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Standing Tall (40 Weeks + Weekend Catch Up 11/5)

We survived the big time change, and we are still standing tall over here (in more ways than one). I’ll fill you in with the Weekend Catch Up.

Did you see the Friday Catch Up? There is more Emmie cuteness, as well as a somber goodbye to a good friend.

Weekend Catch Up 11/5

First off, thank you all so much for your sweet words about dear Gladys. Her funeral and visitation are this week, and Emmie and I are going to go to at least one of those. 

1). Wow, Emmie is developing so much right now. This weekend, she pulled herself up to standing in her crib, and she loves standing at the couch and walking around (with assistance). After I said on Friday that she wasn’t that into cruising yet, she made a liar out of me and is starting to do that as well! We don’t have lots of opportunity for her to do that (limited furniture and all that), but we are trying.

She also finally got herself to standing (but bent over) using Daddy as something to push up from. My torso isn’t tall enough, lol. I guess down dog is next, and then, ultimately, standing! 

Speaking of Thanksgiving and buying things, I got her two adorable Thanksgiving onesies that I am SO excited about 😀 I LOVE THANKSGIVING

2) Saturday: Alex, Emmie, Ridley, and I had a fabulous run on Saturday, when the weather was gorgeous (it got gross on Sunday and is supposed to stay that way for a few days) and then had dinner at Hopcat #allthefries

I made some AMAZING pumpkin protein donuts (but they are more closely mini pumpkin protein bundt cakes). I based them off of this recipe, but I ran out of whole wheat pastry flour so I added vanilla protein powder, but then that threw off the ratios (because of the absorption capacity of the powder) and so I had to improvise. But the finished product is SO GOOD. And vegan! 

I’m definitely feeling the baking and cooking bug–I got more flour and pumpkin at the store this weekend so that I can make more pancakes for Emmie and pumpkin goodies for Alex and myself.

3) I had a great deal of apprehension about how Emmie would take the time change, what with her crazy sleep patterns of late. We had kind of engaged in sleep training lite at the end of last week to help her work through her waking and crying issues, and we even have a few nights where the first time I went in to her was in the morning. The only problem? Both of those times, because she had slept so well, she was wide awake after feeding! 

At 6 AM. So I was nervous about her waking up at 5AM and then being #wideawake from there on out. She actually did great (although she had a 15 min crying jag about an hour after she went to bed) and woke up at 4:30ish, ate, and then went back to bed without being super duper sleepy! She woke up for the day around 6:45. We will see how the rest of this week goes, but at least we got lucky for one day.

Of course, that morning, she didn’t want to go down for her nap at an opportune time, so Alex went ahead of us to a birthday brunch.


5) This week is a mishmash of the usual shenanigans and some one-off occurances. Today (Monday) we are trying a new music class. Tuesday is going to be a brain and emotion heavy day as I have a psychiatrist appointment, and then Em and I are likely going to the visitation for Gladys. Wednesday we are going to Broadway and Me with Ali and Ryan and then dinner afterwards (so a nice mood lifter!). Thursday is open as of right now, but I will fill it in soon. And then a fun Stroller Strides stay and play on Friday!

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