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Starting, Continuing, Finishing (31 Weeks + Week Catch Up 9/3)

Another busy week of growing, exploring, and seeing friends! Plus what I’m into in this Week Catch Up!

Did you see the Weekend Catch Up from last week? It was all about the heaping helpings!

Week Catch Up 9/3 (Labor Day)

(I hope these videos embed properly because they are awesome)

I lieu of a blog post (mama had a busy week and busy evenings!) I’m coming at you with some awesome videos (which I can’t post to my blog anyways bc I dont have the right plugin and I’m lazy) from the week. . . The first is Emmie at her Core Development Class with @kim.bubblesacademy (SHE JS AMAZING). Her awe at the piano is my favorite. . . The second is her “dancing” with excitement in her activity gym. Also… her t shirt 😀 . . Then us working on our stretch and reach to increase confidence on our arms. . . And lastly, her super excitement with @stageschi Broadway and Me! She LOVES this class so much. . . Such a big growing and developing week for her. I will write it up this weekend when I can! It is going to be a super busy weekend, but I want to make sure to capture this week’s moments! . . Have a great #LDW! What are some awesome moments for you this week? #EmiliaClare #lemmerzoo #babymilestones #babystagram @pearachutekids #pearachutemoment #fridaycatchup

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1 ) Emmie Update

Core Development Class While the sub did a great job a few weeks ago, I really wanted to have a class with Kim again. And it was 1000% worth it. Kim from Bubbles Academy is a master. Seriously. 

Even better, it was a tiny class (just us and another kiddo + mom) so we got lots of hands on attention! Emmie was so tired by the end of the class (we went after Stroller Strides, so it had been a long time away from home) that she actually lost it a little bit at the end during the parachute, which she normally LOVES.

We have been working on the new exercises and already seeing certain improvements!

Also, her face when she got to play with a piano…

Broadway and Me Another class that has proved invaluable to Emmie. The first time she went, she was just around 6 months, and she had just started sitting by herself. She was pretty overwhelmed and quiet during the class. Now, she is so much bigger, for one, and she is SO much more outgoing and outspoken! She shrieks with delight when she sees Colin and Emily (and Aaron, although this was his last class, tear) and waves her hands in excitment.

She is still very analytical and observant during the class (every instrument needs close inspection), but she also now actually tries to play with the development toys. 

I really hope that they continued to have drop in classes for Pearachute users, but Emily said that the fall semester is filling up 🙁

2) Weaning Update This gets its whole thing because this is just as much an Emmie update as a Mama Suz and Daddy Alex update!

I got so frustrated, defeated, and just #spent trying to get Emmie to drink milk from a source other than The Boob that I finally just called our pediatrician. We have been trying to get her to drink breastmilk from sippy cups and bottles for the past month+. After watching her take a big mouthful, then look me straight in the eye and let it all fall from her mouth repeatedly, I just sent out an SOS. I am so glad that I did. The nurse called me back, we talked about it, and she conferred with our doctor for advice. 

In the words of our pediatrician, Emmie is “playing me like a Stradivarius.”

I love our pediatrician.

The solution to our predicament isn’t an easy one, however. Basically, we have to cut Emmie off. Like, totally off. Cold turkey. Rehab style. She is done. We are done nursing. 

And that means that I will have to go cold turkey as well. I will be pumping for a while (until she gets onto formula and in order to not have my boobs explode), but she doesn’t get the boob again.

This is going to be really tough for both of us, so we are going to do it during our staycation in a few weeks, and I’m going to set up some extra therapy appointments to keep a close eye on my mental health (the anxiety, depression, and hormones are going to do quiet the dance).


3) Fitness Update It’s been a while since I did a fitness update, so it is time!

My home exercises have been going well… when I do them. I took the week of my colonoscopy off, but was able to get back on track for the majority of the days this week. I definitely do better about it on the days that I am going to do other active things–I am way more motivated. I’m also adding on some more abs at the end. So I’m doing 60 knee push ups, 40 regular push ups (broken up into sets of 20 and 10), 1-1:30 plank, 100 triceps dips off the ottoman (broken up into 30 and 20 rep sets), and now 50 chin to ceiling crunches with tabletop legs + 30 straight leg lifts (feet to the floor then “stamped” on the ceiling with a hip lift).

Stroller Strides We had another workout at Windy City Fieldhouse, and it was a great one. I think Nicole actually likes those days from a “making us work for it” standpoint! Because we definitely worked for it! Then we finally had a gorgeous Friday workout (fine, she made us work for that one as well). We had a great post workout playgroup as well! #babiesmeetingbabies

Re-introducing some running I mentioned this on IG (are you following me?), but after a great deal of reflection on my part and discussion between Alex and myself as well as others, I am indeed starting to carefully reintroduce some running into my life. A big part of my reasoning is the fact that running is important to me beyond what I see as physical activity for a healthy lifestyle; running is a huge component to my mental and emotional health. Running has become my riding; running is “my church.”

Of course, being with my child is incredibly sacred to me, but running is my church. Running has changed my life profoundly and in many ways prepared me for not only infertility but also being a mother. And as we are likely to start preparing or doing another round of IVF (not transferring yet) this fall, I need to have running there in some capacity. That doesn’t mean that I am going to log the miles I did during IVF last year, but a few interval runs a week are invaluable to me.

And if I get hurt, well, I have no one to blame but myself, and I will know that it really is over.

4) What I’m Into

Emmie in her UVA Outfit Nuff Said.

She is starting to smile for the camera! 

Arctic Zero Arctic Zero debuted a newly revamped line earlier this year, but I couldn’t take advantage because they weren’t dairy free. Well, joy to me when they got back in touch with me and said that they were also debuting dairy free flavors, and that many of them were soy free! I jumped on opportunity, and my box of goodness arrived this week.

So far I have dug into the Hint of Mint, which was DELISH. Like an Andes or Thin Mint ice cream! Super creamy and BOOM gone 😀 Unfortunately, I’m going to have to wait on a few of them (the chocolate chips have soy lecithin in them), but I’m excited!

Arctic Zero provided me with product to try, but my opinions are my own!

Margaritas Guys, I might have a problem. Scratch that, Alex and I might have a problem. We went back to Tarascas on Friday for a Jumbo marg. It was the most beautiful day, they have the high chairs that Emmie (and I) like, they know us well and are super kid friends, and their food is AMAZING + best margs in town. 

Chocolate Chex I’ve said this before (at some point), but Chocolate Chex is a godsend for this soy and dairy free, carboholic mama. It is freaking delicious, easy to snack on, lower in sugar than you would expect, and overall not too terrible. I went through the box in an embarrassing number of days. I know better than to have cereal or anything finger food-y around me after the Puffins! I also did the same thing with popcorn this weekend!

French Press I used to make French Press coffee all the time when I lived in NYC, and I decided to get it back out this week when I wanted to make some slightly caffeinated coffee but didn’t want to make a full pot. I forgot how deliciously smooth it was! Or maybe it is the mix of decaf hazelnut and regular hot buttered rum flavored coffee….

Eating Early I don’t know what is up with this (other than the fact that I just like to eat perpetually), but several times over the past 7 days, I have really wanted dinner at like 4 PM and then just a light something later. But then again, other days when Alex and I would have dinner together, I was totally fine waiting. Something I do know is that I’ve been ravenous this week!

5) Labor Day Plans + This week

The weather has been all over the place the past few days: we’ve had lots of sun with perfect 70s temps and just the right amount of breeze to all out wind to all out rain and muggy temps. So the PLAN for today is to do a family Stroller Strides class with Alex as well as Ali and Holly and their hubs and kiddos, then take everyone home for showers and naps, and then reunite at Holly’s for a barbecue. Again, that is the plan! We shall see what happens.

This week, I have Remicade, Alex has call, and Thursday night he is presenting a paper poster at a research paper poster presentation (say the 5 times fast). Emmie and I are going to come by and see him and his poster and then wait for him at home as our sitter and all our friends are busy, and Mom’s Night Out is that night, meaning all of my mom friends are busy as well, or using their sitters for themselves! HA!

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