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Splish Splash + Grandmommy! (11.5 months + Catch Up 1/11)

Between regular life and a very special visit, I got a little behind! But this Catch up with get you back on track!

It has been a little while, but did you read my loast post about traveling and Emmie’s second Christmas?

Catch Up 1/11

1). First, a report on Emmie’s swim classes!

She loved it… for the first fifteen minutes. And then the wheels fell off, lol. To be fair, she really did love the time in the water, but she was exhausted (cough, waking up at 530, cough) and it was her first time ever in those situations.

She was mostly troubled by the dunking prep because she has always had water poured over her head, not brought up from the beneath her. That new experience + all the activity in the room + exhaustion = a hard time for Emmie. When we got home, she ate and then passed out for an hour.

Second time was will be this weekend!

2) Mornings are going better, in the sense that we are getting more used to the fact that our mornings just start at 530 (on average). Diaperchange and straight to breakfast for her, which is now multigrain cereal mixed with pea milk + 1.5 TBSP of nut butter then .5 banana and however much pea milk I can get in her (usually another 1-2 oz). And yes, she will throw down until she is well satiated, and then sometimes after, but usually she is chill.

Brunch Sassitude

After breakfast, we play and do walking laps until about 1.5-2 hours after she wakes up, then it is nap time. She usually sleeps for another 1.5-2+ hours (basically the remainder of her night sleep plus a short nap). Then we can start the next portion of our day!

This kind of makes me want to do a day in the life post with her…. maybe for her first birthday!

In random news, she LOVES the Mexican style black beans I made her, and she has been hoovering up sweet potatoes! I also found a great bread from Trader Joe’s that has few additives and no milk! (Organic Soft Whole Wheat). I’ve been having it as part of my breakfast!

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I have always said that the messiest meals are often the best meals. I think Emmie agrees. . . Homegirl has to be going through a growth spurt. She had two 2+ hour naps yesterday and the day before (although she is currently waking up a little earlier than usual) and she bookended the days with two HUGE meals. I'm sure her meals would be a little less voluminous if she would drink more than 2 ounces of her pea milk (she is still no soy or dairy) at a time. But thankfully, there is peanut butter and avocado in the world. 🥜🥑 . . And yes, we are giving her pea milk. It seemed to be the best option for her with it's nutrient breakdown being closest to that of milk (fat, calories, protein, vitamins) if not better in some instances (less sugar, more vitamins). We go for unsweetened original, which is fairly neutrally flavored with only a hint of a pea protein taste at the finish and a similar consistency to cow's milk. If you are looking for a soy/dairy/nut/grain/gluten free alternative, look into pea milk! Ask your doctor, of course! . . Emmie is a #balance eater: higher cost, allergy free specialty milk and budget friendly, decidedly un-budget friendly peanut butter lol #babylife #EmiliaClare #lemmerzoo #whatagoof

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3) She is a stage 5 clinger right now. I think that pretty much is all you need to know about that. Lol. It’s adorable, but it also means that I have to carry her while feeding the dog (who is on a new food to help with her glandular issues) or fixing her food or whatever. Not really a problem unless I’m dealing with the stove. Or things that might unfortunately need both hands.

Before she realized what was happening lol

4) I had my first physical in 3-4 years this week, and it went quite well! Really, I didn’t have much to discuss beyond the migraine issue, and we are going to try a sumatriptan to try to abort the headaches within a few hours, rather than days. Fingers crossed that it works!

Something that was really quite lovely was her complimenting Alex on his patient interaction skills. She had wokred with him during December and worked with him on a really difficult case, and she was tres impressed by his tact, sensitivity, and compassion. So that was awesome.

4) I am going to “real talk” for a minute, in case it comes up again. My weight this fall has followed a pattern that I am not so happy with any more. I am not upset with the number on the scale, more the fact that it just keeps going up. Over the past 10 years, I have only been trying to gain weight, train for marathons, be pregnant, or breastfeed. And while training for a marathon really did help me re-establish my relationship with food and my body, it is time for me to learn how to balance enjoying my food with fueling my body for everyday life, lol. I just wanted to put that out there, because I think that whether you are gaining weight or losing weight, or, in my case, making a major change to you lifestyle, there comes a time when you have to figure out how to idle/cruise control rather than accelerate or brake. I nee to learn to listen to hunger cues and stop mindless snacking. Getting out fo the house would help, lol!

I need to ration these 😀

ya dig?

5) Otherwise, Grandmommy is here! We have missed her terribly–it has been since Thanksgiving, and then we didn’t get that much special time with her. So having all of this one on one time with her and between her and Emmie has been just priceless. She got to take care of her solo during my doctor appointment and she is going solo tonight so that Alex and I can go on a real date!

This is a short one because I am writing it early (after putting Emmie back down), but I’m sure I will have more to tell you later. Also, follow me on IG if you want more updates, because that is more up to the moment!

We have swim tomorrow morning, dinner with friends tomorrow night, and then family dinner on Sunday, so it is a busy busy weekend! Have a great one!

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