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Friday Favorites: Springtime in the South

Since this week has thus far been about food, fitness, running and inspiration, nightsweats and motivation… and being social (ps I didn’t even tell you all of it!), I thought that I would talk about none of these things and instead get a bit nostalgic. Also because I am thinking about my mommy and we made my trip to go home. YAY.  And because I haven’t partaken in the fun in quite a while, I thought I would join up with Friday Favorites and the Friday Five and talk about….

My Five Favorite Aspects of Springtime in the South (that I miss Desperately!)

And, just so that you know, I desperately miss a lot of things, like my mom and Chick-fil-a and such, but these are general things.

1) Everything in bloom

Specifically Cherry Blossoms, Dogwoods, and Azaleas

Oh and fun fact, I wanted pink dogwoods or azaleas to be our wedding flower but it was too late in the season. So we based our flowers etc on colors, specifically the colors of wild azaleas (yellow, purple, bright pink, light pink, and white), green (the leaves), and blue of the sky. 

susie alex wedding

2) The way the air smells and feels.

The magnolias, the blossoms, the freshly cut onion grass for soccer… there is just a smell about the air that can’t be replicated!

Twee is ma fwend.

Twee is ma fwend.

The air is crisp. Not humid, not cold, but chilly and dewy and brisk. And then the sun comes up and the world warms and it is just amazing. 

3) The calm before the storm

From when I was in school. You are done with midterms, but exams are not yet on the horizon. Activities are swinging away, but there is not final pressure there yet–horse shows, work, whatever. And my birthday is in the middle of it, so celebrating was easy and not worrisome! Plus, I thought that Good Friday was called that because my birthday was often around it. 

4) Farmer’s Markets!

Spring and the introduction to summer produce means that it is time to get cooking with fresh herbs, fresh everything. And with Easter and spring get togethers, grilling and baking are back on the docket! 


newton running blue kismets suzlyfe

This was taken inside don’t get too excited

Avert your eyes–it’s time for my pasty legs to get some LOVING. Although it did mean that I had to start shaving more regularly, haha. And I get my birthday haircut. So hairs are getting cut all around. (These pics are from last year’s trip home)

haircut susie



A short post, but I hope one that makes you feel happy about the months to come! Happy weekend everyone!

What are your favorite harbingers of spring? What is your favorite place to be in the spring? 

When we were choosing when and where to get married, I told Alex that I wanted to get married outside in Atlanta in May (to me there is no place that is more perfect). Alex said that it had to be after med school graduation. That gave us one weekend. DONE

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