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Social Media Motivation + Nike Training Club Chicago

Yesterday started out really rough for me. In short, I am dealing with some major hormonal imbalances right now, leading me to sweat like an whore in church (I’m from the South, get over it!) for hours on end rather than actually resting. FUN. But it actually ended up in positive way–by reminding me, as in Phoenix (Erica…) that as much as I claim to be all independent and mentally strong and stuff on my own, this community is here to give me the drive to be even more when I need it.

Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!

Thank you all so much for your kind words and support yesterday and on Facebook regarding my Women’s Running feature! I know that my story is but one of many, but I truly hope that whether someone has Crohn’s or Colitis or another digestive illness, or even is just having a bad day for whatever reason, that reading my story might help them find the humor and the determination to push through. We all have our battles–what is important is that we never give up our will to fight for the best life that we can have. We all have the fight in us–and we DESERVE to fight for our lives. We DESERVE to fight for our happiness! 

baby fist pump 2

Yesterday was a mixture of highs and, maybe not lows, but what I will call to-the-sides. That was largely the result of my continuing sleep problems–Tuesday night being the worst of the set in the past week. A full night of sweating and crazed dreams. I am hoping to get some answers once I make a doctor’s appointment with my Gyno-Endocrinologist, and then to do a post on what is behind this. One of the big side-effects of Crohn’s (in fact, one of the major triggers and symptoms) is hormonal imbalance. More on it in a later post, but it certainly is something that is a major part of my life at the moment, and I think is part of the reason for my DOMS and the mental rut that I talked about last week. Especially paired with stress–kiss quality sleep (which is so necessary for my body to function properly) goodbye.

night sweat meme

Yesterday morning, I posted this picture on Instagram. So simple and classic: JUST DO IT. 

just do it nike training club chicago

Well, my friends, I needed to listen to my own post, but I needed you all to help push me out the door. Just two replies, not necessarily of direct encouragement to me, helped me get up and get out the door. So when you are straggling–put it out there and let us encourage each other!

I may be a BQ marathoner (still seems hilarious to me, actually), but that doesn’t mean that every run, even the “short” ones, are easy. The run that followed all that encouragement? It was beautiful…for about 2 miles. Then the suck started to happen. And so I just decided to embrace it. Embrace my brain that wouldn’t engage and the burn in my bum alongside the gorgeous morning, the subtle winds, my new Kismets,

newton running blue kismets suzlyfe

and the encouragement from you all and the happiness that I knew I would feel from sticking to my guns. Embrace the suck, find the joy, and FIGHT for your life and happiness that you know is on the other side!

womens running community running suck quote suzlyfe

Where did the Just Do It sign come from? I got a great opportunity to get worked over by Nike Master Trainer Emily Hutchins at the Chicago Nike Training Club and to try out some of Nike’s newest women’s line! We did a variety of body weight bootcamp style exercises, some with partners–like doing triceps dips with your hands on your partner’s knees while they are in a hip bridge–and ending with a quick series of tabata plyo moves. I took it pretty easy (on purpose) but it ended up being a great way to wake up, get the blood moving, and stretch out a bit. 

 nike training club chicago

nike spring summer 2015 womens look

And check out where the workouts take place–really tragic view, huh? Also, I need the lava pants (center)!

nike legendary freeze frame tight elastika top

Nike Legendary Freeze Frame Tight and Elastika Top

I looove the tank–it is very simple and loose, but I love the cut of the bottom, and I am so excited about the pants–you know I love some crazy geometrics 😀

nike zoom agility

Nike Zoom Agility Training Shoe


The shoes were super comfortable and had some great spring to them, though they run a bit large (so that you know). I hope to be invited to more of these in the future! Thank you so much Lisa, Emily, and Nike for including me! See if Nike Training or Running Clubs are in your area and have some fun for yourself!

Today, I am looking forward to seeing my husband–lunch and dinner with him is on the docket (his day off). Tomorrow, I FINALLY get to see my Sara love. I honestly don’t even remember the last time that I saw her?? NOT OK.  More fun social things that I have been up to from the this week to tell you about, but I wanted to focus on the thoughts that were currently on my mind. I hope that if you are finding yourself in a bit of a struggle bus situation today that you also find the courage to reach out and let someone know–they might just make your day!

Where are you lacking motivation today? Where do you turn when you are lacking said motivation?


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