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Staycation with Baby (20 Weeks + Friday Catch Up 6/15)

After traveling for the first part of Alex’s vacation + remainder of paternity leave, we chose to spend this week having a staycation of sorts. This is what we have been up to (plus some awesome Emmie pictures). Check out the Friday Catch Up!

my wordpress is being super weird–please bear with me with regards to weird or missing photos!

For the highlights from the first part of our vacation, check out this post just about Emmie and this post about the rest of us, plus what we did over the weekend.

Friday Catch Up 6/15

1) Explorations

Family time has been the name of the game this week. We are just trying to spend as much time together as possible. We are also trying to go on little outings while we can and the weather is decent! That means lots of family explorations:

Tuesday, we headed back to our old stomping grounds downtown (we are now 3 miles from our old apartment) and also took Emmie on her first trip to Millenium and Grant Park! When we lived in Streeterville (right off the Mag Mile), we would always take visitors down to Buckingham Fountain, and now we’ve taken Emmie. The weather was seriously weird–just a half mile north, it was completely sunny! There was a lot of glare, too. So I promise that Emmie wasn’t as miserable as she looked, lol. She thought the shooting water was really interesting!

Then we walked north and hit up one of our old favorite spots, D4 Irish Pub. We got the sweet potato fries–they use rice oil in their fryer, so I can have them! They are our favorite sweet potato fries, so #bestnewsever. I can’t have the chicken fingers, but I can have sweet potato fries and a delicious loaded salad, so I’m happy!

Wednesday, the weather was PERFECTION, and I wasn’t working out until later, so we put Emmie into her stroller and took Ridley for a serious walk. I introduced Alex to the walk that often take the kids on, so we got to spend about an hour just walking around and looking at our fabulous area. We are so lucky to have such a great location and so many amazing residential neighborhoods (with great houses) in our immediate vicinity.

Thursday, we took our first family trip to the beach! We live .75 miles from a great, super popular beach, and Thursday was the first time that we have gone there specifically for the purpose of going to the beach. I’ve only laid out once while living in Chicago! When we lived in Streeterville, we had a sun deck, and the idea of going to a super crowded beach myself wasn’t so enticing. Same thing here, minus the sun deck…

Emmie was already getting a little fussy and tired by the time that we were getting there, but it was still a great experience for her. She got to feel the sand on her feet (she was very curious about it!), Alex put her feet in the water (cold but she seemed to like it!), and we even found grass and shade to sit in (she loved the long grass). The temperature was amazing, we were out there before the sun was too strong or there were too many people, and we had a great time. Alex even got a little nap in the shade.

2) Home Cooking

After being away and spending so much money on Ubers and future travel, we needed (and wanted) to eat in and save money. So we both have been cooking! Alex has been making fun sandwiches for lunch, and I’ve been having fun with dinners. 

I made turkey burgers Monday night with roasted asparagus, chicken sweet potato quesadillas Wednesday night, and fish tacos with homemade slaw Thursday night. The fish tacos were seriously YUM.

3) Emmie!

On the Emmie front, her big news is that her new activity center came (we ordered one while we in DC because she loved Tyson’s so much. I don’t want her to be in it too much yet as she is still developing her muscles, etc, but she needed a new challenge.

She loves the roller, and she likes standing in general, so she is having fun with it for the 15 minutes I let her in it at a time.

Feeding continues to be a bit difficult. She has good days and not as good days, but I just try to stay patient. If she is feeding and starts to have a weird moment, I let her get it out and then we try again. Sometimes this results in a 5 minute nursing session, which means that she is hungry again in an hour. So we try again then.

A part of eating that is going pretty well is solid food. She LOVES avocado. LOVE LOVE LOVES it. She opens wide and is getting pretty darn good at working it back in her mouth. She is even “helping” feed herself by grabbing the spoon with me! We are ok with her having a bit more of it because of the healthy fats and calories, particularly while she is being a little finicky with nursing. And she only gets to have solids after she nurses. 

I boiled sweet potato and then mashed it, and that got it much smoother, but she seemed to have some trouble with it. The slightly chunkier texture got her, I think. We need more practice with it!

We got her an apple at the store on Thursday, and after she works with the sweet potato a bit more, I’m going to make her some applesauce, probably based off of this recipe/technique.

4) Workin on My Fitness

After a week of not walking anywhere near my usual amount while we were with Alex’s family (weather + cars + people hanging out), I definitely have been getting my steps in! Tuesday, I walked to Remicade and then our walk downtown. Wednesday we did our big family walk, then I ran to my yoga class and then to the hospital to meet Alex (and then bussed home). Today, I am going to try to get in my “long run” of 4 miles, but I’m going to be doing it with the stroller because Alex has to work, so it is going to be a legit workout. I’m doing it today because it is supposed to be in the nineties this weekend!

5) Weekend Plans

Speaking of, let’s get into weekend plans! We are going to a fun, newer restaurant tonight (possibly with friends), and then another newer restaurant tomorrow night for Father’s Day. I’m going to a Pilates class tomorrowmorning, then we are planning to do a short family run on Sunday as part of a longer run for Alex, but it is going to be more recovery/base miles than anything because of the heat. Emmie will be chillin with the stroller fan while we sweat buckets. 

Basically, we are trying to live it up one last weekend before Alex disappears for 6 weeks into the nether-regions of the hospital.


Have a great weekend, and Happy Father’s Day!

Any special Father’s Day Weekend plans?

Tell me about your week!

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