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Spring Sprang! Then It Sleeted #MIMM

I will spare you all incessant comments on the weather and how glorious it was and how nice it was to be outside without major jacketry on and SHORTS and to feel the sun on your face and non-biting wind in your hair and to lace up your Brooks and hit the pavement and sit outside for lunch and drink a beer in the afternoon….

It's so creepy, it's funny.

It’s so creepy, it’s funny.

Oh wait. Sorry. Yes, well then it sleeted, a cloud came in like a bat out hell (let me tell you, I was outside finishing up my run yesterday when the wind started to blow in, and it was so cold). And we went from this:

From Friday, but you get the idea.

From Friday, but you get the idea.

To this:



I had a fab weekend, despite the split-personality weather. You all know that my birthday and Thursday (“our” birthday, as we declared it) were lurvely, and Friday was pretty solid too. I ran, caught up with Mommy and filled her in on my Saturday post items, went to the grocery store, and did other usual things. Alex got home super, super late–one of his patients (a 25 year old) started to exhibit signs of a stroke, so obviously he was staying. I fixed myself a nice pad thai shrimp stirfry and waited for him to come home. To be honest, I don’t really remember what else I did! I think I was studying, thus the black hole of my memory. Actually, I just remember, I spent some time deleting all of the photos from my phone (yes, on purpose). I’m hoping it will help it run faster and with less battery-suckage. We shall see. Still, impressed with myself as always, and as I should be.

Saturday involved some errands and more studying, groceries, and generalized nubbery (don’t ask). I got a really great spin session in (whooooo I was dripping. It was not attractive). And I have proof of said spin sesh, because I felt the need to document it to celebrate my induction into the I’m Fit Possible community!!

im fit possible badge

I am so chuffed to join the many inspirational members to spread the word that health is more than a piece of kale, and fitness is more than HIIT training; it is a conflagration of body, mind, and soul to reach further and to accept only the limitations of physics (ie, teleportation is not an option. Yet.). They (the I’m Fit Possible Community) say that they like sass. If only they knew 😉 The Swirlgear girls have found out along with the rest of you that I don’t do “quiet.”

sneak attack

IFP, you have been warned. But it is toooooo late.

Great dinner Saturday night while Alex went and abused himself with 2 hours of intense basketball. I stayed behind and made myself a sweet potato, avocado, spinach, tomato, and jalapeno chicken sausage bowl (squeeze of lime for the win). Also, you know that your husband is a ninny when he looks at you like you are crazy for suggesting he put peanut butter or avocado on his (giant) sweet potato (that you roasted for him). Ignorant, uneducated, or both? Likely just dumb–I’ve talked about/done this in front of him before. Somehow I have survived nearly a year of marriage to this man-boy. HOW?

Sunday was another great day–the idiot weather held off until 11–just enough time for me to get in my longest run since my hamstring injury! I made my way through 7 miles with a minimum of discomfort and a huge smile on my face as I pushed tired legs that only felt better as the miles pushed by. That said, I was tuckered when I finished. Oh, yeah, and #swirlselfie.

I love my #Swirlfamily. #swirlon

I love my #Swirlfamily. #swirlon

PS, you guys? That hat? Is AWESOME. Nice ventilation, cute, comfy, and, yes, SASSY. I also wore my new Athleta Pulse shorts for both my runs this weekend and love them.

Defyances ruled the day today, and I think that the Ravennas might contribute to the discomfort, but still working on figuring that out. I am going to take my shoes with me to the packet pickup for the Lakefront 10 miler (the one on Tuesday is at Universal Sole, so I figured I would knock a few tasks out at once: bib pickup, shoe, check, and picks and a review for Ramblen!). Yeah, go ahead and say it: I’m a genius.

Panera for lunch to treat myself:

You Pick 2 with Chicken Noodle soup and Thai Chicken Salad. Whoever was in charge today nailed it--perfect amounts of evvverything.

You Pick 2 with Chicken Noodle soup and Thai Chicken Salad. Whoever was in charge today nailed it–perfect amounts of evvverything.

Then it got cold and I retreated home. And ate more. Because it was Long Run Sunday, right? And I did a long run, right? And then I undulated in and out of sleep on the couch for an hour. Gggglllloooorrrryyyy. Alex had another bball game (he did great, but they lost), so I studied and fixed a studly dinner: chicken parm with quinoa. Basically, my take on the Healthy Chicken Parm from Protein Bar. But not costing $7 (or more?).  WINNING. Also winning? I should hopefully start my Yoga For Trade program this week!!!! ALLTHEYOGA.

After dinner? We watched The Sound of Music. Not. Lying. His suggestion as we browsed through.

soundofmusic nuns meme

Moments like those remind me while I married him. Even if he doesn’t understand how to properly balance healthy fats, carbs, and deliciousness.

When was the last time you watched The Sound of Music? Do you know all the words, like a proper girl?

Tell me a sunshiney moment of the weekend–whether literal, or figurative: what put a smile on your face?

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

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