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Spring Does Exist #MIMM

I have good news for all of us living in the areas of the country that refuse to acknowledge that it is indeed May and not March–Spring does exist. Just not here. Sorry, guys. But I can tell you that flowers, azaleas, magnolias, lush green grass, and comfortable running temperatures are indeed real entities in America. Go east, young ones, go east.

Cville Spring

Cville Spring

PS. Before you go east, go back to Friday and check out my Summer Shape Up Giveaway!

Alex and I enjoyed a really, really great weekend. On Friday, Alex finally finished his stint on V.A. night float, aka HELL. This is the rotation that, even though it is only 3 nights, basically is the legend of intern year. Proof: boy worked 45 hours in 3 nights, saw 75 patients a night, acted as the sole resident with nurses who didn’t speak English, and 4 beepers that constantly rangrangrang. HELL. He has been coming home, going to sleep immediately, waking up and, feeling ill, sitting on the couch for a bit before he has to go and catch the shuttle to go back over. And then once there, he has spotty reception (not that he would have time to tell me anything anyway).


This weekend was Alex’s first full weekend off (as in, he got both Saturday AND Sunday in full) since Mexico. YEAHHHH. So we took advantage of it and went to see his family in Fairfax/Alexandria, VA. We got into Reagan in time to head on over to dinner in Old Town Alexandria, which you know is one of my favorite places. I was last there in October for MCM, so this was kind of a surreal to be back. I have so many incredible memories of Old Town, from my first visit there, to celebrate July 4 with Alex’s brother’s (then to-be) wife’s family–my first visit to Chart House, to Alex’s brother’s wedding, to the bachelorette weekend for one of my very best friends (we were in each other’s weddings), to MCM. It really is one of those places that I have just an incredibly positive association with, and it is beautiful to boot. TOTAL architectural historian building porn. 😀

I was a bad, bad blogger and took minimal pictures, but a) I want to respect their privacy and b) I was just enjoying my time. Thus why I didn’t do any commenting this weekend (I know how much you missed me) on other’s blogs or replies on my own. I was also trying to make sure that I had the new site under control. As I mentioned on Saturday (have you read Saturday’s post? Because I spill the beans to Ange’s questions), there are just a few more little issues that I am continuing to hammer our re comments, but you all shouldn’t see to much of the affects of that, I hope. As I continue to make changes, make the blog look more professional, please let me know if have suggestions!

AAAASSS I was saying–this weekend was about just being. NOT doing. It was about talking, waiting hilarious amounts of time for food that was eh, ok, but being ok with it because we were with people that made those types of happenings just fine. We went to a tapas restaurant Friday night–the sangria was tasty but not strong enough–I’m an easy tipsy, and I coulda chugged it–and the paella was good, but otherwise nothing to speak about. OH AND IT TOOK OVER AN HOUR. And then they got something wrong and it took them another 30 minutes to fix…wait for it…a salad. YEAH. But whatever. At least we had lightly spiked fruit juice.


We fixed the issue by going back to E and P’s (Alex’s brother and wife) new house and drinking Bud Ice (hahahaha), playing with the dog in the back yard, watching basketball, and playing You Don’t Know Jack. And then P went to bed (also, she is 8 month’s preg!!) and I fell asleep on the couch. PS their new house is adorable and has the same tile (different color) as my bathroom in my old house. So I was super happy. 60’s renos for the win!

Saturday, we went to the gym and “worked out” but actually it was just movement at that point. Alex felt ill from weird sleep schedules, and I just had nothing in the tank. Subway did the trick for lunch, and Alex got the new Mediterranean Chicken Flatbread, which was quite tasty! Alex’s parents joined us shortly after, and all of us hung out for few hours on the sun porch, just catching up and enjoying each other’s company.

Speaking of enjoying company, I was able to spend a little over an hour with one of my best friends in the whole world (the same friend that I met up with at MCM and also who’s bachelorette weekend was in Old Town) and her husband, and it was so, so refreshing not only to see them but also to just be around people where conversation is about everything and nothing and there is no small talk (there wasn’t the whole weekend, actually. It was amazing). Dinner afterwards was nothing to speak of, except for the fact that spinach artichoke dip and Duck Rabbit Milk Stout happened. Oh, and I got a bird’s nest on top of my entree. IMAG0107 (362x640)That’s 6 inch tall tangle of fried rice noodles on top, and now where to put them (and they had no flavor so served no purpose). Nonsensical.

Sunday involved a walk in the BEAUTIFUL sunshine with E, P, Alex, myself, and E and P’s dog along the parkway–a long stretch that follows the GW Memorial parkway. And then brunch at La Madeleine in Old Town, and chatting. Plane ride home, a run in a VERY hot gym (actually put my body into a panic) and then a fun quesadilla dinner that will be detailed on Friday 😀

crazy dilla suz (800x770)

Zoe is soooooo happy to have us back. Whenever we leave, I think she thinks that we are legitimately leaving her, and she is all about us when we get back. I’m ok with that 😀 Also, Alex shaved his beard off (long story but was growing it out for a charity thing for the hospital) so I have a husband with a face again. YAY.

Last bits of marvelous? My brother got a big promotion at work and is now a Lead Programmer at his company! And yesterday celebrated 2 of my favorite people in life–one of my other best friend’s and her husband had their first wedding anniversary (Alex’s and mine is so soon!), but really, it was all about this lady:

View More:

One of the greatest lights of my life. We missed each other, but I’ve already told her a phone call today was nonnegotiable. YAH HEAR THAT MOM????????????????????????????????????????? Good.

Was this weekend spectacular, bananas amazing to the nth degree? No. But it was everything that it needed, that we needed, it to be. After all, it’s all about the little things, right? Ps I totally got frappuccino happy hour at the airport. Simply, purely mahvelous, dahling.

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

And one final thing: A HUGE congrats to Laura, who conquered the Fargo Marathon on Saturday. I know how nervous she was going into it, and I am so, so happy for her that she battled through. You. Go. Girl. #poweredbyjellybeans

Tell me 3 highlights of your weekend.

Sangria or margaritas? Spanish bread with olive oil or chips and salsa?

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