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The South is So Strange but So Good

Last 2 days for the 479 Giveaway! You once again get double Suz today.Lucky dogs.  A little here and a LOT over at my lovely fellow Southern Belle Carson’s blog. Over yonder I am discussing what it is like living as a Southerner in the land of GASP Yankees. Or, alternatively, why everywhere that isn’t the South could stand to learn a few things about how to be awesome. So, for a fun and very Suz take on the War between the States, please head over to Running Southern! I promise I will make it worth your while 😉 saanas bridal shower Thinking about the South also immediately got me to thinking about my favorite Southern staples, and of course about the food. And then, I got to thinking about all of the StrangeButGood combinations that the South has contributed to the culinary world: Arnold Palmers arnold palmer drink mix Chicken and Waffles with syrup (and hot sauce!) sable chick wafflesedited Fried Chicken and Honey Peach Salsa Shrimp and Grits

shrimp grits

Cheddar Cheese in Apple Pie Crust Barbecue Sauce. YES.

And Brunswick Stew.

And Brunswick Stew.

Coca Cola (think of how strange that would have tasted when it was introduced!)

Not a picture taken in the South, but humor me.

Not a picture taken in the South, but humor me.

Peaches and Bourbon Mince Meat Pie Sweet Potato Fries served with butter and Powdered Sugar yam heart love suz What else do I love about the South? Head over to Running Southern to find out!

What are your favorite strange but good regional eats? 

Do you have a favorite region of the US? What is it, and why?

strange favorites Thank you Laura and Heather! And don’t forget about the SwirlGear Winter Blowout!

#SwirlOn #SwirlStrong #SwirlSisters

#SwirlOn #SwirlStrong #SwirlSisters

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