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Something’s Gotta Give (Friday Catch Up 6/16)

Happy Friday, my friends! We have reached the end of yet another week, but as usual, Alex and I will be working the weekend away. Let’s get caught up on what we have been up to otherwise, ok?

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Friday Catch Up

1) Oh, hello, my dear friends. I suspect you all have likely noticed a bit of an absence from me around these parts. In truth, I’ve been, in a word, exhausted. Purely and utterly. Our vacation week last week proved to me just how exhausted and overextended I have been. Last week, I woke up just let myself be. I slept, I ate, I napped, I helped Alex (a little), but mostly, I got to do the things that I love to do: cooking, walking Ridley (often with Alex), reading, and just spending time with Alex in situations the did not end with one of us running off to work.

But I didn’t come to my “chill the **** out, Suz” realization that week. No, I just thought I was reveling in the laziness. When I went back to work on Friday and stared in the face a full week of work at two jobs with the horrific commutes and long hours on my feet… I knew something had to give. 

I am exhausted. I love blogging–I love sharing my life, writing down these stories and anecdotes and words of advice for you as well as for myself and my family for the future. But over this past week, I was smacked in the face with the fact that I need to take care of myself a little bit more. I need to get back to being me a bit more.

As of right now, between serving and the gym, I have no guaranteed days off a week. And I can’t operate like that. 

So I am rearranging my schedule, beginning with a huge reduction in hours at the gym. The reduction in commute alone will make a huge difference in my anxiety and time.

2) Alex has been a star this past week: He got our groceries, did laundry (twice!), helped me get dinner ready while I was on my way home, and has been a huge trooper with me and my ever-changing appetites. I know we don’t owe each other anything, that we are a team, but I am just so thankful for him right now. 

He also keeps bringing me bulk candy, which is both the best thing ever and totally feeding the monster. But hey, I ain’t going to stop him!

3) So during my minimal time off, what have I been doing? Trying to walk Ridley as much as possible (I have a new route that I love–less goose poop, more houses) and walking Game of Thrones with Alex. We got HBO Go back (we are paying for it now rather than borrowing from our friends, rawr), so we have dedicated June to getting as much in as possible before Alex starts fellowship.

4) I have eaten at a gourmet salad bar at least once every day since Sunday (I think. The days are smooshing together, but I can count at least 4x). But to be honest, I really don’t want to make my own at home. I am just tired of it. Or I think I am, until I make a salad at home (I made one to go with another round of turkey burgers and sweet potato fries on Wednesday) and realize that it is all in my head. 

Speaking of headcases, I totally bought two bottles of conditioner rather than shampoo and conditioner. And then wondered by the stuff wouldn’t lather. #facepalm

5) Lost of social events in the next week: We are (well, when you are reading this, we will have gone) to a pretty famous restaurant tonight for Alex’s cousin’s graduation from business school. I will report back with the yumminess. On Sunday, Alex’s aunt (who we visited in Chicago a few years ago) is coming to visit us and get shown around Chicago! We are taking her to some favorite restaurants and Alex is going to take her on a downtown tour (I have to work on and off during her visit). Speaking of famous restaurants, Alex wanted to take her to Stephanie Izard’s Girl and the Goat, but didn’t tell me of his plans until… Monday. For next Monday. It takes at least a month, if not more, to get on the list there. Needless to say, they didn’t have any openings for us…

And speaking of that… I’ve got to go get dressed! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I miss you all!

Most famous restaurant you have been to?

When was the last time you realized that something had to give?

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