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A Speedbump on the Autobahn (Weekend Recap)

Things have been going so well of late that I knew the good luck had to run out at some point! I’m pretty transparent, and I think that my post last week about my mini anxiety attack spoke for itself: something else has been up, and we have hit a proverbial speedbump on the autobahn. I’m doing better today, but let me explain.

Thank you to Katie for reminding me to find the Marvelous every Monday!

Last week, after my fantastic walk with Courtney, I started to feel a twinge in my lower back, right in the Sacro Iliac Joint. But here’s the thing: it wasn’t in the left SI joint, the site of my sacral stress fracture, but in my right SI joint.

Now Panic and Freak Out Poster

And I’ve been fighting panic over it all week. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it because I was hoping it would resolve itself, but let’s just say that I had more than a few crying jacks of frustration over the past few days. I went to PT Thursday night, and we needled the ligament and muscle at the site of discomfort, but it didn’t seem to help. So we made the decision to rest as much as possible for the rest of the weekend. What doesn’t make sense is that I experienced the most discomfort while sitting, and sometimes during standing, but not while walking! 

Audrina Meme I'm Done

Then Thursday late night, a water pipe burst in one of the lower floors of my building, which is a high rise, and I would have had to walk up to our apartment. Kind of the opposite of resting. And reason 5000 to get the heck out of here. We had no elevators, heat, or hot water for the next day (only the freight elevator, with someone operating it manually). Also, in the midst of all of this, Alex and I are trying to get our application for our new apartment submitted, and thus need proof of tenancy. I bet the management office really appreciated that. LOL

This is what I feel my apartment building thinks.

This is what I feel my apartment building thinks.

Friday, I had a full day of consults, a client, and then more consults! Also a little tricky to try to rest while training clients and doing consults, and by that afternoon, I was in a state of panic and frustration. Wanting to stay as still as possible, I opted not to go to the game with Alex. Instead, I got caught up on certain shows that have been out of my rotation (thank you, On Demand) since I’ve been working, and I went to bed rather early.

Saturday, I had another full day of consults and training, and then I came back home after dropping off our application and check (YAY) to take the freight elevator (still the only working elevator) back up. Apparently, there were people moving in that day and they were taking their stuff up the stairs. To the 42nd floor, in some cases. Alex said that he even saw management showing places to prospective tenants! If I were them, I would have rescheduled. 

Polar bear #facepalm

Polar bear #facepalm

Sunday morning, it was lovely to sleep in and have a leisurely coffee and breakfast in the apartment. I felt so bad for Alex having to climb all the stairs after working all night! Laundry was a bit out of the question because of the elevator situation, so instead I tried to get as caught up on things as I could and get ahead of some things for the gym this week. 

And I got to talk to Mommy. Always a win there 😀

I decided to man up that night and go to the NCAA Elite 8 game–who knows when we will see the Cavs back in that situation again! Plus, I’ve barely seen Alex at all, so I wasn’t about to give up that little bit of time with him. Sadly, our team fell apart at the end, but it was still nice to spend the time with Alex and then fall asleep with my own private heater rather than wearing a full sweatsuit.

And, selfishly, I am happy to have him here this weekend rather than traveling to Houston for the game. #i’mgoingtowifeHell. 

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How was your weekend? Tell me something fun and exciting!

Any funny building or house catastrophes that pretty much were signs to leave?

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