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My Soy Free, Dairy Free Diet Must Haves (Breastfeeding Edition)


Today I am sharing my Soy Free, Dairy Free Diet Must Haves that are delicious and high in nutrition to support breastfeeding! Perfect timing National Breastfeeding Week!

This post is sponsored by NuGo Nutrition. All opinions are my own!

Adopting a Soy Free, Dairy Free Diet for Breastfeeding

Have you ever had to completely change your diet? Changing to a soy free, dairy free diet during breastfeeding was easy in some respects and difficult in others.

Going soy free and dairy free in order to continue breastfeeding my daughter Emmie (who had terrible digestive issues including reflux, pseudo-colic, and up to 9 dirty diarrhea diapers a day!) meant that I had to cut out many of my favorite foods and diet staples. Goodbye to Greek Yogurt, ice cream, most chocolates (soy lecthitin), most breads, salad dressings, and lots of my favorite dishes from local restaurants, where often the fryer oil was a soy blend. In fact, dining out because difficult because soy is EVERYWHERE.

I started to discover soy and dairy in places you would never have imaged, and thus had to cut out a great deal of commercially produced foods. I had been getting large amount of calcium and protein from Greek Yogurt (which I consumed in great quantities) and fiber from whole grain breads and English muffins. Goodbye to the upcoming summer froyo season topped with all of the goodies! 

And goodbye to many of my favorite protein bars, made with whey protein or soy protein, like my fave NuGo Slim bars.

To add to my frustrations, I needed foods to be easily prepped as I had a newborn (and one still screaming and upset from her tummy issues). A newborn that I was breastfeeding, mind you–I needed to make sure that my diet continued to be high in nutrition not just for me but for her!

Now that we are out of the newborn phase, not much has changed with regards to getting those hands back. My hands are still full but with holding her up, interacting with her, and keeping her from grabbing everything in sight!

So what stayed the same, what changed, and what are my must haves?

How My Diet Stayed the Same

Focus on a variety and balance of protein, carbohydrate, fiber, healthy fat, and yes, sugar, at every meal both for nutritional purposes as well as satisfaction.

Focus on nutrition, but also room for play and “indulgent” foods, like chocolate throughout the day (once I found the right kinds).

Meals throughout the day. Breakfast, midmorning, lunch, mid afternoon, dinner, after dinner. Often a middle of the night snack (breastfeeding makes you HUNGRY)

ALL the veggies. I am a major veggie lover, and even though I missed out on the summer ice cream season, I hit gold with the summer veggie season. I’m a 1-2x a day salad eater. That hasn’t changed!

How My Diet Changed

Goodbye to one of my main protein sources and favorite convenience foods: Greek Yogurt.

The need (even the requirement) that food be capable of being eaten with one hand! At first due to nursing, later because of Emmie sitting in my lap!

Shell take whatever we are having!

My breakfast changed from what it had been for years (Greek Yogurt and an English Muffin with nut butter) to one of my old favorite breakfasts and dietary staples: egg white oatmeal aka microwavable baked oatmeal with nut butter.

Meal prepping lean proteins for lunch as opposed to making them when I was ready.

Reading every ingredient label. Not just the nutrition label.

Soy Free, Dairy Free Diet Must Haves

Let’s walk through a typical day in my life, shall we?

Breakfast is my Microwave Baked Oatmeal with Nut Butter, generally while Emmie is about to wake up or has just woken up and is stretching on the floor. This gives me a good base to start the day! Meals are generally a salad or veggie based bowl with lean protein and healthy fats (like avocado) with a side of simple carbs like chips or popcorn. 

Healthy fats galore!

Salads are a big go to for me because I love them but also because I can see exactly what is in them–one of the reasons they because such a staple for me in the beginning (when I was dealing with my digestive illness, not my child’s!). Cooked veggies at restaurants are often tossed with vegetable oil or butter ie NOT a part of my diet. So I investigate salads like some people investigate burgers, lol.  Always finished with something sweet!

Snack plate!

Snacks and “midi-meals” in the midmorning, midafternoon, and dessert are dependent on my mood and what we are up to. If I am at home, I might have rice cakes with nut butter and jelly + veggies with salsa or hummus.

However, if we are on the go, like when we were traveling to Georgia, if we are going to a fun development class, or if we are coming to/from Stroller Strides, I have different requirements: a portable snack that is delicious and nutritionally dense. To help me fuel my own body as well as help me produce the food to fuel Emmie and help her grow, my snacks must also be high in protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats (as well as a touch of natural sugars for ready energy)!

But I’m not going to lie, finding a nutritionally solid and delicious high protein bar that is dairy free and soy free isn’t as easy as you might thing. The whey protein is often substituted for soy protein, meaning that it is off the table, or the chocolate is immulsified with soy lethcitin (cue buzzer noise).

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NuGo Egg White Protein Bar

Thankfully, a company that I have been a long time fan of, NuGo (you know my love of the NuGo Slim Bars!) now offers the new Nugo Egg White Protein Bar. This protein bar is soy free, dairy free, paleo, clean, delicious, and high in the nutrients you need to support an active lifestyle–including a breastfeeding lifestyle!

That means plenty of protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and no added sugars.  Even better, the NuGo Egg White bars provide all of these benefits with minimal, whole food ingredients! So not only can I feel good about what I am putting in my body, but I can also scan the making it easy for this new mom to scan while also feeling good about what she is putting in her body

The new Egg White Protein bars are made from a combination of fruits, nuts, egg whites, and natural flavors. Just the right amount of sweet so that they are satisfying any time of day.

I reach for the Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt when I need a serious chocolate fix after dinner. Or really, any time of day. Chocolate cravings know no boundaries, and the flavor is balanced by just the right amound of sea salt.

The Peanut Butter is a favorite during the morning as well as the afternoon, as is the Blueberry (though I really like it for mid morning or even for breakfast if I don’t get my oats!).

The Maple Pecan? Any. Time. of. Day. I first had this bar on the plane on my way to Georgia and was so surprised by how much I loved the maple pecan! The texture is lovely, and the flavor is just the right amount of maple, which so often can be over powering.

And you know that they are amazing on top of a dairy and soy free frozen treat! 

Beyond the obvious nutritional and taste pluses, I’m also a huge fan of the texture–dense but totally chewable. I really like that they don’t get stuck in my teeth the same way as other date based bars. Because that isn’t attractive, lol. 

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Try the NuGo Egg White Protein Bars and NuGo Slim Protein Bars Yourself with Code Susie2 now through October 31, 2018

Want to try the new NuGo Egg White Protein Bars or my other fave NuGo Slim Protein Bar (soy protein)? Or you already love them and are ready to stock up? Head over to NuGo Nutrition’s Online Store and use the Code SUSIE2 to get 15% off your purchase of the NuGo Egg White Protein Bars and Nugo Slim Protein Bars! When I stop breastfeeding Emmie (sooner, rather than later, can you believe it?) I will be diving back into my NuGo Slim bars 😀

Have you ever had to seriously shake up your diet?

Have you tried egg white protein bars yet?

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