


In the midst of all of this chaos, I was able to fin some time to be somewhat productive. I did the grocery shopping, the laundry, ordered things that I knew we needed (like dog food and another pair of Mizuno Wave Sky’s for a killer price on eBay), pants, the doctor, and finally, after almost of week of not cooking dinner for the two of us, I cooked two nights in a row!

Wednesday night, I made the Asian Inspired Cilantro Turkey Burgers with Bok Choy, and this time I upped the ante with a sesame soy aioli.

Thursday night, I used some of the amazing cornbread from the restaurant (we had 4 extra skillets Tuesday) to make a sweet potato cornbread hash for Alex. DELICIOUS. 

Getting My Purse Stolen

This was the treat of Friday. My purse (with my wallet and keys) got stolen while I was sitting at a Starbucks with my purse inside of another bag (a canvas shopping bag). You think you are being careful: bag inside of another bag; sitting at the end of the bar with a wall and the condiments next to you; bag forward and at your feet. But even so, these guys are good and I was just fortunate that I don’t carry a lot in my wallet. 


Also, thank you Chase for your incredible support as the a$$hats immediately tried to spend $900 on our credit cards and $300 on our debit. Also, thank you Chase for getting replacement cards to us the next day.

Alex was a star and dealt with the credit card and also brought me a spare set of keys (he was going to a reception downtown that evening and the theft was discovered 30 minutes before I was due to start work again). 

Basically, you think you are being careful, and they are always better than you.


So, yes, it has been an eventful week in the life. But we are still standing. 

Weekend Recap:

Ok, because I love a good little Time Capsule, here is our weekend, the first days off since 2 weekends ago, and days off sorely needed!

Saturday was just what the doctor ordered: I basically spent the day taking 20 minute naps, eating every 2 hours, and doing very little. Alex and I split up for our runs because I was too tired (as was he from a late night) and then I was scared of running in the crazy heat. So I pulled out a 5k around noon, and he ran later that afternoon (after a lunch thing for the hospital). 

That afternoon, after taking Ridley to play, Alex and I took a date night and walked down to one of our favorite restaurants, Adobo Grill, in Old Town. I wanted to sit outside and was craving some jicama, and he was feeling more marg than beer, so that fit the ticket. Also, look at his fish tacos!

We walked home and then watched some football before dozing to Frozen Planet. #wecrazy

Sunday we knew we needed to do real things, so we spent the day with a run in the HOT HOT weather (nice and slow) cleaning, doing laundry, getting groceries, and trying to get our lives back on track aka I sat on the couch and worked on the baby registry. I’m going to go this week to get my ID replaced which means it is time for a fun trip to the DMV!!!



Never a dull moment around here. 

Happy week, everyone! Yoshi will be here in 4 months! xoxox

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