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The Long Run: Let’s Just Say that I’m Special

You know those days that just keep on giving, and some of the gifts you are happy to receive and the others you wish were part of a White Elephant gift exchange so you could trade out for a giant lawn flamingo?


Yup, yesterday was thus. But you know what? I think it all worked out, for the most part. Just was an expensive way to do it, is all. I will give a play by play on Monday, because it was quite an epic day, but I want to pull out 3 things from the day to quickly/and more in depth discuss: I had my doctor’s appointment, I had my phone stolen as I watched, and I went to an opening for Sproing Fitness (OMG you guys, gonna be huge). So many details to come!!


New PHONE. HELP ITS NOT AN IPHONE. Also more useful than a pink lawn flamingo,

But this is The Long Run, so let’s talk fitnessy things. Look for a review of Sproing to come, but today is about the foot/body.

Ah, yes, so we are back to not running. Thus has been my life the majority of this year: 1.5 weeks on, however many off. Did anyone listen to the first 2 CDs by Dane Cook? I don’t remember which CD it was one (potentially the “Shit on the Coats” one, or the “kick my shoes on in a fit of joy/ Fck shoes”), but in one of his skits, he talked about Tarantino’ing a story–telling you the punch line (I think it might have been “Are you out of your fcking mind?” but I digress) and then going back to the beginning and working back to the present/punch line. We are going to Tarantino my year thus far, with a few other notable details. I’ve covered some of this previously, so I will be succinct (or as much so as I am capable of, but you know me).

According to films and also discussion with the doc regarding changes in the presentation of the pain in the past 36 hours, I do not have a stress fracture. Now, I have a follow up in a week and a half, and if things aren’t better by then, an MRI will tell us more. I hope I don’t need that appointment. So on the one hand, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. On the other hand, I could deal with a stress fracture–that is something that is largely preventable, and bone is usually an easier (or at least more concrete) fix than soft tissue, which will likely be dysfunctional the rest of your life.

kid in bunny outfit

On the other hand. FML, I likely have Plantar Fasciitis. OH and I have a rare (as in 10% of PF cases) presentation–in the lateral part of the PF that goes to your 5th metatarsal. THANKS BODY. So, let’s Tarantino, shall we?

At the beginning of this year (back with things were rosy and bright) I got a little calf injury from it overworking. Time off. Then, my glutes continue to not engage, and I get a hamstring strain. BACK TO NOT RUNNING. Start running again, calf strain/achilles (hello Plantar Fascia) strain, a little time off. Start running, everything is beautiful, Plantar fasciitis. What do all of these things have in common? It allllll started with a nonfunctioning glute and a locked arch that pulled everything between them taut and has systematically caused all of my misery. Every time I fix something, the next weakest falls. So, the good news is that I am also systematically strengthening my weaknesses, and I will be a superhero by the end of this. The bad new is, I now have another week or so of no running AND NO YOGA to look forward to, as well as another injury that will be a part of my running life for the rest of time. GOODIE GOODIE GUMDROP.

Grasshopper. We were going to be working on this today. I am very unhappy to be missing this.

Grasshopper. We were going to be working on this today. I am very unhappy to be missing this.

Good news? I am walking more comfortably–we put a heel lift in on top of my orthotics to help immobilize the PF better. We could have put me in an actual boot, but it didn’t seem prudent as I didn’t have an actual break, that we know of, and the pain has been lessening with each day. When I first (hahaha this is when I stopped writing–obviously when my phone got stolen) put the lifts into my shoes in the doctor’s office, it was like magic–I actually was able to walk and run without pain. Crazy. But I am ordered to rest it until I have no pain period. And that might be a bit because I majorly over did it yesterday with the walking (you’ll see on Monday). So going to take it really easy today, work on setting up my new phone and reconfiguring new things for the site, and studying.



The future is still a bit hazy, as of yet. We’ve gone over the good/bad, but the problem comes with the fact that I couldn’t have done anything to prevent the PF, that I know of. Other than not running, duh. Shut up. I am going to do some research, talk to peeps that I know have dealt with this lovely issue (cough CAITLIN cough) and if any others of my fair friends have some wisdom to impart, I am soliciting such advice.

There is another part of my rehab/prehab that I am doing, but I think that this is plenty for today, and the other component deserves it own attention. I will give my lovely flock (you) a heads up when I think it will be coming, but for now, I think we shall bid adieu. Have a fantastic day/weekend until we meet next. I hope that those of you who are running have a marvelous time, have some Spaghetti Squash Protein Pancakes to celebrate (3 days strong at this point!), and then have an afternoon full of spring and loved ones. Anddddd the rest of the Easter Candy. We know it shouldn’t last longer than today.

Have you ever dealt with Plantar Fasciitis? What did you do about it?

Have you ever watched someone steal something?

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