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Spring Awakening! (14.5 months)

Emmie has had such a spring awakening! She is learning so many new things that I can’t wait to tell you about! Plus, we have been some really cool places.

Did you check out my Nashville trip?

Emmie Catch Up!

1). Activities with Friends

Present Place, an indoor playspace, recently opened up a new location in River North, so Holly and I took the kids and met a friend and her kid for a playdate. Emmie loved the space–it was clean, bright and airy, and the fact that they have you register ahead of time means that the space doesn’t get too over crowed and hectic!

That afternoon, we were supposed to have Broadway and Me with Ali and Ryan, but Ryan wasn’t feeling well. Daddy came home just in time, however, so we got to go with him! Emmie was very clingy to me during the class, and it wasn’t until I put my hat on her that she loosened up and got into it.

You know about my weekend with friends, but Emmie had quite the weekend with friends as well! She spent Friday with Mimi and Papa playing and going to the Nature Museum. Then on Saturday she and Daddy had swim with Ryan and Ali and then met with them later at the Zoo for more playtime. Apparently there wasn’t much animal watching, but there is an amazing video of Emmie pushing Ryan in the stroller. Sunday Mimi and Papa watched Em while Alex got his long run in, and then they did usual Sunday activities before our friend Adam arrived. I met up with them all at Tarascas for dinner. (I’ll get to Alex’s adventure in a minute)

We went to Strides quite a bit this week–it was just gorgeous out on Monday (and of course we had our UVA garb on!) and Tuesday, so there was no way that I was going to stay inside. We spent the afternoon outside as well–going to Oz Park to let Emmie walk around. She loves going to the park for walks. It can be a little bit of a cluster walking Ridley with Emmie on the loose, but we manage.

Wednesday was our only non-Strides day, but that was because the heater finally got fixed and the weather was iffy + the bus line is rerouted and a pain. We still had fun, though, and we got to go to Broadway and Me with Ali and Ryan! The girls had a blast, even though Emmie got “stuck” off the mat. She was too nervous to step up onto the mat (it is thick), so she just kind of stayed over on the hard floor and paced back and forth and talked to herself for the last 15 minutes of class. That said… she had a great time, lol. She was totally entertained by herself and quite happy. She finally got herself back onto the mat at the very last note and word of the goodbye song, lol. She is such a goof with her hands on her hips.

Thursday was a busy day for us–we went to Strides and then it was time for the Bunny Bonanza at Welles Park. We were going with a group of the moms and kiddos from Fit4Mom, and we were going to carpool with Ali, but unfortunately she fell ill this week and has had a bit of a rough go overall. Hoping she feels better ASAP.

The Bunny Bonanza was fun, but I am really looking forward to next year when Emmie will be more able to engage in the games. She mostly wandered about and explored, especially once she had Mom’s hat on! I tell you, my hats make her feel invincible!

Something that was so, so funny was Emmie’s reaction to the Easter Bunny. She thought he was HILARIOUS. Every time she saw him, she burst into this smile and laughed! Meanwhile, Holly’s 2.5 year old son Max was terrified. I’ll be interested to see how she feels next year!

We also got to hunt for Easter Eggs, and Emmie really liked that as well. She scared the living daylights out of me at one point, though: we were inside and there was a ramp that went from one building to another, and Emmie was obsessed with going up and down it. That’s when I snapped the other best picture of the week.

Then she rounded a corner and next thing I saw was her looking back at me with a grin as she started to take her FIRST STEP DOWN A FLIGHT OF STAIRS. I’ve never moved so fast in my life. I caught her just in time. Saw my life flash before my eyes and held her so tightly.

We left and she fell asleep in the Stoller and slept until just before Daddy got home! I had an hour long phone interview about infertility, IBD, and IVF and she never once stirred.

2) New Tricks

We have lots of new tricks to share!

  • Blowing Kisses
  • Nodding (at the end of this video of her eating an apple)
  • Cheers (thanks to Mimi)
  • Backing up to and sitting properly in her chair
  • Mommy is a chair
  • Asking “What’s that?”–started on Thursday when we were walking around the halls.
  • A version of “good girl Ree Ree” that is recognizable as that but still not real words
  • Elevator buttons
  • Pull doggie (thank you Mimi!)
Wearing our hat because that is cool

3) Alex’s Adventure to the NCAA National Championships!

Alex got his dream trip on Monday. He drove with one of his oldest friends and a good Chicago friend of ours (and fellow UVA alum) to Minneapolis to meet his other oldest friend to go to the NCAA National Championship to cheer on UVA in the final game! They had great seats just behind the Texas Tech student section and cheered their hearts out for our boys.

I couldn’t watch the first half. Instead, I watched the Amy Schumer Netflix special Growing (which was really good) and researched cars on my phone. I watched the second half and repeatedly texted some form of “kill me” and “I’m dying” to Ali’s husband Justin and the Nashville moms (Alex turned his phone off).

But we got our wish, and I got my birthday present a night early! I immediately ordered our hats, too.

I am so happy for him. He called me right after we won (although he couldn’t hear anything) and told me that next to the birth of Emmie and our wedding, it was the best thing day of his life. He was with his best friends, cheering on the team that he loves, and they freaking won.

4) I guess I should mention that it was my birthday on Tuesday…

Emmie and I had a low key awesome day! She slept until 615 (yaaaaas), we ran to Strides, she took a big nap, we went for a good walk (both with her in and out of the stroller), I talked to my family and texted with friends, and Alex got home from his roadtrip in time for dinner, which was turkey burgers and sweet potato fries! I got flowers from his and my parents and a card from him and Emmie. It was a great day spent with some of my favorite people in the midst of a week bookended by a girls trip and a visit from my mom and including a National Championship and so much time with friends, so I’m counting the whole week as awesome.

5) Mom is coming back this weekend! Let’s hope it is less eventful in the way that it was last time. We have a very busy day Saturday with swim, a long run for Alex, a birthday party, and we are test driving a car!! Yes, we have decided that with Emmie getting older, thus more activities, and the fact that we now have friends who live all over, we really need a car. We spend so much money now on renting cars and ubers that it no longer makes sense.

I hope it works out!

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