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Southern Comfort and GA Publix Marathon #MIMM

I don’t feel like finding the marvelous in this weekend. But I will throw mad respek to Katie for the ability to party 😀

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

Let’s do magnificent, shall we?

Magnificent: Coming home.

Atlanta Half Weekend 002

Atlanta Half Weekend 007

Magnificent: Warmth.

Atlanta Half Weekend 001

Magnificent: Atlanta snow. NOT CHICAGO SNOW.

Atlanta Half Weekend 008

Magnificent: Race expos; samples galore. Free greek yogurt.


Magnificent: Creativity.005

Magnificent: Swirlgear #swirlselfies


Magnificent: Site-seeing.


Magnificent: Flip Burger.


Magnificent: My family.


Magnificent: Better than we imagined.


Mom was aiming for 4:30.  A few stops for the bathroom, lots of pep talks and coaching, so much amazing scenery, free Jelly Belly (YES), and 1/2 of the course spent FREEZING. But I got her across, and we finished a few minutes under 4:00. She wasn’t sure if she could. She proved herself wrong. Step by step. I couldn’t have been more proud of her.


I will treasure this medal not because I finished–Alex and I walked just about the same amount our first full day in Paris–but because she did. This medal is a piece of my mom with me, all the time, and a piece of my city with me in cold, blustery Chicago.


I’m not going to cheapen the weekend, the day, the feeling, other than to say, I am honored to call you my teammate, my best friend, and my reason for being. I inspired you to walk your first half-marathon; you inspired me to run my first; now I am about to start training for my second marathon.


Never believe in the impossible. Believe in the possible. Achieve what is now possible. And then go and take a nap. I did.

Where do you call “home”?

For those that have, what spurred you to run your first half or full marathon, rather than just sticking to everyday miles? 

What is your favorite time and place of year? Nothing compares to Atlanta in spring. Not even fall in New York City. Spring and Fall in Charlottesville are closest.

Cville Spring

Cville Spring

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